Chapter 17


Jessica was tied to a metal chair on a small chair, Chris took the black bag off Jessica's head, she breathed heavily and squinted her eyes, she looked around to analize her enviroment when she realized Chris and Parker standing in front of her, she calmed down and looked at them,

"Hello Jessica" Parker said,

"I thought I shot you once, Guess I wasn't lucky enough to kill you" she said,

Chris sighed "We know you're working with Albert Wesker, We also know that he is now in charge of everything he needs, What we don't know is how the approach is" Chris said,

Jessica scoffed and looked away "You know what Chris? I used to like you when I joined the BSAA, but I got to know your boring and always ready for duty personality, I still can't understand why Jill loves you, or why I was attracted to you" she said,

"Well, you have plenty of time to think about those things here, Now I'm well aware that you are tough and have been conditioned to withstand torture, but until we get what we want, you'll remain here" he said,

"Oh? And what's to become of me? You guys are gonna kill me? Or just let me go? Well do whatever you want, I'll tell you nothing, Wesker is going to succeed" she said,

"Then again, I have something you don't have, I have your former Best friend and Partner" Chris said,

Parker smiled "And I know very well what you're afraid of" he said and walked to a small box, he opened it, taking out a long black snake and putting it on Jessica,

"Oh Shit, Oh shit, no" Jessica started to tremble and tried to struggle free, but she couldn't do anything "Oh God, Please" she cried,

"If I were you I would stay extremely still" Chris said.


Leon just finished typing his report, he stretched his body and got up to go and grab a coffee, he noticed Jill by her desk with her head resting on her hand, Leon sighed and approached her "Jill?"

Jill looked up at him "What?" she asked quickly,

"You alright? You don't look so well" he said,

Jill glared daggers at him "As if you don't know at all?" she said,

Leon sighed "Jill, What's my fault here huh? You tell me"

"Leon" Jill said and stood up right in front of him "I want you to look me in the eye and tell me what's bothering Chris" she said, Leon just stood there and looked at her "He-" he couldn't finish his sentence when they saw Parker and Chris approching the group,

"She has no Idea where Wesker is at the moment" Chris said,

"Are you sure?" Leon asked,

"Positive, What she does know, Wesker is planning to target Russia to gather some followers like Raccoon city and then target two cities with high civillian concentrations" Chris said,

"He plans to profit off the reconstruction, doing that and controlling the network and finances, he'll make billions" Parker continued,

"So we have to hunt him down in Russia to stop that" Leon said,

"If we get there in time" Jill said.


Wesker arrived at a big laboratory in Valdivostok, he saw Raymond approaching him "Where's jessica?" he asked,

"They cought her" he said,

Wesker didn't say anything and started to walk with Raymond, one of the doctors approached him "Good news sir" he said with a russian accent,

"Yes?" Wesker asked,

"I believe it's finished" he said and lead the to another big room, Wesker had a look at the giant broadcast device in front of him, he smiled evily "Finally" he said.


The STARS members just came back to the office from a mission, Wesker angrily turned to Chris and Jill "Weather you like it or not this is a teamwork, I chose you two to be partners so that you can help eachother, not to handle things by yourself" he yelled at Chris, he never wanted to have a partner, not to mention the fact that she was a woman, He's rather be partner with Barry,

Both Chris and Jill were looking down "Captain I-" Chris said,

"-I don't want excuses Chris, I can't just ask each of you who you wanna be partners with, It's either you two cooperate with eachother or both of you will go back to your desk jobs, you get me?" he said and walked away,

Jill let out a deep sigh, she turned to look at Chris "Look, I understand you don't feel comfortable with me, I don't know maybe it's because I'm a woman but this is the way it is and you have to accept it Redfiel" she said,

Chris sighed "Call me Chris, look it's not because you're a woman, it doesn't matter, I just like to work alone" he said,

"There's nothing we can do about it, everyone here has partners, Look, let's make eachother a promise" she said,

"What?" he asked,

"Since we are partners and friends, From now on we are not gonna hide anything from eachother and work together no matter the circumstances" she said,

Chris sighed "You're right, I'm sorry" he said and shook hands with her "So how about we get something to eat Partner? My treat" he said,

Jill giggled "That'd be nice Chris" she said and both of them went on forgetting the bitter arguement with their boss.

