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Chapter 1: Star-crossed…Siblings?

"What do you mean I have to switch schools?"

Higurashi Kagome's sudden, distressed shout rang through her family's home from her bedroom and disturbed all of its occupants including the family cat, Buyō. Her mother, Nodoka, fought the urge to rub her temples after having the short lived peace of her home broken. Despite her daughter's overdramatic reaction, Nodoka could sympathize.

'She's already had to go through so much, my poor dear,' she thought, but there was no avoiding this situation.

After Kagome barely graduated from middle school due to her constant absences as she traveled to and from the Feudal Era, she managed to get accepted into a fairly decent high school. However, the high school's officials quickly became fed up with her disappearing act and were not going to tolerate it. They decided it would be in everyone's best interests to drop Kagome from their institution and recommended other establishments that would be better suited to her "special needs". Needless to say, Nodoka was not pleased her daughter was being treated like some kind of delinquent instead of the hero that she truly was, but she had no choice in the matter. After frantically searching for a solution to this predicament, Nodoka registered Kagome at another school, Ouran Academy, one of the best and most expensive academic institutions in Japan. Based on Kagome's reaction, it was clear Nodoka was the only one impressed by her feat.

"It's not such a bad thing," Nodoka said cheerfully as she disregarded the outburst from her daughter, "It'll be nice to go somewhere new and have new experiences and meet new people." The elder woman fought the urge to sigh at the deadpanned look Kagome gave her but stood firm on her position.

"There's nothing more to discuss. Everything is already taken care of, so there's no backing out of it now. You can't ignore your education no matter what happens in the past."

"But Kaa-san!" Kagome whined, but she couldn't think of anything to say that wouldn't make her sound like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Her mother's decision was irrefutable; they both agreed that she would have to keep her grades up while she travelled ever since the first time InuYasha came back for her. She was an intelligent and hardworking student and her grades reflected that before her travels began. Although her former school's policy was stricter than the one employed while she was in middle school, it was her own fault for getting so far behind in her courses and allowing her grades to drop.

'I know I'm acting selfish,' Kagome thought with a slight pout, 'Kaa-san probably sacrificed a lot to arrange this for me, but it's just not fair! I fall down a well, get kidnapped, poisoned, and possessed, fight who knows how many demons, get my soul taken from my body, train nonstop to improve my nonexistent combat skills, and save the world from a demonic evil all in the same year! Can't a girl hang out with her friends and have a stable school life?'

Truth be told, transferring to a new school during her freshman year without any friendly and familiar faces around frightened Kagome more than the toughest demon hoards. Teenagers could be much more dangerous and cruel than them any day. On top of that, Ouran Academy had a reputation for its treatment of lower class citizens. The school's motto was "lineage comes first, wealth a close second" and the Higurashi family had neither. It was almost guaranteed she'd be treated poorly by her peers.

"Kagome," her mother reprimanded in a small but powerful voice, "I know it may be hard for you to adjust to new surroundings, but for someone who battles demons on a daily basis going to a new school should be a piece of cake." Clearly Kagome's concerns were lost in translation.

Kagome sighed and acknowledged there was no use in fighting especially with her mother, an opponent who she rarely won against.

"I know that, but couldn't we have picked somewhere a little more reasonable? Tuition alone must have cost a fortune! How could we afford it?" Although the Higurashi Shrine had a decent amount of business, the family's income was not even close to the funds needed to pay for a prestigious Ouran Academy education.

"Well," Nodoka began, showing nervousness for the first time in the conversation, "We aren't exactly paying for all your school expenses."

'That doesn't make any sense,' Kagome thought, truly perplexed by the answer, 'My grades aren't good enough to receive a scholarship and I didn't even take their entrance exam.'

"Then who is taking care of it?" Kagome asked tentatively. There were many possibilities swimming in her head due to her mother's sudden skittish behavior and none of them were good. From the way she was acting, Kagome wouldn't be surprised if she made a deal with the devil.

Nodoka pursed her lips together tightly and mentally prepared for Kagome's reaction before answering in a low whisper. "Your father."

Kagome instantly stilled. The man who raised her and whom she grew up calling "Tou-san" had died when she was younger. There was only one other person this "father" could be. Her biological father was paying for her schooling? Kagome hadn't heard anything about him since the day she learned of her true parentage.

Her biological father was a very wealthy man by the name of Morinozuka Akira who met Nodoka while on a business trip in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward. They had met frequently after that first encounter during a number of his business ventures. Occasionally, he stayed with Nodoka for weeks at a time. Both Akira and Nodoka were infatuated with each other and truly enjoyed the time they spent together. However, when Kagome was conceived, Nodoka discovered her lover had a wife and a son of his own. The two mutually decided it was for the best that they part ways and no longer see each other. Akira turned his love and devotion to his existing family and eventually sired another child with his wife leaving Nodoka and their unborn daughter.

