The Maiden and her Protector

By Kjpanny Kjchristie17

Chapter 100: EPILOGUE

150 years later.

A young silver haired inuyoukai sat perched on the apple tree in the courtyard.

"Hey, runt!"

He looked down, "Uncle Inuyasha. What do you want?"

"Where's the bastard?"

"Are you referring to my father?" the boy asked with a raised brow.

Inuyasha snarled, "Of course, I am. Now spill it. Where's he hiding now?"

The youth turned his gaze to the horizon, bored, "How should I know? Go ask Kimi. She's his favourite."

Inuyasha slunked off, before throwing over his shoulder, "Stop slacking off practice. That old geezer is looking for you."

Tamaki sighed and jumping off his seat, went looking for another place to hide.

Inuyasha came across a raven haired inuyoukai, practicing with a bow and arrow.

"Hey, Kimi."

"She turned to look at him and her arrow went sailing into the sky.

She grinned, "Whoops."

Inuyasha smiled,. She reminded him of Kagome. His smile waned.

"So, where's your father?"

"In his study."

As he made to leave, she tugged at his sleeve, a serious expression on his face, "It's their anniversary."

He stilled, "Yeah, I'll talk to him tomorrow then."

She nodded and then went to pick up her arrow, wondering what they were going to have dinner today.

Seshoumaru sat in his study, alone. His head was throbbing. Gazing out the window, he watched his eldest son jump off the tree and go find somewhere else to slack off.

He didn't hear the door opening and closing.

"Stop spying on Tamaki."

He turned around, "I was not-"

"Do I look like I'm dumb?"

Seshoumaru smirked and had Kagome backed against his desk in a second, "No, but you do look like my very pregnant mate."

Kagome slapped a hand against his chest, "Don't even try to flatter me." She frowned, "Though, how telling me I look fat, is supposed to flatter me, I don't know."

"I did not call you fat."

"You said, and I quote, 'heavily pregnant'. Now how would you know that unless I m showing, which means I look fat, and you just called me fat."

Seshoumaru chose to remain silent till her tirade ended, then pushing her against the wall, he put his mouth on hers to shut her up.

And like always, lost himself in her.

A.N: This is the end of our journey. You'll be seeing me when I start working on my Remembering story. I'm going to finish that and then start on shattered and blast from the past. But in two weeks time. My exams are starting and Il be done within 2 weeks.

II hope you enjoyed this story. I enjoyed writing it because it was a very non serious mode for me. I know most of you found my A/Ns amusing and I m happy to keep you entertained.

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