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Chapter 2: The Rebel Type

"So what exactly are our responsibilities in the host club?" Kagome asked Haruhi, who readily offered to show her the ropes. The two of them sat on one of the plush red couches away from the entrance as they waited for the customers to arrive. Kagome absently fiddled with the end of her newly styled braid, twirling its loose end around her fingers. At first, the hair stylist wanted to cut her long locks in a shorter style according to school regulations. Tamaki adamantly protested while Honey clung to her waist with eyes full of tears at the thought of her hair getting cut. With a lot of persuasion and incentive on Kyoya's part, the stylist left her hair long and fashioned it into a much straighter and sleeker braid than before.

Kagome laughed when she saw her reflection. After all her earlier excitement faded, she remembered her little prank. It seemed she fooled more than just her relatives with her efforts. To keep up with her ruse, Kagome placed her hoodie on as soon as she changed into the new uniform one of the twins brought her. It definitely had a better fit than the last one, but it did little to hide her protruding chest. Thankfully, her baggy outerwear took care of that problem.

"Well, our motto is we will do everything we can to please our guests or something like that," Haruhi stated, "To be honest, I don't quite understand it myself or why a club like this even exists at a high school."

"So, basically, we just flirt with the girls who come to visit us?" Kagome asked. Can't these girls get their own guy? Not that she had any room to talk. She recently realized that she and InuYasha weren't meant to be, but she wasn't resentful that it didn't work out between them romantically. Their relationship wasn't perfect, but it worked fine the way it was. In fact, after sorting out what romantic feelings she had for the hanyou, Kagome knew their relationship grew much stronger. Of course, there was a special place in her heart that belonged exclusively to her first love that no one had yet to take away from him.

'Not that anyone had tried to,' Kagome thought, blowing up her bangs in front of her face.

"Kagome, how could you minimize the important role we play in the lives of our faithful customers?" Tamaki gasped dramatically as he walked toward the two. "Our duty is to do everything in our power to satisfy the needs and requests of the sweet young ladies we serve. To give them what they truly desire; that is our calling!" He grabbed Kagome's chin and directed her focus towards him.

"You see, with a simple touch to the chin and a teary gaze from my eyes, you will fall for me, right?" Tamaki asked, smiling at her adoringly.

"You're…serious?" Kagome asked with wide, disbelieving eyes, "What's the point of this kind of attention if it isn't sincere?"

Tamaki immediately drew back from Kagome as though he was burned suddenly by the touch of her skin. His face grew pale and his eyes dilated while his lips trembled.

"Ka-ka-ka-ka…" he stuttered but couldn't form a coherent sentence. Kagome quietly stood up from the couch and stepped away from the strange boy as did Haruhi.

"Will he be okay?" Kagome asked Haruhi. He shrugged and didn't seem too concern with Tamaki's behavior.

"Don't worry about him," Haruhi replied, "Tamaki-senpai can be a bit unpredictable at times so it's normal for him to have episodes like this. He'll compose himself by the time the club opens."

"Alright," Kagome remarked and looked around at the other members preparing for the arrival of their guests. Takashi and Honey were nowhere in sight. Seeing as there was nothing for her to do and she didn't want to get in the way, Kagome walked over to a set of large windows looking out to the courtyard. It was still spring so the cherry blossoms were in bloom. Their petals flittering and floating in the air like soft, pink snow.

"You're watching the blossoms," Takashi stated just above Kagome's head. Kagome saw him towering over her out of the corner of her eye, his expression blank. He seemed so stony and still; she could hardly believe he had just approached her or spoke.

"I am," Kagome replied with a nod, "At home at the shrine, there is a large tree called the Goshinboku with blossoms just like these only they're white." She turned from the window and looked up at Takashi hopefully. "All of the petals look like snow. Don't you think, Takashi-san?"

Takashi didn't reply but inclined his head slightly and continued watching the flowers with Kagome. She sighed and turned back to the window.

'Yep, he's definitely not a big talker,' Kagome noted, 'Or maybe he doesn't know what to say.' She looked over her shoulder again and noticed Takashi and all of the others had moved towards the entrance of the large room in the same formation they had when she first entered the room.