Before they parted completely, Akira insisted he at least provide for Nodoka financially and support her during her pregnancy. She continuously refused any offers he made. She was proud and didn't want to be Akira's obligation or cause anymore trouble for his family. While she did regret having an affair with a married man, Nodoka completely broke off the relationship with no hard feelings and was anxiously looking forward to the birth of her child she already loved so dearly. Admitting defeat, Akira let Nodoka go but kept tabs on her until she delivered ensuring that she had no troubles concerning that.

It was during her pregnancy when she paid a visit to the Higurashi Shrine in Shinjuku that Nodoka met the true love of her life. She and the charming only child of the Higurashi family, Kazuo, progressed into a stable, loving relationship and married soon after Kagome was born. Although Kagome wasn't his biological daughter, Kazuo willing gave her his love, devotion, and family name. Never for a second did Kagome grow up doubting the love of her father or his family even after learning she and her younger brother didn't share the same sire. Nodoka couldn't be more thankful for that. Granted, Kagome was curious about her biological father and her two half brothers but never pursued them. She already had everything she needed right where she was. She was a Morinozuka by blood but a Higurashi in her heart.

"Why is Morinozuka-san's doing all this for me?" Kagome asked, unsure of how to feel about the entire situation. She was still curious about her birth father and the opportunity to meet him was tempting, but the position of her father was already taken and no amount of money or favors would change that.

"Well, I don't really know what he's up to or what he's thinking," Nodoka confessed with halfhearted amusement and a slight shrug of her shoulders, "Apparently, he's been keeping track of you since you were born, but he's kept his distance. In fact, he knew all about your school problems and called me just when I started looking at other schools." Nodoka beamed when she remembered the conversation she had with Akira. He had changed a lot since their last meeting and, as strange as it sounded, it was like she was speaking to an old friend rather than an ex-lover.

"He insisted you go to Ouran Academy and live with him and his family in Bunkyō while you're enrolled. He said he'd take care of everything and he wouldn't take no for an answer. I'm sure he'll be looking forward to spending time with you and he wants you to get to know your brothers too."

Kagome snorted slightly causing her mother to frown. "I'm sure he always gets what he wants. Me living with his wife and two sons that probably didn't even know I exist? Get real." Kagome sunk further into her bed and grew saddened as she quietly regarded her half siblings. Her father was making an effort to get closer to her, but she wasn't so sure her brothers were quite so keen about it. After all, if their father made the decision and arranged everything already, there wasn't much they could do about it if they still lived with him.

"They might not want anything to do with me," Kagome admitted softly, "They haven't tried to know me before."

Nodoka sat next to her daughter and drew her into the security and warmth of her arms. Kagome readily accepted the comfort.

"Try to see things the way they do," Nodoka stated knowing her daughter could easily empathize with others, "It must be devastating knowing their father betrayed them in the past and it'll be just as difficult for them as it is for you." Kagome nodded slightly in her mother's embrace. She could only imagine how the two of them must feel and it was probably much worse for them than it was for her.

Nodoka smiled when she felt Kagome relax and gently pulled her closer. "I know that they want to make up for the way they treated you over the years. I'm also sure that when they get to know you better; they'll love you like brothers should love their sister."

"Okay," Kagome said confidently and slipped out of her mother's grasp, "I'll go and do my best to get along with them, but I'll visit every holiday and some weekends when I can. And if InuYasha comes and it's important, you have to let me come back." The Shikon Jewel was completed and securely placed in a warded box on Kagome's dresser, but InuYasha still crossed over if her skills were ever needed or the others wanted to see her. Lately, that hasn't happened too often.

Nodoka nodded and encouragingly said, "Of course. If he comes for you, I'll handle Morinozuka-san. I'll tell him about your decision and you'll be packed and ready to go by next week."



"Takashi!" Haninozuka Mitsukuni or better known at Ouran Academy as Honey shouted. He was trying once again in vain to get the attention of his cousin, Morinozuka Takashi nicknamed Mori. Mori was sitting at one of the many tables in the academy's third music room where the host club operated. He sat in a daze looking at the school's courtyard through the window and disregarded everything around him.

"Takashi!" Honey screamed loudly and waved his stuffed bunny, Usa-chan, in front of Mori's face, but he didn't even blink.

