"Tony, you do not understand!" she shouted across the bullpen

"Tell me then, explain to me what I don't understand!" he yelled, anger present in his voice. Tony's shout made everyone on the floor stop and stare. Tony never shouted like made her way over to tony and stood right in front of him.

"Everyone I have ever cared about has been taken away from me, I can not afford to care!" she said, not as loud asher last outburst. She did not want everyone in NCIS to hear her. apparently Tony didn't mind everyone hearing.

"Now you are being selfish!" he spat "And after everything I've done for you." she rolled her eyes at this " Are you seriously going to roll your eyes at me right now?" he shouted, the amount of anger in his voice scared Ziva, she had never een him like this.

"The only reason you are standing here right now is because of me. I have risked my life to save yours too many times. When we were undercover when you first started here, I let you leave the room so you could go back to our room where there was back up while I fought for my life while being attatched to a chair. Or how about the time I got a cuncussion during the war game because that guy was goiing to shoot you while you had your back turned? Or how about when I went to your apartment to ask you why a suspects laptop was being used in your home only to find your beloved boyfriend there waiting to attack you, that could of been your dead body flying back to Isreal, not his! And then we can't forget the most important one of all; Somalia. I risked my life for you when I had thought you were dead! Everyone else was ready to just leave it at that,but I couldn't. There was no way I was going to live the rest of my life knowing I let the guy who killed you get away. I honestly didn't think I was going to leave Somalia alive, but I didn't care,because I knew I couldn't keep living while you were dead. I risked my job , along with everything else, to get revenge for you!" he stopped his rant, realizing he hadn't taken a breath the entire time he yelled.

"Well you should not have!" She whispered

"Oh, right sorry. Next time I'll just let you die! I'm so sorry I'm not afraid to care about someone. I'm so sorry I'm not selfish enough to just save my own skin. And most importantly I'm sorry I fell in love with you. I'm terribly sorry I love you, wait let me rephrase that, I loved you." and with that he swiftly walked up to Vance's office, leaving an open mouthed, glassy eyed Ziva behind him.

Ziva looked over to one end of the bullpen where Abby, McGee, Gibbs, Ducky and Jimmy all stood. She blinked back the tears and sat down at her computer pretending to do something productive.

Abby was the first one to move, she was beyond pissed at Ziva. Tony was Abby's big brother , nobody just goes and hurts him. Whatever Ziva had done it had to be terrible,Tony doesn't get mad at nothing. Heck, Tony rarely ever gets mad.

"What the hell did you do?" Abby said when she reached Ziva's desk.

"Excuse me?" Ziva said acting as though she had no idea what happened. That only made Abby more angry, Abby slapped Ziva across the face as hard as she could. Abby was close to tears and didn't want to let Ziva see her cry, she went over to Tony's desk and scribbled for him to meet her in her lab on a sticky note. She glared at Ziva before making her way back down to her lab.

"I'm going to get lunch" Ziva said as she made her way to the elevator, through the crowd of people who had watched everything happen.

In Vance's office..

"You want to transfer?" Vance said, not even trying to hide the shock in his voice.

"Yep" Tony said as if it were nothing

"DiNozzo, you love the team your on, your sure about this?"

"Yes, and you and I know I have been with Gibbs way too long." Tony answered

"Well actually, this is good timing, because I could give you your own team. In the builing next door Agent Simmons is retiring. You won't really get very far from here, but you wont see your team unless your just walking by them in the parking lot."

"Sounds great,I didn't really want to lose contact with some of the team anyway" Tony said smiling.

"You could start there tomorrow, if that's alright with you. If you come up later, in about three hourse, I could have all the paperwork."

"Great, I will see you then."Tony said, shaking hands with Vance before leaving his office.

Tony walked out of Vances office, and was happy to see the bullpen empty except for McGee

"Are you okay , Tony?" McGee asked,sincere concern in his voice

"No, but I will be." Tony answered. Sensing he didn't really want to talk about it, he left it at that. Tony noticed the sticky note on his desk and headed down to Abby's

"Abby slapped Ziva, again. " McGee said as he passed, all Tony did was nod, the news did not surprise him.

Abby sat in her office and all she could do was think about how angry Tony had been. She was crying because she hated when Tony was upset. Tony was the goofball and it made her nervous when he wasn't his normal goofy self. She heard the elevator ding outside her lab and waited for someone to come it. She was happy when she realized it was Tony. She shot up from her chair to give him a bone crushing hug. He hugged her back as hard as he could.

"Tony, what happened?" She said when the finally broke apart. She was crying again and Tony reached up his hand to wipe the tears away.

"Well" he started as he brought her into her office so she could sit down, he leaned against the inside of her desk so he could face her. "I couldn't hide my feelings anymore, so I kissed Ziva. She didn't fight it or anything, so I assumed she felt the same way about me. I asked her if she wanted to get a bite after work,she said sure. Sometime during the day she got a call from freaking CI-Ray, and agreed to dinner with him. I was so stupid to think she actually cared about me, and then she told be she couldn't care about me, which made no sense. She said this morning I was too immature,that i was a heartless womanizer, along with some other really mean things. I don't even know why she had to say those things, she could have just said she didn't care about me. " His voice cracked, and Abby had started to cry again. Abby hugged him again, and they stayed that way for a while.

The truth was, Tony had been called horrible things by people all his life. It just hurt so much coming out of Ziva's mouth. The woman he loved hated him, and he could never be with her. It hurt, so much.

"I'm so sorry , Tony." Abby whispered.

"I'm getting my own team." he told her, he would have to tell her sooner or later.


"I've been with Gibbs to long,I'll be right next door, and I'll see you all the time I promise." he gave her a kiss on the cheek and left the lab. He would have to go tell Gibbs now, and god only knows how that would go.