Gibbs Bucket List

Catch a shark. (I like that one, wonder if DiNozzo will go with me.).

Did this one, never thought I would do something like catch a shark but I have to admit I had wonderful time, glad I stole that one from Tony. He was like a little kid in a candy shop being told he can have whatever he wanted. It was a great trip, no mask, no hiding, just a genuine Tony, my boy.

Next up

Finally tell them how I got the boat out of the basement

Number two I have debated long and hard. Getting the boat out of the basement was always my special secret. After all I did burn two of them for kindling since I named them after my ex-wives number 2 and 3. But this one I made for Amira and would need to get it out of the basement. The boat was named the Kelly after my daughter it has been a long time since I took one out of the house. Since my girls were alive and we went on our first trip when Kelly was 4. We named our boat the Shannon after my wife. Shannon was thrilled to have the boat named for her.


That trip was great, I remember the day as bright and sunny and cool wind coming off the river. We had such fun sailing the Potomac River. Shannon packed a lunch basket of sandwiches and drinks. We headed out early in the morning, as the sun was just coming up. I remember Kelly being so excited when she found out the boat was coming out of the basement that she hardly slept the night before we were going to take the boat out of the basement, this was the boat that she helped with. She could not wait to go aboard and see it sail with her daddy at the helm.

The night before the trip I took her and Shannon to basement and we opened the special door. Kelly was jumping up and down with excitement as I opened our special door and started to Wheel the boat down the passage to the truck I parked on the other side.

We found the door shortly after we bought the house and Shannon and I went exploring and found where it lead. She did some research and found out that there was a farm house on our property that was part of the Underground Railroad during Civil War.

The property our house was built was close enough to the river that members of the Railroad were able to secret many slaves out its passageways to get them out of the south. This particular passageway we discovered lets you out about ΒΌ mile from the main road, passing under several other houses in the area. We wondered if the owners knew about it. The particular passage way is fairly large for a small cart to get through along with the people it carried. We used this passageway to get the boat out of the basement.


I had parked my truck up the road and had the hitch all in place for the boat. Going back down the passageway, I met to my surprise Tony who was standing in the entrance to passageway. I didn't know he was coming over. Sometimes he would just show up and today I was glad he did. "So that is how you get the boat out of the basement." Studying the passageway he was in. "Didn't know this was under your house boss."

"Yeah it is pretty cool, want to help me get her out."

"Sure, I'd like that. When and how did you find this passage way? This way cool" He said again as we walked back to the house through the passage, I explained how Shannon and I found the passage when we first moved in to the house.

"But one thing DiNoozo" I told him sternly, as we entered thru the basement entrance to wheel the boat out. "You can't tell anyone, our secret ok"

"I won't tell a sole boss, your secret is safe. Though Abs would kill to know"

"Yes I know she would have a cat." I laughed thinking about Abby's reaction to finding out my secret of getting my boats out. "Now let's go bring my goddaughter her boat"

"You mean I can come with?"

"Sure, if you want?"

"Yeah, can we stop by my place, to pick up a few things?"

"Ok, then let's get a move on.

Well I didn't say I would tell everyone, just my son.