"Honey-senpai?" Haruhi asked, walking towards the two cousins, "What's the matter with Mori-senpai?"

"I don't know," Honey replied with tears in his eyes as he cuddled Usa-chan close to him, "Why won't Takashi talk to me?" Haruhi frowned at the obvious distress the small senior displayed and tried to coax Mori into acknowledging him to ease his worries.

"Mori-senpai? Hello?" Haruhi addressed the silent senior and waved her hand in front of his face to get his attention. Mori caught her smaller appendage in his large hand and turned to the two standing to the side of him. A faint blush colored Haruhi's cheeks as she slipped her hand from Mori's gentle grip.

"Takashi, what are you thinking about?" Honey questioned now that he had Mori's attention. Although Mori was characteristically the silent, introspective type, Honey had never known his cousin to be so deep in thought that he ignored him and was concerned with this new behavior.

Mori waited a few moments before answering the question in a few concise words like he always did.

"My sibling."

"Your younger brother?" Haruhi inquired, having heard of him once or twice though she didn't recall his name. He was a student at the middle school section.

"Is there something wrong with Sato-chan?" Honey asked worriedly. Mori shook his head.

"No," he clarified, "I have a sixteen year old half sibling."

"Half sibling?" Haruhi repeated with Honey listening silently and intently at her side not saying a word. It was obvious to her that this was his first time learning of this person even though he and Mori were related.

"Yes, my father had a brief affair before Satoshi was born and sired a child, but for much of his life I didn't really acknowledge him. I treated him like he was nothing, like he did not exist," Mori stated. Although his tone was even and didn't falter, it was easy for Haruhi and Honey to tell he was truly guilty for the way he treated his half sibling.

"Recently, he's been having trouble at school, so Chichi-ue decided he will attend Ouran Academy as a freshman and live with us starting next week." Mori paused, took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled. "I want to repent for what I have done. I want to be a good brother to him."

"Mori-senpai," Haruhi whispered; she had never heard the senior speak to her so openly.

"Such a tear jerking story, Mori-senpai!" Tamaki exclaimed with large tears sliding down his cheeks as he appeared before the trio. He placed a hand on Mori's shoulder and smiled at his friend encouragingly.

"Your host club king has heard your cries and your plight has not fallen on deaf ears, my comrade! The host club will do everything we can to foster the bond between you star-crossed siblings!"

"Tamaki-senpai, where the hell did you come from?" Haruhi shouted and swatted at the blonde haired youth, "And would you give the eye drops a rest already! At least show some respect for Mori-senpai's problems!"

"Haruhi, I'm crushed!" Tamaki cried, "To think you expect an experienced host like me would need the aid of eye drops! My heart was truly moved and I could not help the emotion building up and pouring out from the depths of my soul!"

"Whatever you say, senpai," Haruhi said sounding completely unconvinced by Tamaki's usual dreck before she turned her attention back to Mori.

"Is there anything you know about your sibling?" she asked earnestly, "Anything at all?"

"Do you know what things he likes?" Honey asked excitedly, "I bet he likes cake!" Although having never met him, Honey gladly welcomed his new relative. As an illegitimate child, there were many obstacles he'd face if he was going to be officially recognized as a Morinozuka. While Akira seemed to accept him, it would take some time for the remainder of the Morinozuka and the Haninozuka family to do the same. Honey would do everything he could to ensure his cousin felt welcomed.

"All I know is that he grew up in the same social background as Haruhi and his family also owns a shrine in Shinjuku," Mori admitted, "His name is Higurashi."

"Higurashi-san," Haruhi said sounding out the name to herself and noted it was most likely spelled with the characters for "cricket". She mentally pictured a smaller version of Mori being likened to something small and chirping happily like a cricket. It was almost cute.

"Another commoner coming to Ouran Academy?" Tamaki asked in awe and confidently raised his fist into the air, "I will meet this boy and take him under my wing! Never fear, Mori-senpai! He is in very capable hands!"

"Damn rich bastard," Haruhi said to herself and took a seat next to Mori, resting her head on the table in exasperation. Shyly peeking at the silent senior, Haruhi noted Mori's face was dimly lit with a soft, small smile.


"Why did he send me both of them?" Kagome asked as she looked at the two Ouran Academy uniforms spread across her bed. The girls' uniform seemed far too formal and silly for a high school student to wear. The pale yellow dress with its white high collar and a red bow tied around it seemed like it was more suited for a special occasion or a little girl's annual tea parties with her stuffed animals. It was clear the outfit was designed purely for style and not comfort or practicality.