'I guess the club must be opening,' she thought and shrugged her shoulders and turned back to the window.

When Kagome felt an ambush of new auras invade the room, she turned again and noticed she and the other hosts were not alone. All around her, the other hosts had stationed themselves around the room, entertaining their own groups of young women. There were also three girls sitting around her in a set of chairs that had been placed by the window, forming her own little grouping.

"Hi. Nice to meet you," Kagome greeted and sheepishly rubbed the back of her neck. She had no clue how to handle the situation. Fortunately for her, the girls looked like they were enjoying themselves and wailed loudly as they exclaimed how cute she looked.

'Is this all to being a host?' Kagome thought incredulously, 'This will be easier than I thought.'

"So you are Mori-senpai's brother, Kagome-kun?" one of the girls asked.

"Everyone was talking about you!" another exclaimed, "Some other girls saw you coming on the school grounds earlier."

'Brother?' Kagome thought and frowned, 'Do I really resemble a boy that much? Oh well, I suppose this is going to be a more permanent change now that I'm in a host club.' She decided she didn't really care one way or the other. Besides, if going to a club and being told a few pretty words by a bunch of cute boys was the norm for these girls, Kagome didn't think she'd get along with the female population too well.

"Half-brother," Kagome corrected her three guests, unintentionally reminding her of a certain someone. The girls nodded and didn't seem concern with the gruff way she corrected them. In fact, they seemed to like it.

"A budding friendship between two long lost brothers!"

"It's so touching!"

"What made you decide to live with Mori-senpai?"

Kagome shook her head. "It was my biological father's decision, not mine. I didn't really want to transfer here and I never made any plans to meet this part of my family before. But since I have to be here, I plan to make the most of this situation and use this as an opportunity to become closer to them. We never met when we were younger; I'd like to get to know my brothers and my cousins now that I attend Ouran Academy."

"That's so sweet of you, Kagome-kun," the girls said in unison, looking at Kagome with big watery eyes full of adoration. She blushed at the scrutiny and smiled shyly.

"Thank you for your kindness, but I assure you I'm not all that good of a person," Kagome remarked a little dejectedly.

"You mustn't berate yourself so, Kagome-kun!" She inwardly winced at their high pitched squeals.


"I must say he's a natural," Tamaki commented as he and Kyoya observed the new comer entertaining his guests. Like Haruhi, he didn't use any of the traditional hosting techniques and acted naturally drawing in the ladies with his own brand of charm.

"He's so adorable!" he exclaimed and squirmed around with excitement when Kagome began to timidly smile and twirl the end of his braid. His fingers were itching to cuddle the cute boy again!

"Yes," Kyoya responded, "The guests are obviously taken by his shy behavior and commoner appearance."

"Not good enough!" a familiar and somewhat annoying voice shouted. Renge emerged from beneath the marble floor using her motorized platform. Kagome's surprised shout could scarcely be heard in the background over all the noise.

"Renge-san, how nice to see you," Kyoya greeted her halfheartedly.

"Renge-kun, to what do we owe this visit?" Tamaki asked. Renge huffed in response.

"Your lackluster characterization skills!" she answered hotly, "As the manager of the host club, I can't stand by and allow this kind of character casting. Being a shy commoner is not good enough!" The girl instantly pointed to Kagome.

"You mean me?" he asked and pointed to himself as well.

"Of course you! Haruhi-kun already falls into the shy and natural host category and carelessly adding another member to that classification is far too sloppy for me to ignore," Renge explained.

"My classification?" Kagome questioned. He stood from his seat and approached the girl for an explanation.

"The wide variety of characters in the host club ensures that all of our guests have the opportunity to experience the type they prefer and, at the same time, explore other types," Renge enlightened the newest host, "Your brother, Mori-senpai, is the wild type. Honey-senpai is the loli-shota type. Hikaru-san and Kaoru-san are the little devil type. Kyoya-sama is the cool type. Haruhi-kun is the natural type." Kagome noticed Renge blush slightly as she said this. "And lastly, Tamaki-san is the princely type and king of this host club."

"Well then, what type would you suggest for Kagome?" Tamaki asked, "The shy type goes with the way he acts."