End of flashback

Jill splashed water to her face and looked at herself in the mirror, "Why am I taking it so hard?" she asked herself, "Ok, Jill, seriously, this isn't a good time to get emotional and all, We've got a job to do, you can worry about all of these later" she told herself through the mirror "Dammit I'm talking to myself" she mumbled and got out of the restroom.

She came to her desk and noticed Chris standing there "Jill we need to talk" he said,

"Why don't you go and talk to Leon?" Jill teased,

"Jill Please, Don't do this" he whispered,

"Chris I'm pretty sure there will be enough time to talk about these things later, we've got a job to do" she said,

"No there won't, Don't you see where this mission is taking us? I'm worried to death that we're not gonna survive this and it drives me crazy" he said,

"I had this feeling before, A sence, I almost thought I was gonna pass out, It felt like, like dread, like something bad was happening, now you my dear are hiding something from me and that's even worse than that" she said,

Chris closed his eyes, he couldn't take it anymore, he pulled her closer to himself and kissed her with all the love he had for her, he pulled away and looked at her "We've been tasked to stand against a man who has ruined our lives for over thirteen years, who is supposed to be dead by the way and now immortal, and to disable a giant red ball floating over a Russian city full of bioterrorism viruses" he said,

Jill nodded "Crazier things have happened" she said,

"This is my point, Jill, without you, I'd be lost, like I was for two Goddamn years when I thought I lost you. This world, This job, it'd make me insane" he said,

"I know" she mumbled, "But I'm sure Leon would've cheered you up" she said humorously,

Chris sneered and closed his eyes, for a split-second, Jill thought a small innocent child just smiled in front of her, how come she never realized behind this manly and brave look, A soft and gentle heart existed, he was so perfect.

Chris held her hands, Do it now Chris or I swear I will punch you myself, He told himself "We're gonna make through this" he said,

"You're still a hundred percent sure about that?" she teased,

"How can I not be we're still here" he said, Jill sighed and looked down, "Jill-" he whispered,

Finally, he's gonna tell me what the hell is wrong with him, Chris opened his mouth to speack when Claire came and inerrupted "Guys, You'd better look at this" she said and walked away, Chris and Jill followed her.

Thay came to the briefing room, everyone was there looking at the screen, news reports were on, all of them showing a specific report about the events in Russia,

"Authorities have not yet disclosed what happened in Vladivostok-" A repoter was announcing the news from the channel, then they notice so many other channels from all around the world were talking about the same subject,

"What's happening?" Jill asked,

"Not sure, We don't know what Russia is not saying to us yet" Rebecca said,

"Look at the sattelite footage, They're coordinating a millitary premeter around the city" Quint said,

"As a quarantine?" Chris asked,

"No Idea" Leon answered.

O'Brian entered the room and the group turned to him "I just spoke to the president, Intelligence on this matter is nonexistent, even the Government agents haven't been able to figure anything out" he said,

A beeping sound started to come from the computer, Quint ran to it and started typing, "What is it?" Claire asked,

"It's from a hacker friend in Russia" he opened the video and everyne gathred to look at the screen, A footega of the infected people in Russia appeared on the screen,

It was Raccoon City all over again, but there were something different about them, they looked just like humans, hitting and killing everyone on their way, civillians were running away as fast as they could, cars, some stores and other things were burning all around them, suddenly the camera started to go up to a tall building, everyone went confused and looked a little closer, it was the broadcast device with the red ball bigger than ever above it.

"It's them" Jill said.


Wesker and Raymod were looking at the news "Excellent" Wesker said,

"will you stay here?" Raymond asked,

"Yes, you will go to Japan and act Phase two" he said and handed a briefcase to him, "Tell our friend to do her part of the job and that it was a pleasure doing business with her again" he said,

"Understood, Have you decided on the final targets?" he asked,

"Washington and London" he said, Raymond closed his eyes and breathed, "Got it" he said and left the room.