In contrast, the male uniform looked much more comfortable. It consisted of black trousers coupled with the white oxford shirt and black tie. A pale blue blazer with black buttons and the Ouran Academy seal stitched to the left breast completed the outfit.

"From the looks of things, I'm guessing Morinozuka-san didn't know which one to send," Nodoka admitted with a nervous giggle.

"And he's supposedly checking up on me, eh?" Kagome questioned dryly.

"I'm just pleased your school was capable of keeping some of your information and your photograph from prying eyes," Nodoka stated, "Morinozuka-san probably expected me to give you the right one, but I couldn't resist showing you. I thought it was hilarious!" She knew Akira had access to all the resources he needed to find out anything and everything about Kagome, but she had given him a stern warning about those kinds of practices before they parted. It was amusing to think her threat was taken seriously after all these years. Like Kagome, Nodoka could be very intimidating when she wanted to be and she didn't have the ability to use the sit command.

Kagome smiled as her mother laughed heartily. She held up the light blue blazer in front of her smiling brightly. "What do you think? At least it's more practical than the other one." It was a little too big for her but would still fit if she decided to wear it.

Before Nodoka could answer, Sota peeked into Kagome's room and immediately spotted the boys' blazer in his sister's hands.

"Great, not only do you get shipped off to Bunkyō, you're turning into a cross dresser too?" Sota asked, shaking his head in mock disappointment, "Really, Nee-chan, you're taking up this kind of habit? I expected better from you." Kagome scowled before she placed the blazer on her bed and walked over to Sota, hooking her arms around her neck when she reached him.

"You're just jealous! I'd look much better in it then you," Kagome said while giving her younger brother a noogie.

Sota shook his head as best he could in Kagome's grip and tried to squirm away. "As if! No one's gonna want a guy that looks so small and girly!"

"Fine," Kagome said as she let Sota go, "I'll try it on and you'll see how good it looks on me!" Kagome grabbed the clothes from her bed and began dashing towards the bathroom.

"Kagome, you're not seriously considering wearing that are you?" Nodoka asked but recognized the playful gleam in Kagome's eyes straightaway. There was no talking her out of it now.

Kagome paused in the hallway and turned to her mother with the uniform tucked under her arms and a devious grin highlighting her face. "It's not like it's going to be a permanent change! Besides, nothing says 'I'm ready to be part of the family' like a harmless prank. Just imagine the look on Morinozuka-san's face!"

"Go ahead then," Nodoka relented with an amused look, "I'm sure you'll look cute."

"And I'd rather have a bishōnen for a sister than a yellow cow any day!" Sota added and stuck his tongue at the yellow frock strewn across Kagome's bed. Kagome playfully rolled her eyes before retreating to the bathroom with Sota following after her saying he had the perfect thing to complete the outfit.

Nodoka shook her head at her two children and immediately thought of her little girl's father and her two brothers. Kagome was definitely going to exercise her playful streak while she was with them and she hoped they were fully prepared for that.


About a week after Mori revealed the existence of his half sibling, the day arrived for him to begin attending Ouran. Rumors quickly spread throughout the middle school and high school divisions of the academy. Everyone speculated what type of person the middle brother of the Morinozuka siblings could be. The only that they knew for certain was that he was a commoner.

Was he handsome? Was he smart? Was he good at sports? At martial arts? The rumors were fueled when the host club announced it was opening later than usual in order to greet him properly. So many theories buzzed around Ouran's campus, but both the Morinozuka and Haninozuka siblings ignored them.

"I don't see why we have to close the host club?" Kaoru said as he sat on the couch with his brother with his arms folded expressing his boredom.

"Is this relative of yours really that important, Mori-senpai?" Hikaru asked the senior across the room from them.

"You two could stand to be a bit more considerate," Haruhi scolded the twins, "He may not show it, but Mori-senpai is really afraid of what his sibling may think of him."

The twins both looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders in unison.

"Yes, Haruhi," Tamaki commented, "We must show our support for the arrival of Mori-senpai's sibling! To him, Ouran is a completely new and unexplored world of wealth and beauty! He needs us to guide him through our lavish society. Right, Kaa-san?" Tamaki sent a hopeful look in Kyoya's direction hoping his classmate and best friend was just as excited as he was.

"Hmm," Kyoya replied without looking at the blonde. He simply held onto his notebook and scribbled down figures as usual. He was calculating the losses the club would experience due to today's late opening. If his calculations were correct, the arrival of the new Morinozuka was something he dreaded.


"Okay…big," Kagome said to herself as she took in the immense size of Ouran Academy and she was only looking at the high school section! The entire layout was definitely beyond her expectations. Everything was so large and grand, she briefly wondered if she had left Japan altogether. With eyes full of anxiety, Kagome turned to the driver of the sleek, black car that picked her up from the shrine this morning and drove her to Bunkyō.