Renge rolled her eyes at the host king and approached Kagome with the intent of making her own assessment of him. She began circling Kagome observing him closely with each step. His baggy hoodie and bound waist length hair were both blatant violations of school regulations. A boy who broke the rules like this was nonexistent amongst the prim and proper heirs enrolled in Ouran. His posture tensed as he crossed his arms over his chest and stared at Renge with a slightly hardened and defiant blue gaze.

"Can I help you?" he asked dryly. Renge squealed and happily clasped her hands together.

"From now on, you, Kagome-kun, will be the rebel type!" she announced proudly.

"Rebel?" Kagome repeated with his lip twitching slightly.

Renge nodded eagerly and began to explain. "The rebel character is hard and tough on the outside due to a troubled past growing up as a lowly commoner with a life full of hardships. At the same time, he possesses a soft and sweet side that he rarely shows to others. He's a character that's emotionally closed off and seldom lets others in choosing to go through life's struggles alone!" Renge practically had little hearts dancing in her eyes by the end of her explanation.

"Girls absolutely adore the rebel character, but in a school like this it's hard to find someone who meets all the criteria for it. You're the perfect addition to the host club!"

"You really think he can be a rebel character?" Hikaru asked. He and Kaoru were drawn towards Kagome during Renge's explanations.

"He may have some of the background criteria for it, but his behavior doesn't cut it," Kaoru added.

"Plus he has such a girly appearance and a girly name," Hikaru continued, "A guy like him a rebel character?"

"No way," he and Kaoru said in unison.

"I think it's a good idea!" Tamaki said in his usually flamboyant manner and walked up to the newest host, "The rebel character, do you think you can do it, Kagome?"

Kagome frowned at yet another invasion of her personal space by the blonde boy and was beginning to grow tired of it. Normally she was more tolerate of such actions, but after being cross examined and evaluated like some sort of specimen or oddity put on display, she had quickly grown annoyed.

"Back off," Kagome grunted and firmly poked Tamaki in the chest as he said each word. Tamaki readily moved away eager to see what Kagome would do next.

"I've tolerated your behavior before, but keep pushing it and you'll piss me off," Kagome warned. All of the room's occupants gasped at the use of the vulgar language.

Haruhi sighed; she expected this type of reaction. She picked up on Kagome's growing ire when Renge began her cross examination. She could tell he didn't like being compared to the others just to find his place in the club not that she could blame him. The superficial behavior of the host club and the others that attended Ouran Academy sometimes irritated her too, but Haruhi was better at hiding her aggravation.

'He has a temper,' she noted, 'If they keep provoking him, he's bound to explode.'

"Very good, Kagome!" Tamaki praised and crushed the distraught boy to his chest in a tight embrace. Tamaki shrieked like a girl and backed away when Kagome stomped on his foot to make him release him.

"Well done!" Renge commended proudly, "Kagome-kun doesn't need any of my coaching! He's already a good-looking boy and has the basic rebel dialogue, the violent behavior, and the perfect back story for his character. All he needs are a few accessories to complete his rebel look!"

"Accessories? You mean things not included in our usual cosplays?" Kyoya asked; his only concern was the cost of this new member even if he did bring in a few new guests.

"Nothing too major; just the basic trimmings of a rebel character," Renge answered, "Some necklaces and chains, maybe an earring or two. And when he isn't wearing his jacket, his shirt should be un-tucked, he shouldn't wear his tie and his collar should be loose." Renge beamed as she pictured all of Kagome's possible looks combined with his rebellious behavior. His annoyed scowls, his crass behavior, his quiet and concealed consideration of others, his reddened cheeks when he was caught actually being nice. A jerk with a heart of gold was exactly the character the host club needed!

"Hmm…" Kagome said and his lip twitched upwards in a slight smirk.

"If you guys really want a rebel character that badly, then you got one," he announced. He stuck his hands in his pockets and walked towards the large window he was looking out of before all of this had begun. Kagome sat on the window sill in front of the crystal clear barrier looking every bit the rebel character, a silent and indifferent one.

"Try your best not to bother me," he said, briefly shifting his pupils towards the others before returning them to the window.

