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I'm getting lucky was the only thought in my head. All the blood was going to the south region so there was not inhaf blood for my brain cells to work properly.

After the date, I and Bella were sitting in the car heading towards my condo. She was rubbing her hand up and down my thigh coming nearer and nearer to my erection with every rub. My breathing was becoming more ragged with every pass; she then removed her seat belt and leaned towards me and nibbled on my earlobe and whispered huskily in my ear.

"I want to taste you. Do you think I can?" she asked me with a smirk on her face. I couldn't do anything but nod. Which fool says no to a blowjob and that to in a car? She was the best. She looked so sexy. God my brain cells are dying.

She bent towards me, slowly unzipped my fly and all the while rubbing my erection with her thumb. The she looked up at me through her lashes as she removed my cock which almost made me cum. Then she removed my cock and started sucking on the head like lollipop and swirling her tongue on the head, it took all my power to not roll my eyes in ecstasy. Then she removed the pant button and said huskily.

"Lift up a little." she ordered.

I followed instantly, she lowered my pant a little, she removed my cock and started licking it from base to the head following the never.

"Uhh... Bella! Oh God! Please don't stop ...Oh god. This is so hot!" I couldn't stop rambling.

She started moaning around my cock that caused vibrations bringing me close to my climax. I kept moaning her name, I couldn't stop myself. I looked onto the road careful not to kill us but she was making it harder and harder. She started using her teeth. I couldn't keep my hips from bucking and thrusting into her mouth. Oh god I was in heaven.

"Bella I'm going to come... Ugh." I cried out as I came.

She licked me clean and kissed my cock and the looked up at me and smirked maybe looking at the glow on my face. I parked the car on the side of the road and grabbed her by her neck and kissed her hard, she moaned into my mouth. I was hard again but we needed to get home.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard that you will not be able to walk for a week."I said.

"Promises. Promises " she said looking at me hungrily.

We got to the condo as fast as we could. I literally ran us to the elevator and once the door closed. I pushed her against the elevator wall and started kissing her neck while she ran her hand through my hair and pulled making me moan. I started kissing the neck, licking, nibbling and sucking on the soft flesh there. She kept on moaning encouraging me and my hands roamed all over her body and stopped on her ass squeezing her round, perfect ass. This was the longest elevator ride I had taken. We finally reached and all but ran to the condo, as I removed my keys to open the door, Bella kept rubbing my erection and sucking my neck. God give me patience.

The opened I pulled her in with me and pushed her on to the door and lifted her so that her hot pussy aligned to my aching cock and rubbed for friction. God she was so warm. Both of our hand roamed each other's bodies, I removed the beautiful tits out and sucked on her already firm nipple.

"Ughh... Edward bedroom." she cried out

I ran with her towards the bedroom and threw her on the bed, she was lying on her back looking at me with a sly smile on her face and I growled at her as I removed my shirt and then my pants. I walked more like stalked towards her where she was in her lacy bra and panty. As I watched she slowly slid her hand across her stomach into her panty and started rubbing on her clit, she was moaning and her hips were bucking towards her hand she looked glories giving herself pleasure.

"Remove your hand that is my pussy." I said in a low threatening voice.

It was incredible how jealous I was of her hand.

She looked at me through her eye lashes and slowly removed her hand covered in her sweet juices and rubbed her pointing finger on her pert nipples and the sucked on the rest of the fingers moaning as she did that. I growled like a grizzly bear and lunged towards her



He lunged toward me and started kissing me. His mouth left mine and began to leave a trail of heat all over my body. He licked me everywhere his hands touched, finally stopping just below my bellybutton. He then spread my legs and placed one stiletto clad foot flat on the dresser and draped the other one over his shoulder. Edward then placed his middle and second fingers at my entrance, moving them around in small circles, letting them become slick and moist. He was teasing me again and he knew that it was driving me insane. I bucked my hips towards his hand, but he just pulled back and stopped altogether. I groaned and shut my eyes in frustration and heard him laugh to himself. Teasing, cocky bastard!

"What do you want, Bella?" he asked in his increasingly husky voice as he slowly circled his tongue over my entrance and pinched my clit between his fingers. I clenched instantly and a loud moan escaped my mouth.

"That's not an answer. I asked you what…do…you…want?" He punctuated every word by sucking my clit between his lips.

"Oh God, Edward." I grabbed his hair to keep him in place and I slowly rode his face. He realized that was the only answer he was getting from me and began to eat me with his mouth and pleasure me with his hands. His tongue moved over and around my pussy, diving between the lips and flicking over my clit. I felt him draw my clit into his mouth and suck hard on it.