"I guess I'll see you after school," Kagome said timidly with a short bow, "Thank you for driving me."

The older gentleman sent Kagome a reassuring smile and nodded his head. "Not a problem, Higurashi-sama. I'll be here to retrieve you, Takashi-sama, and Satoshi-sama at day's end. Do try to have a good day." Kagome nodded before the driver rolled up the window and sped away from the school's entrance.

During the drive to Ouran, the driver gave Kagome a bit of background information on her relatives that attended school with her. She learned, that in addition to her two brothers, she head two cousins attending Ouran from the Haninozuka family. Her older brother, Takashi, and cousin, Mitsukuni, were both seniors in high school and about two years older than her. The driver informed her they arranged to greet her with the members of their school club and Kagome couldn't help but be a bit excited. The fact they were putting forth an effort to meet her was very reassuring.

Her younger brother, Satoshi, and cousin, Yasuchika, were in their final year of middle school, so she probably wouldn't see them at school very often. The one thing all four boys had in common was their involvement in martial arts; there were various disciplines integral to the Morinozuka and Haninozuka clans. Kagome grinned when she was told this. She didn't know any formal styles of martial arts, but she could definitely hold her own with a few moves she learned from Sango, Miroku, and InuYasha. She thought a few friendly sparring matches would help her ease into the Morinozuka household.

Akira couldn't see Kagome today before she set off to school but had already arranged for her belongings to be transported from the Higurashi Shrine to the Morinozuka estate and stored in her room. Although the servants from the estate were just doing their job, Kagome wasn't used to being waited on to this extent. The last thing she wanted was to become a burden to the Morinozuka family.

Kagome sighed as she looked up at the huge series of buildings and towers and courtyards. She self consciously tugged at the hem of the navy blue hoodie she wore over her uniform and straightened the bill of the light blue baseball cap Sota insisted she wear. He claimed that both garments complimented her new look. The sloppy braid tossed over her shoulder was also fashioned according to his insistence.

"You gotta do something with all that girly hair of yours!" he told her jokingly. Kagome giggled; Sota had a unique way of ensuring she didn't forget him while she was gone as if she ever could.

"Well, it's now or never," Kagome mused out loud and mentally prepared for her entrance. With a determined gaze on the building ahead of her, she walked towards the academy and entered at the closest doorway. Once inside, she immediately noticed students everywhere—some in large mobs and others in small cliques—walking around the campus and interacting with one another like they had nothing to do or nothing to worry about. It was an odd thing to observe considering they were in school.

'It's like they don't have a care in the world,' Kagome thought wistfully and reflected on her own mess of a life.

'I can't worry about that now,' she reprimanded herself, 'I need to find Takashi-san and Mitsukuni-san. Now, where is their club room was again?' Kagome couldn't exactly recall the room number of the club's meeting place or what type of club it was. The moment she stepped foot into Ouran, her senses were overwhelmed and she let the information slip away. After looking around and considering asking someone for help, Kagome decided it was best if she poked around on her own. If she looked long enough, she was sure she'd find it.

Unbeknownst to Kagome, the surrounding student body watched her as she searched for the club room from the moment she entered the school. Whispers began and spread like wildfire throughout Ouran's halls.

Who was this boy? Why did he dress that way? His hoodie wasn't approved outerwear for the academy and hats were strictly forbidden under school policy. Why was his hair so long? The length of his shimmery onyx tresses couldn't be approved either. Was the deep sapphire color of his eyes natural? Then it happened.

"Do you think he's Mori-senpai's half brother?"

The moment that question was uttered more and more students began to believe the answer was yes especially the female students. A petite, blue-eyed bishōnen walking the academy halls with a pensive look of concentration etched in his handsome yet feminine features. He had to be related to Mori!


Kagome went from floor to floor of the school, peeking in the many rooms she passed. All of them were filled with students gaily interacting with each other, but she saw nothing that looked like a group of club members waiting for her to arrive. After continuing up the next flight of stairs, Kagome found the high noise level was reduced to a dull roar. She traveled down a corridor and found the chatter practically stopped when she find herself in front of a set of pink double doors.

"Third Music Room," Kagome read aloud from the sign above the doors. After pressing an ear against the door, she couldn't hear anything from the inside. Deciding she had nothing to lose, Kagome pushed the door open and a barrage of rose petals immediately assaulted her face. She began to cough and wheeze as the perfume of the flowers became too much for her nostrils. Once the storm of petals cleared, she looked ahead and saw a group of very attractive boys standing around a handsome blonde seated in a plush, red velvet chair.