Due to his quiet and unapproachable countenance, no one got close to Kagome. Most of the guests watched as he sat and were fascinated with the air of aloofness about him.

"Perfect," Renge whispered before retreating downwards from where she came.


"Kagome-kun is watching the blossoms in the courtyard," one of the girls who were previously sitting with the silent boy observed, "I wish I could look at them with him."

"Yes, that would be so dreamy!"

"Why look at a simple flower when it will only be paled in comparison by your beauty, my lady?" Kyoya asked the girl gently. She blushed prettily and tried to avert her eyes from his cool steel stare.

"But he looks so beautiful sitting by the window by himself," one girl said. Out of curiosity, Kyoya looked towards the window where Kagome was sitting. The sunlight poured into room hitting him in exactly in the right position with his long braid hanging limply at his side. His eyes were lidded slightly as his newly trimmed bangs swept across his forehead. The entire effect was an intoxicating sight. Kyoya had to admit that Kagome indeed possessed a certain flair and loveliness. A loveliness that would make a sizeable profit for the host club.

"Yes, he looks so beautiful with the light hitting him there!" another girl said and the others around her enthusiastically agreed.


"Doesn't he look simply divine sitting over there?" a girl gushed sitting by Hikaru and Kaoru as she stared at Kagome.

"Yes," another remarked, "I only wish Kagome-kun would let his hair down. He would be so much more beautiful then."

Hikaru, irritated that the new comer was getting all of the attention, turned to see how beautiful Kagome really looked. Just as he did, the boy yawned, covering his mouth with his petite hand and slender fingers. He shifted and rested his hand on his face and allowed his eyes to close.

"Yes," Hikaru had to agree with the statement, "He would look better with his hair down."

"Hikaru," Kaoru said and turned away for his twin, "Do you really think that Kagome's is more appealing than me?"

"Never, Kaoru," Hikaru said softly and went over to his twin brother and pulled him tightly to him.

The girls around them squealed and blushed at the sight of their forbidden brotherly love.


"What troubles you, princess?" Tamaki asked one of the girls surrounding him who was lost in thought and not paying very much attention to him.

"Ah, Tamaki-kun. I was looking at Kagome-kun sitting by the window," she said and continued to stare, "I would love to talk to him, but he looks so peaceful there and he said he didn't want to be bothered. I do not want to disturb him."

"Hai," another said, "he looks like a beautiful fallen angel."

Tamaki turned and gulped softly when his eyes locked onto the freshman. His eyes were closed as a small relaxed smile graced his face. Kagome's long lashes swept across his pale cheeks. Tamaki was fairly sure he himself was blushing at the sight; the newest addition to the host club family was so cute! Never mind the fact that his foot had begun to swell.

"Tamaki-kun?" one of the girls asked when he grew silent.

"Yes," Tamaki said, breaking out of his thoughts, "Kagome is exactly like a fallen angel." He gently cupped the girl's cheek, "But you are even greater than the goddesses in the heavens themselves, princess." The girl squealed and blushed while the others around them clamored for Tamaki's attention.


'It's nice in here,' Kagome thought tiredly, 'Except for the occasional outbursts, it's pretty peaceful.' He had been under a lot of stress when he arrived at Ouran and he was finally able to relax. His breathing evened out within seconds and he eventually succumbed to slumber.

"Kagome-kun?" a bold girl asked walking up to the silent boy when she had noticed he stilled.

"He's sleeping," she whispered to herself and gently brushed a strand of hair from the napping boy's face.

"Everyone come look!" she called out, "Kagome-kun has fallen asleep."

"Let me see!" a swarm of girls chorused and walked over to the window. A crowd formed around Kagome as he slumbered tranquilly. Mori walked up to them causing the crowd to part. He picked up Kagome and set him on one of the unoccupied couches. He moaned a little but calmed as Mori gently set him down.

"Go-chan is so sleepy," Honey observed quietly and immediately his eyes lit up. He placed his Usa-chan by Kagome's side and his cousin quickly snuggled into the soft plush bunny.

"Cute!" the girls around Kagome shouted until they were shushed by Honey. They returned to their hosts of choice being mindful to keep the volume down so the newest host could rest properly.


"How long do you think Kagome-san will be asleep?" Haruhi asked once all of the guests were gone and she had cleaned up most of the room.