"Don't stop!" I shouted.

"I wasn't planning on it," he growled.

His head moved back and forth as he blew, sucked and stroked my pussy. He placed one hand under my ass lifting me to his mouth, while the other one spread my lips open, giving his tongue the hole it desired. I thrust my hips again into his face, driving his tongue, mouth and nose against me. I wrapped his hair tighter around my fingers and Edward moaned against my clit as his tongue moved faster. His fingers dug into the cheek of my ass as I wrapped my legs tighter around him, holding his head to my wet pussy. He thrust his fingers deeper and harder into my pussy and I feel my stomach contract and my pussy clenching even tighter around his nimble fingers. His tongue began to move impossibly fast over my clit while his fingers twisted, slid and pumped into me.

"Cum for me Bella." he said hitting my g-spot.

My walls were pulsating around his fingers and the only things escaping me are moans and Edward's name. He leans back down and pinches my clit between his teeth one last time and that's when my orgasm erupts from my body.

"EDWARD!" I yelled as I thrashed on the bed, driving his face deeper into me. He growled as he sucks the juice from my pussy, being sure to get every drop that escapes me. I arched my body up and back down continually, until I felt the last quivers of pleasure leave my body. My body felt like mush and my mind was spinning. I rode out my orgasm and felt like I was hyperventilating as he placed one last gentle kiss on my clit before slowly making his way back up my body. He licked my ribs, dipped his tongue into my bellybutton and kissed under my breast.

Once he reached my breasts, he grabbed them both in his hands and gently squeezed them, gazing at them with reverence. He then ran his thumb across one of the nipples and watched it pucker in response. He did the same with the other and all I did was lay there and watched as this man loved me. He pulled one of the nipples into his mouth and sucked fiercely as his hand worked the other breast. I threw my head back again and bit back my moan as his teeth gently grazed me. He switched breast to give the other one equal attention and kissed his way back up to my lips. His kiss was forceful and passionate. His tongue slid into my mouth and I tasted myself on him. I again sucked on his tongue and was suddenly determined to do what I have wanted to do for a while now. I slowed the kiss down to a sensual crawl and he pulled me closer to him.

My eyes ran over every inch of him and the more I looked, the wetter I became. His hair was disarrayed…of course; his eyes were far surpass their original Emerald colour and looked more Forrest or Hunter. His lips were full, red and swollen…and smirking. His shoulders and chest were broad, muscular and covered in a light sheen of sweat. His abs were cut and contracting and releasing under the force of his breathing and they lead to his delicious looking happy trail that trailed down and ended with the bulging jewel that was currently covered by his boxers. I have to taste him. ALL of him!

"Enjoying the view?" he asked.

"Immensely," I pulled him closer to me and when our skin touched, a surge shot through me and I bucked my hips into him. He hissed at the contact and brought his lips down to mine

"Bella, you don't have to do this, Love," he added when I started lowering his boxers.

"I know I don't have to. I want to and I'm going to. It's been on my mind for a while now…" I said with a smirk.

I leaned in and licked his chest and abs and pulled one of his erect nipples into my mouth. I followed the happy trail first with my fingers then with my tongue. I curled my fingers around him and could hear his sharp indrawn breath as I squeezed him. I then trailed my fingertips up his length, savouring his heat and feeling the contours of his cock. He stroked my hair with the palm of his hand before wrapping the ends around his fist while his other hand fisted the sheets.

"Please Bella." he said. His voice was a harsh husky whisper. In the car I didn't concentrate but now I was up close and personal now and I studied the perfection of its shape, the ridge that ran the length of him and the contour of his head. I kissed it, slowly opening my mouth to take the head of him inside and running my tongue around the very tip of him. He tasted fucking delicious and I wanted more. I moaned around his cock at the taste of him and heard him exhale a long jagged breath.

"Please Bella don't tease." he said pleadingly

That was all the encouragement I needed. I began to tease the head of his cock, stroking it with the tip of my tongue, closing my lips around it. I began to take more of him into my mouth, curling my tongue around the shaft and teasing the ridge at its underside. My head rose up and down in his lap, in time with the sound of his breathing and each time I dropped my head over him I took more of him into my mouth, sucking harder on him. I knew that my slow and steady pace was teasing him when his breath caught in his throat and he closed his fist tighter in my hair.