"Welcome," they all greeted her in unison.

'O…kay,' Kagome thought. She honestly didn't know what she expected when she opened the door, but this certainly wasn't it.

"Look at him," a ginger haired boy said observing Kagome with his keen golden brown orbs.

"He's definitely a commoner," another boy who looked identical to the one who just spoke said, "but he's better looking than Haruhi on his first day. I'll give him that much."

"But he doesn't have any style," the twins stated in unison.

'Well that's not very nice,' Kagome thought as she fought the urge to verbally assault the twins like they did her. Her having an angered outburst on her first day at school wasn't the type of news she wanted her relatives to hear about.

"Don't mind them, my lost little lamb." Kagome heard a smooth voice speak into her ear before its owner gently blew cool air into the orifice. Jumping slightly at the unexpected contact, Kagome turned and came face to face with the blonde that was previously seated in the chair ahead of her—when did he get up exactly? He was staring at her intently with his crystal blue-violet eyes and a sugary sweet smile on his face.

"So you are the commoner, the notorious third Morinozuka sibling!" he cried.

"Notorious?" Kagome questioned, but the boy ignored her. He was too engrossed in his own theatrics.

He grabbed Kagome's chin gently, caressing her soft skin and looking deep into her sapphire orbs. "Tell me, what do you think of our host club?"

"Host club?" Kagome repeated skeptically and considered going back the way she came.

"I'm afraid you're mistaken," Kagome tried to explain while putting some distance between her and the host boy, "I got lost while I was looking for my relatives, Morinozuka-senpai and Haninozuka-senpai. I didn't mean to disturb—"

"Nonsense! You're in the right place!" the blonde admonished her playfully, "Mori-senpai and Honey-senpai are members of this renown establishment founded by chivalrous men whose only desire is to cater to the happiness of the blooming young ladies of our academy!"

"So they are here," Kagome said to herself, but the blonde nodded heartily as though she were speaking directly to him.

"Of course, little lamb! They humbly serve here, a place for young women who have way too much time on their hands can come to see us, young men who also have too much time on our hands, and…" Kagome skillfully tuned the blonde out and inched away from him when he wasn't looking. He said she was in the right place and that was all the information she needed.

Kagome took at look at the rest of the group after they disbanded. Only two of them remained in their original positions in front of her, a rather tall boy with a mop of sloppily styled dark hair and a much smaller blonde boy standing next to him clutching a pink stuffed bunny. Both boys watched her expectantly as if waiting for her to make the next move. The blonde was smiling at her sweetly and, despite his youthful appearance and short stature, there was a comforting look in his eyes. The raven eyed her blankly, but there was a slight glimmer of hope in his dulled onyx gaze coupled with a bit of apprehension.

'Takashi-san and Mitsukuni-san,' Kagome thought shyly, 'That has to be them.' Hesitantly, she approached the pair until she stood about an arm's length away from them.

"Excuse me," Kagome began, "Would you two happen to be Morinozuka Takashi-san and Haninosuka Mitsukuni-san?"

"That's us!" the small blonde shouted enthusiastically. Kagome let a few giggles slip from her lips; it was hard to believe the diminutive boy was a senior.

"Call me Honey! And this is Usa-chan!" Honey exclaimed as he held out his pink bunny, "You're so cute, Cricket-chan! Do you like cake? The host club has lots of cakes!" Honey latched onto Kagome's arm and began pulling her to a table piled high with cakes and other pastries.

'Cricket-chan?' Kagome thought then realized he was referring to her last name; she'd never been called that before but quickly decided she liked the nickname. She had been called much worse before. The other boy, Takashi by default, silently following behind them. Once the trio reached the table, Honey immediately took his seat in front of several pre-sliced pieces of strawberry cake and began eating. Takashi and Kagome took the two other empty seats stationed across from Honey.

While Honey ate his cakes and commented on their exquisite flavor, Kagome cast a few shy glances at Takashi from the corner of her eye. Her brother was definitely good-looking, but he didn't seem like the talkative type. She didn't know how to begin a conversation and the silence was beginning to make her uncomfortable.

"Why don't I get you something to drink while you get to know each other?" a kind voice asked the group. Kagome looked up and saw one of the other members who greeted her at the door, a cute brunette with large, bright brown eyes. He was trying to lighten the mood and ease the tension between her and her relatives. Kagome could tell she'd grow to like him.

'But there's something odd about him,' Kagome thought and would do a little probing of his aura later. Sensing auras was a skill she perfected in her training, but she wouldn't intrude on someone who wasn't an enemy without getting to know him first.