"What is his endgame?" Jill furiously asked Jessica,

"I don't know" she said,

Parker handed the snake to Jill, Jessica tried to supress her fear "Open her mouth" Jill said, leon opened it with his hands, Jessica tried to close her mouth and struggle free, It was coming, Jill was putting the snake in her mouth "Ala- , altaleyo" she manged to say, Leon let go of her mouth and Jill put the snake aside,

Jessica breathed heavily "They infected the water supply with the Chemical properties of the Slc45/B, priming the population of the city" she said,

"What's the point?" Claire asked,

"That's just a stupid question, all these years, Wesker's purpose hasn't changed, you of all people should know that" she said,

"How the hell are we gonna disarm the device safely? Last time we were about to die" Jill said, Jessica simply shrugged.

"What about the Horizon? What the hell is that?" Parker asked,

"It's an artifact that should never fall into the wring hands,which it has, Wesker doesn't have it with him anymore, After the Flood runs over the floating city, The Horizon will bring out the power to drop the stars from the sky" she said.

"This prophecy is getting clearer and wierder" Claire murmured.

When the group went upstairs they noticed O'Brian talking to someone, "Mr president?" Leon called,

O'Brian and president Adams turned to Leon "Hello Leon, How have you been doing here in LA?" Adams asked,

"Not well sir" Leon said, "Russia's gone insane" he said,

"That's one of the reasons I'm here, the Russians are planning on an airstrike on Vladivostok, the matter will be over in a few hours" he said,

Jill gasped and ran to him "Mr President an airstike will release toxins into the atmosphere, the results would be catastrophic" she said,

Chris joined them "This is what Wesker wanted, he knew how the government would respond cause that's what they did for Raccoon city" he said,

"Mr President we need to stall the Russians, get in there and shut down the device" Leon said,

President Adams went to thought for second "Alright, me and director O'Brian will head back to Washington to find a way to pressure the Russians to call off the airstrikes, Until then, I suggest your group pack for Russia, You are prepare aren't you?" he asked,

"Yes sir, we're all ready" Chris said,

"If we can't get them to call off the airstrikes, you have 5 hours to deactivate the device" O'Brian said,

"We need and hour to get fully equipped, And I have to go check up on Kim and the baby sitters" Jill said,

"I'm coming with you, Leon could you pack the equipments for us too?" Chris asked,

"You got it" he said.

Half an hour later/Chris' apartment

Chris and Jill entered the apartment, Agent Douglas greeted them "Agent Redfield, Agent Valentine, welcome" he said,

"Sorry to drag you into this Marcus" Chris said "But thank you so much",

"No need to thank me, protecting people is one of our jobs, And I owe you one" Douglas said,

"Where's Kim?" Jill asked, "She's in the room" Douglas pointed.

Chris and Jill entered Kim's room, she was sleeping in her crib, Jill gently held her and smelled her "I'm gonna come back love, I promise" she said, Chris hugged her and kissed Kim's head,

He smiled and looked at her, Jill's tears started to drop "Chris I can't do this" she said,

Chris placed Kim back in her crib and held Jill's shoulders "Jill look at me, look at me, We can do this ok? I know there's no hope left, Leon was right all along, we will be left without any hope" he said,

"Chris I'd rather die with you than to live without you for the rest of my life" more tears started to drop when she thought about it "But then again, there's Kim" she said, Chris hugged her tightly, he wanted to scream with all his energy, he wanted to cry like Jill, but he would never do that, he had to be strong right now, If not now, then never "We should go" he whispered.

Half an hour later/ BSAA

The group were dressed in their special field clothes, they noticed Jill and Chris coming in "Leon you show the op tech to Chris, C'mon Jill let's go get you dressed up" she said and took Jill with herself.

