Chapter 5

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"This is great Tsuyo-sa, I finally got to talk to Souma—Kukai-sama." Aka shouted happily in her room, Tsuyo-sa sat on her laptop, crossing her leg.

"Yeah, but remember just talking isn't enough to snag 'im." She explained, Aka hugged her pillow.

"I-I know that, but it's a start r-right?" she asked, Tsuyo-sa nodded.

"Aka, you little shit! Get down here!" shouted an angry voice, Aka froze looking up at her closed bedroom door.

"C-coming big brother." She stuttered, Aka looked at Tsuyo-sa.

"One of these days Aka, we're gonna sneak out of here." She said, Aka nodded.

"Aka! If I have to come up there you're gonna regret it!" shouted her brother from downstairs.

'She already regrets it.' Tsuyo-sa thought as Aka ran down the stairs.


The next day Aka came to school she had a bruise on her cheek. Everyone stared as Aka made her way to her seat. Amu wondered what had happened to her. Sure they weren't the best of friends but she could at least ask. She turned to look behind her.

"Aka, what happened? Are you ok?" she asked, Aka smiled and nodded, but said nothing.

"Mind your own business." Tsuyo-sa said, this time when she was being rude Aka didn't say anything, Amu glared but turned back in her seat.

"If you ever want to talk about whatever it is, I'll listen ok?" she said, Amu nodded again.

"Alright class, let's start with attend-" Nikaido said but was cut off in mid-thought.

'What's this?' he thought his real self showing through his thoughts, he looked over at Aka, who was avoiding eye contact with everyone.

'You're losing faith, good.' He thought then when back to taking attendance.


"Aka-chan, how bout we take another crack at Kukai?" Tsuyo-sa asked, it was now their lunch break so Aka could talk to her without disrupting class, Aka shook her head.

"What's the point he's just going to turn me down." She mumbled, as she walked to the roof to eat lunch, and to avoid getting hit by another soccer ball.

"Heiwajima!" Shouted a girls voice, Aka and Tsuyo-sa turned to see Saya, calling her out…again.

"You've got some nerve trying to muscle in on my Kukai yesterday!" she shouted, Aka began to hid her face as Saya advanced.

"He won't give you a second glance yaknow." She said, Aka's heart skipped a beat, she began to lose confidence.

"A-aka-chan! Don't listen to that spoiled brat! You never know that stuff until you try!" Tsuyo-sa shouted, her egg shell forming around her.

'What if she's right and he does turn me down? No one likes shy girls like me.' Aka thought to herself, Tsuyo-sa's egg began closing around her.


"Shy girls like you, don't even cross his mind." Saya said, Aka bit her lip to keep it from quivering. She was right, Kukai would never like her like that.

"Aka no!" Tsuyo-sa shouted, as he egg closed up, and fell to the ground. Nikaido just happened to walk by when he saw what was going on. He noticed Aka's character egg closed up on the ground. He gave an evil smile as he walked by unnoticed by the two and picked up the egg.

"Let's see if you're embryo." He said walking off with Aka's egg.

Meanwhile Amu ran through the school, Ran, Su, and Miki had sensed an X-egg. They had no idea that it was Aka's egg. They ran through the school until they found themselves in their classroom.

"Where is it?" Amu asked, Miki, Su, and Ran helped search the classroom. Just then Aka walked in, she looked worn, and sad.

"A-aka-chan, are you alright?" Amu asked, then noticed her eyes were glassy.

"What's the point, no one likes shy girls like me, I can't be stronger." She mumbled. Amu went wide eyed.

"Don't tell me, the X-egg is your egg?" she thought out loud, suddenly there was a loud crash, Amu turned and saw the X-egg had hatched, revealing a dark ghostlike creature with a skull for a face. Aka fainted upon it's hatching, she fell to the ground unconscious.

"Are you shy?" it asked, Amu froze.

"N-no." she said.

"Too slow." It said, and attacked throwing skull shaped bombs at her. Amu dodged, managing to miss its attack.

"Hurry Amu-chan, character change." Ran shouted. Amu nodded, she stood up, making the symbol with her hands.

"Unlock!" she shouted, (I cant remember all the quote here bear with me.) "Hop, Step, Jump." She transformed into Amulet heart.

"Are you shy too?" the X-character asked, throwing a skull bomb. Amu dodged making another symbol over the humpty lock.

"Lock on!" she shouted, making the heart symbol with her fingers she thrust them outward. "Open heart!"

With that she purified the X-egg, changing it back to Tsuyo-sa, though in Amu's opinion she seem more scary than the X-character.

"What happened?" Tsuyo-sa shouted, confused.

"You turned into an X-egg and attacked us." Miki said, Tsuyo-sa went wide eyed and flew over to Aka who was waking up.

"Aka-chan!" she shouted as she landed on her head. Aka looked up at her confused.

"What happened?" Aka asked, Tsuyo-sa pulled her cheek.

"Aha! Owie! That's hurt Tsuyo-sa! What'd I do?" Aka shouted, Tsuyo-sa let go.

"Stupid you didn't believe in yourself!" she shouted, Aka looked up at Tsuyo-sa grief stricken.

"I-I'm sorry Tsuyo-sa." She said she stood, looking over at Amu, who was Still Amulet Heart.

"A-amu? I-is that you!" she asked, her jaw dropping.

"Yeah who else would it be?" Amu replied. Miki floated over to her.

"You're still Amulet heart." She said matter-o-factly. Amu turned red as she transformed back to her normal self.

"Aka-chan, what happened, you seemed so faithful with Tsuyo-sa, what made you stop believing in her?" she asked, Aka looked down, rubbing her bruised cheek.

"Last thing I remember was Saya-san saying Kukai wouldn't like me, the rest is blurry, I'm sorry Amu-chan. I didn't mean to burden you." she explained.

"Poor Aka-chan." Su said, Miki and Ran agreed by nodding their heads.

"Tsuyo-sa, I promise I won't lose faith again." Aka said, then looked to Amu, "And I won't let Tsuyo-sa turn into an X-character again."

"Well that's good. As for Kukai, Aka." Amu said, walking up to her, giving her a thumbs up. "Ganbare."

Aka smiled and nodded, then did something that surprised herself along with Tsuyo-sa and Amu. She hugged Amu.

"Amu-chan you're a good person." She said, then let go smiling back at her warmly instead of with her nervous smile as she ran off, probably to find Kukai.

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