"Someone should wake him up," Kyoya suggested as he went over the profits and figures for today.

"You seem cheerful," Haruhi commented, "I thought you didn't want to start the host club late today."

"Did Kagome's appearance increase—?"

"—guest attendance that much?" the twins asked.

"You can't deny the allure of another member to the host club," Kyoya said, "There's also the fact he's related to Mori-senpai and Honey-senpai that increases him popularity. Of course, club attendance increasing by 1.2% after he fell asleep is purely incidental."

'Of course it is,' Haruhi thought skeptically, 'Kyoya-senpai probably had this in mind from the very beginning.'

"I'll wake him!" Honey shouted and ran over to the sleeping boy, holding the piece of cake he was eating still in his hands.

"Careful, Honey-senpai," Haruhi said but the boy tripped and dropped his cake onto Kagome's head.

Kagome sat up quickly and blinked several times to clear her vision. Her eyes were greeted with the sight of white frosting and a crying Honey standing in front of her. Icing and pieces of cake were completely coating her hair and upper body. Honey's bunny, which she had apparently been holding, managed to remain unspoiled by the cake.

"I'm so sorry, Go-chan!" Honey apologized while sniffling heavily, "I was only trying to wake you up."

"It's okay," Kagome said with a soft smile, "It's only cake, and besides, none of it got on Usa-chan."

Without getting any cake on the bunny doll, Kagome held Usa-chan out to Honey. He sniffled and took the bunny in his hands, squeezing it tightly. Kagome smiled at him; he was so cute! She gently touched Honey's nose, leaving a small dot of white icing. He stopped sniffling and grinned widely.

Kagome looked down at the damage to her clothes; it wasn't too bad. She wasn't looking forward to going home like this, but she'd manage. She just hoped the icing didn't drip on the couch or floor. She could only imagine how much the cleaning bill would be.

"There's a bathroom in the back if you want to clean up," Haruhi suggested as he watched Kagome survey herself. Kagome nodded and stood up from the couch following him.

"There is a shower in there," Haruhi said once they stopped in front of the bathroom door, "Only your hoodie is dirty, so the rest of your uniform should be fine."

Kagome sighed in relief at the thought of getting clean. She opened the door and her eyes widened. This was probably one of the most lavish and pristine bathrooms she'd ever seen especially at a school.

"What's a bathroom with a built in shower doing in here anyway?" Kagome asked curiously, "Isn't this supposed to be a music room?"

Haruhi shrugged his shoulders. "I'm just as clueless as you are. There are many things at Ouran Academy that I don't understand." After showing Kagome everything she needed to clean up, Haruhi turned towards the door.

"I'll leave you to your privacy," he stated before leaving Kagome alone and shutting the door behind him.

Once Haruhi was gone, Kagome took off her hoodie, folded it so that most of the cake and frosting wasn't on the outer layer, and placed it on the counter. She then untied her hair and began scraping the cake and frosting from her tresses and gathering the discarded bits in the waste basket. She turned on the shower and started to disrobe. She folded her clothes carefully and placing them beside her hoodie.

Once she was completely undressed, Kagome pushed the shower curtain aside and stepped in, turning on the faucet. The warm water cascaded down her shoulders as she began rinsing the remnants of icing from her hair. Reaching for a shampoo bottle on the side of the tub, Kagome opened it and grinned; it smelled like peppermint. She squeezed some shampoo in her hand and lathered it into her hair.

Kagome sighed happily as she scrubbed her scalp. Lost in the soothing caress of the warm water against her skin, she began gently humming along with the rhythm of the water hitting the tub.


"How is Go-chan, Haru-chan?" Honey asked when the brunette returned, "He was alright when you left him, wasn't he?"

"He'll be fine," Haruhi answered, "Everything he needs should be in the bathroom."

"Ah, my new apprentice!" Tamaki cried, "He hardly needs any training. He's a complete natural!"

"I wouldn't say that," Hikaru commented curtly, "He's pretty awkward with the ladies."

"Not everyone is used to being around those kinds of girls all the time," Haruhi stated in Kagome's defense, "I was a bit overwhelmed when I started hosting too."