"Yes, please, if it's not too much trouble," Kagome answered with a smile, "And you would be?"

"Fujioka Haruhi," Haruhi replied, "And it is no trouble at all. I deal with much more obnoxious behavior on a regular basis." He gestured to where the remainder of the club stood. The blonde continued to lecture about the inner workings of the host club while the twins tried to get him to stop. The bespectacled raven had stepped away from them and began scrawling away in his notebook, occasionally casting a glance in the blonde's direction.

"I see what you mean," Kagome said with a giggle. Haruhi shook his head in disappointment.

"It's hard to get Tamaki-senpai to stop once he goes off on one of his tangents," Haruhi said, "So what would you like to drink? We have different teas or instant coffee. Whichever you prefer."

"Darjeeling tea please, Haru-chan!" Honey exclaimed in between bites, "It goes so much better with cake!"

"Coffee's just fine for me," Kagome answered. Takashi shook his head signaling he didn't want anything.

"I'll be right back with your drinks," Haruhi announced, "and it's nice to finally meet you…"

"Higurashi Kagome," Kagome supplied. Haruhi nodded once before retreating toward the back of the room and disappearing. As soon as Haruhi left, the twins grew tired of trying to snap Tamaki out of his speech and went to the table where the seniors and their new classmate sat.

"So, what's with that outfit?" one of the boys asked, boldly plucking one of Kagome's sleeves in distaste.

"It was cold this morning and this was the only thing that I didn't pack yet," Kagome explained, trying to hold her temper. The boy shrugged his shoulders before leaning against the table on Kagome's right. His brother took his spot on her left.

"I'm Hitachiin Hikaru," the boy introduced himself as.

"And I'm Hitachiin Kaoru," his brother said.

Kagome nodded in greeting to the two boys wearing matching smirks. "I'm Higurashi Kagome. Nice to meet you."

She noticed the two boys were leaning closely to her and were staring pointedly at her face or more specifically the bill of her hat.

"Why do you wear such a ratty thing on your head?" Hikaru asked, disdainfully tapping the bill obscuring Kagome's face.

"Headwear is strictly against academy regulations," Kaoru added, "Same goes for your outerwear."

"Why don't you take them off—"

"—before you get into trouble."

'Now I see,' Kagome realized from their tone of voice and mischievous looks, 'They want to know what I look like without the hat covering up my face.'

"I see. Thanks for the heads up," Kagome said half-heartedly and stood up from her seat. Once she was on her feet, she pulled off her hat and her hoodie. Once both were removed, she blinked several times when a stray piece of fuzz invaded her bright blue eyes while her disheveled braid fell to the side. She didn't notice Honey stopped eating his cake, Tamaki stopped talking, and Haruhi staring at her as he returned from the back carrying a tea set atop a silver tray. All of the attention was centered on her.

"Ah!" Kagome heard from behind her. While Haruhi was distracted, he slipped on the tile floor and fell forward letting the serving tray flay from his hands. Thinking quickly, Kagome ran towards Haruhi and pulled him tightly to her chest. Both fell to the cold marble floor with Kagome landing on the bottom of the two. The platter and everything on top of it fell to the ground and shattered upon impact.

"Are you alright, Haruhi-kun?" Kagome asked in concern. Haruhi looked into Kagome's concern orbs and blushed lightly at the thoughtful look.

'Kagome-san's so strong and fast,' Haruhi thought, 'I didn't even notice him move.'

"Haruhi!" Tamaki shouted rushing over to the fallen pair, "Are you alright? Are you dead? Speak to me!"

"I'm fine," Haruhi answered with a huff. He turned around in Kagome's arms and sent her a grateful smile.

"Thanks for the save, Kagome-san. That would have been a nasty fall."

"No problem!" Kagome replied. She released the Haruhi and let him stand to his feet. He then held out his hand and helped her stand as well. Before both could blink, the raven haired boy appeared before them holding a shattered piece of porcelain between his fingers.

"That was one of our most expensive sets and an antique on top of that. Its price will have to be added to your outstanding debt, Haruhi." Haruhi immediately cringed and paled as she calculated the damage in her head.

"Kyoya-senpai," he whimpered sadly.

"Debt?" Kagome asked Haruhi, "How much do you owe?"

"On my first day at Ouran, I broke an ¥8,000,000 vase and I'm paying for it by being a host," he explained briefly.

Kagome furrowed her eyes in thought. "How much to you have to pay now?"