Cheis turned to Leon "Hey" he said and walked with him to the equipment room "hey, O'Brian and Mr President have arrived in Washington, everyone is over this" he said, "Yeah, You have no I dea" Chris answered,

They entered the equipment room and Chris started to dress himself, Leon put a briefcase on the table and opened it "The weapon uses are simple, but the new op techs are these", he took a strange gun like weapon and an ampule, "Ok this is What Rebecca managed to make, this is what Rebecca managed to make that might neutralize the effect of the virus that causes his immortality" he said,

Chris was took his parachute out "Might? You serious?" he said, "Yeah, I was surprised too, we should hope for the best, And this is the antiodote to if we God forbid get infected with the Virus, one for each" he said and handed it to Chris,

Chris was fully ready now, he took the antidote and the weapon and examined it "Hey Chris, Have you thought about what I said earlier?" Leon asked,

"Yeah, You were right all along, I don't even know if we're gonna get through this, What if we can't?" he asked,

"Chris don't lose your chance, You said it yourself, there is no other time, look it's not like you have ring burning a hole in your..." Chris glared dagers at him, Leon was shocked "You have a ring on you right now? When did you buy it?" he asked,

"It was a long time ago, Me and Jill were going to the Estonia mission..." he then remembered,


"Hey Jill, I'll have to go somewhere before we leave" Chris said, "Where?" Jill asked,

"I'll tell you later, see you at the jet" Chris said, "Ok".

Two hours later

Chris entered the jet and saw Jill "Hey" he said, "What took you so long?" Jill asked,

"Will you stop worrying? I went to see Claire" Chris lied, Jill didn't believe him but didn't want to continue any further "Ok. Let's go over the mission" Jill said, taking some papers out "ok" Chris said.

End of Flashback

Chris laughed at the memory "she did suspect something was wrong" he said, Leon smiled "hey let me see it" he said,

Chris opened the small box the ring was in, It was Silver ring with a medium sized diamond and two small sapphire diamonds on it's left and right, Jill loved Sapphire blue and Chris was sure she was gonna like it "Wow you've done it man, Best of luck" he said,

Chris laughed "Thanks" he said and shook hands with him, Suddenly Quint came inside "Guys the Jet's leaving, Here are you're earpieaces" he said and and handed them to both, Chris and leon attached them to their ear and were ready to leave. It was finally time, They were gonna put an end to all this night mare.


Everyone were attaching their parachutes and attaching the closing pins, Claire seemed to have trouble doing so, Leon approached her "Let me help you" he said, Claire didn't complain, se had to admit that she couldn't do it,

"You know, seeing you always getting involved in these things, makes me think that you were made for it and fate keeps bringing you here" he said,

Claire looked at him "And each time with you" she teased, Leon laughed "I'm not complaining, But it's really a pitty we never got to meet in a normal place" he said,

He finished attaching her parachute "If-" Claire sighed "WHEN this is over maybe we could spend some time" she said, Leon smiled "Love to".

Jill was looking at the young couple talking, that was so cute, they were trying to make the best of the moment with eachother, Jill looked at her watch, They only had 3 hours, "Jill?" she turned to see Chris calling her,

She got up and went to sit beside him "Chris, Would like to talk about it?" she asked,

Chris sighed and sat up straight "Remember the night we had to cancel our Dinner and I was so angry? I had it all planned out, that we go to the Bahamas, I even bought the Tickets, never thinking where this adventure would take us, Now we're here and I don't know what we're jumping into"he said and took her hands,

Jill's eyes were starting to tear up as Chris continued "I always used to watch you secretly, I still do, sometimes I wake up before you do and I watch you sleep, It takes everyday for me to realize how amazing you are and how lucky I am to have you" he whispered,

"My God Chris" Jill whispered while crying,

"I don't care what's gonna happen after this Jill, All I know is that I want to spend the rest of my life with you to make you as happy as you make me, but when I look at the reality, I realize that I might never get another chance to do this again" He said and took the ring out,

Jill gasped when she saw the ring "Jill Valentine, Will you marry me?" he asked,

Jill was speechless, she leaned over and kissed him, this kiss was like nothing they have experienced before, it was a combination of their love for each other, their hopelessness, and how they found hope in each other, Jill melted inside, she wanted to stay like this forever, but she pulled away and looked at him "Chris we're gonna make it out of here" she said,

"Does that mean Yes?" Chris asked, Jill kissed him again, this time it was shorter "It means that I want you to ask me on the beach" she said and stroke his cheek, Chris smiled.

"We have sixty seconds" Parker called out to the group.

The drop point of the jet opened, The group were ready to face their fate, Chris had a last look at Jill, Jill smiled at him, the group wore their cascests and started to jump one by one, not knowing what was lying ahead.

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