A low, animal sound escaped from him and I wanted to hear it again. I worked at him harder and faster and he began to thrust upward into my mouth. I loved seeing him lose all abandon and wanted nothing more than to have him fuck my mouth. I greedily took him deeper, making sure not to gag and sucked on him eagerly. In the large expanse of the room, Edward's grunts and groans bounced off the walls and loud, lustful moans escaped me as well. Knowing that I was pleasing him like this was a feeling like no other. I am Bella the Lion Tamer. Watch how I tame this beautiful beast!

All at once, he tugged on my hair, grabbed my shoulders and pulled me off of him. I grabbed at his thighs, wanting more, but he was having none of that.

"Get up there," he said in the deepest voice that I have ever heard pointing to his ram rod cock.

"But –,"

"Now!" Holy shit that's hot!

But I couldn't move looking at him. So he sat up and sat me on his lap so that my back was aligned with his stomach. He then trailed his deliciously hot hands from my neck, down my breast and over my stomach; not stopping until his fingers stroked my wet, hot folds. I let out a long wail of pleasure as he touched me and left open mouth kisses along the back of my neck and shoulders. He again began to tease my pussy with his skilled fingers and I ground my ass into his crotch.

"Want that?" he growled.

"You want me to fuck you?" I made some sort of sound that I didn't even recognize as I tried to move on his hand while grinding harder onto his cock. But he moved his hand away.

"You better answer me. Do you want me to fuck you?"


"Tell me,"

"Fuck me, Edward." I yelled, I heard his breath catch.

He grabbed my ass in both hands and lifted me up over him. Slowly, ever so fucking slowly, he lowered me down onto his dick and I shuddered and we both moaned each other's name and a slew of profanities. When he was fully encased inside of me, we froze for a second and just enjoyed how each other felt like. I pressed my bare back against his naked chest and he groaned at the new angle. Seconds later he gripped my ass tighter and began lifting me up and down his erection.

"Oh God," I moaned

"So wet so hot!" he moaned. I moved my legs to the outside of his and started riding him harder. He bucked his hips up to meet my thrusts as one of his hands rubbed my clit while the other held on to my hip. I arched my back and clenched around him as waves of pleasure began to erupt over my body.

"You like that?" he asked.

"Oh God yes," I moaned as my head dropped back against his shoulder.

"So fucking tight. Oh God, Bella." He grabbed my thighs and spread my legs so that I was spread eagle on his lap and began pumping in me harder and faster. This new position left nothing to the imagination and he hit every known crevice inside of me. His dick felt like it was made for me and me alone as he filled me to the hilt. I bent forward and placed my hands on his knees and with the power and length of his thrusts; I knew that he would soon hit my g-spot. And that he did!

"OH FUCK!" I yelled. Chills and goose bumps ran over my body as I clenched my pussy around him and rode him with as much force I had in me.

"Yes!" he yelled

"Ride me." He slapped my clit.

"Make me come!" he all but ordered.

The slap made my clit twitch and I met his thrusts with increasing force, moaning his name loudly as his cock drove deeper and deeper into me. My name fell from Edward's lips over and over again as in prayer and I knew he was going to come soon. I dug my nails deeper into his thighs, earning another delicious growl from him and bucked back onto him harder. His grip on my hips tightened and his cock grew impossibly harder in me.

With one final pinch of my clit and one hard deep thrust, I came with as much force as I ever have. The orgasm was so powerful and seemed never-ending. I arched my back and rose up and down his length, unleashing an animal-like shriek as he forcefully brought me back onto his cock, driving it all the way into me. He then waited those very long seconds for me to come back before he began fucking me again in earnest even as the aftershocks of my climax shuddered through me. My pussy was still clenching spasmodically around him as his final thrusts impaled me a little more slowly than before, but just as forcefully.

Finally, a choked cry came from him first, and then a long, loud shout rang in her ears as he emptied in me. He grazed my neck with his teeth as his body shuddered and his cock twitched inside of me until it was completely empty. He leaned back in the chair and pulled me back against him. His warm chest stuck against my sweat soaked back as it rose and fell in rhythm with my breathing.

We sat there in silence, not needing any words at the moment. Slowly he removed himself from inside me. I was tired as hell, he whispered something in my ear but it was all a gurgle to me. Not long I dozed off.

I could feel the rays on my naked back. Naked. A smile started to spread on my face as I remembered last night the date, the sex oh god the sex. Amazing and mind-blowing. I got up and saw Edward was sleeping face down next to me with hands possessively on my stomach. I slowly slid out of bed, I was going to make him breakfast in bed. I slowly started picking up my clothes and put them in the bathroom and wore Edward shirt and went into the kitchen closing the door slowly behind me so not to wake him up.

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