"With the tea set added to the amount," Kyoya answered after taking a quick look at his calculations, "approximately ¥6,483,000." Haruhi moaned and tiredly placed his head in his hands; there went all of his hard work thus far.

"And you work to pay that off by yourself?" Kagome asked and Haruhi nodded.

"How honorable," Kagome said, her voice was slightly breathless with admiration. Haruhi couldn't help it when his cheeks began to darken; no one ever viewed his enslavement to the host club in such an appreciative light. The surrounding hosts watched the scene with keen interest.

"It's not all that amazing," Haruhi said dismissively, "I didn't actually insist on paying them back this way. They practically bullied me into it." He was surprised when he heard Kagome's amused chuckles over Tamaki's protests.

"A responsibility is still a responsibility even if it's forced." Kagome looked back on the reappearance of the Shikon no Tama and the start of her epic journey through the well. At first, she was content to stay at home in the present and leave the past behind her. However, InuYasha refused to let her leave it behind and was ready to bring her back kicking and screaming if he had to. After the jewel was shattered, she was prepared to readily accept her duty and make it whole once more.

'And now the jewel's complete and safe under my protection,' Kagome thought reflecting on the enchanted trinket, 'InuYasha only comes back every once in a while now. I need a purpose here.'

Her decision was clear; she had moved to a new part of Tokyo, enrolled in a new school, and met a new part of her family. Takashi and Honey were seniors and Satoshi and Yasuchika were in middle school; she wouldn't see them at school unless she joined a club where they shared a mutual interest.

'I don't think there's a good chance of me making the karate, kendo, or judo club,' Kagome thought, 'But a host? Maybe…'

"Would it be too much trouble if I joined your club and become a host?" Kagome asked, causing a cascade of surprised looks. Takashi's was the most noticeable among them even though it wasn't exactly prominent.

"Are you truly interested?" Tamaki asked the young Higurashi excitedly. He abruptly grabbed her smaller, more calloused hands in his. His bright blue eyes gazed happily into Kagome's darker ones.

"Not really," Kagome answered, diverting her eyes to look at the floor, "but Takashi-san and Honey-san spend time here doing club activities. If I join, I can get to know them better during school hours even though we're different classifications. I'd also like to help Haruhi-kun repay his debt, if that is alright."

Kagome lifted her head and looked at all the host club members hopefully. "Can't I become a host?"

Tamaki stepped back and the host club began to stare at Kagome taking in her appearance with great scrutiny. She immediately blushed; these boys were all gorgeous. She couldn't be a host here as plain and common as she was; how would she attract any guests? Kagome was beginning to rethink her sudden suggestion despite the desire to become closer to her brother and cousin.

Tamaki, king of the host club, watched as the light hue of pink lit up Kagome's cheeks and her small pearly white teeth began to nervously bit down on her rosy lower lip. Her long messy braid was pulled to the side and her brilliant blue eyes grew larger with expectancy and hope. The sleeves of the blazer which was to be a size too large slid adorably down a small form.

"Cute!" Tamaki shouted excitedly as he brought Kagome to his chest and spun her around much like he did with Haruhi, "Cute! So Cute! You're perfect! Of course, I expected this since you have the blood of a Morinozuka!"

"I'm not sure being related to Mori-senpai guarantees you'll be cute," Haruhi said dryly, "Unless you're a Haninozuka like Honey-senpai." The appeal that Kagome had was very different from Mori's appeal as the wild type. Cute was not the first word Haruhi would use to describe the senior.

"Kaoru! Hikaru!" Tamaki called out, "Call my hair stylist and get me a uniform that would fit Kagome-kun better." The twins nodded once and quickly rushed to do the tasks they were assigned.

Tamaki stopped spinning around but continued to hold Kagome in his arms. "You will be our new host starting today, Kagome-kun! We don't have much time to prepare your character type, but that shouldn't be a problem."

"There are already rumors about you since you're related to the Morinozuka and Haninozuka families and are a commoner," Kyoya added, "That alone will make you pretty popular or, at least, it will attract the ladies to you today. You'll have to figure out how to keep them coming if you want to stay in this club." Kagome had the distinct feeling he was mocking her.

"So cool!" Honey exclaimed, "Go-chan will be with the host club all the time now! Isn't it great, Takashi?" He said nothing but grunted softly causing Honey to grin; Kagome guessed the sound meant yes.

"Thank you for letting me join," Kagome said to Tamaki and tried in vain to push the boy off of her but to no avail. He was stronger than he looked and wasn't ready to let go of her yet.

'At least this will be an interesting venture,' Kagome thought before she fall limp in Tamaki's arms and let the blonde squeeze her tighter.


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