"Overwhelmed?" Tamaki repeated and feared the worst, "Don't worry, my little lost cricket! I'm coming to ease your concerns!" He rushed to the back where Kagome was eager to comfort him.

"Ah, Tamaki-senpai!" Haruhi shouted but Kyoya laid a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"Let him go," Kyoya said, "I'm sure Kagome can take care of himself."

"Besides, Haruhi," Hikaru said, "You're not jealous, are you? Tamaki-dono is giving Kagome more attention than you."

"It has nothing to do with that," Haruhi replied, "He shouldn't intrude on Kagome-san's privacy."

"Oh I see," Kaoru said thoughtfully, "It's not Kagome you're jealous of."

"It seems like Haruhi has developed a crush on Mori-senpai's little brother," Hikaru added playfully.

"It's nothing like that!" Haruhi protested, but the twins ignored her and were concocting theories about their future relationship.

Heedless to the actions of the unscrupulous twins, Tamaki continued toward the host club's private bathroom. When he reached it, he tested the handle and found the door was unlocked. He immediately filled with glee.

'Kagome trusts us already!' he thought happily.

"Kagome?" Tamaki asked before entering the bathroom. Curiously, he pressed his ear to the door. He could hear a gentle humming noise over the dull rumbling of the running water. It could be no one but Kagome.

'His voice sounds so pretty,' Tamaki mused then came to a sudden realization, 'Of course! The commoner practice of singing in the shower! No wonder his voice sounds so melodious and sweet. My adorable chirping cricket!'

Without any preamble, Tamaki burst into the bathroom expressing his praises of Kagome's sweet voice. Because they were both boys, there wasn't anything for Kagome to be ashamed of. Then it happened.

Tamaki caught sight of Kagome's fully nude form as the raven reached for a dry towel outside of the tub looking completely petrified as their gazes locked. Tamaki's voice caught in his throat and his face flushed bright red from the roots of his hair to the column of his neck. Boys certainly didn't have any of those parts!

"Ka-ka-ka-ka…" Tamaki stuttered in shock, unable to tear his eyes away from Kagome's body. Kagome came to her senses and grabbed the towel before she covered her body as quickly as she could.

"Pervert!" she shrieked.

"No, no!" Tamaki protested and turned around so that his back was facing her, "Forgive me, Kagome! I only came to check on you and then I heard you humming outside and I thought your voice sounded so sweet. I was coming in to tell you how much I liked it, but when I opened the door you were stepping out of the shower. I didn't know you were a girl! I honestly didn't! I would have never come in if I knew!" Tamaki's words were rushed and muddled together incoherently as he rapidly spit out apologies and excuses.

Kagome stepped back into the shower and hid behind the thin curtain even though Tamaki had turned away from her. She blushed and wrapped the towel around her tighter as he continued to speak.

"Not that you aren't pretty!" Tamaki continued, "You're stunning! Even when I thought you were a boy, you were so cute!" Kagome couldn't help but snicker. The host king had no idea what to do in this situation and his attempts to console her were adorable.

"I apologize," Kagome said once she gained a steady voice, "I know you didn't mean to barge in and you were just coming to check on me."

She hesitantly pushed back the shower curtain so she could look at the blonde, clutching the towel around her so tight her knuckles went white. "I don't really care if you thought I was a boy. After all, I did dress like one!"

"Are you sure?" Tamaki asked timidly without turning around. Was there truly another female that existed with no perception or concern for her femininity? Was such a thing common amongst the lower class?

"Of course," Kagome responded, "I don't mind being a host and catering to a bunch of girls for a few hours a week. And I think I could really nail the rebel character!" She had great inspiration for it. Whether he was being quiet and brooding or loud and crude, InuYasha was definitely the rebel character of their group. She couldn't ask for a better role model!

Before Tamaki could reply, there was a slight knock at the door.

"Senpai? Kagome-san?" Haruhi asked from outside the door, "Are you two alright?" After a few moments of waiting, she opened the door and reacted very calmly to the sight other than the slight widening of her eyes.

"Ah, Haruhi!" Tamaki shouted, "It's not what it looks like! I am not a pervert!"

"I'm sure you're not, senpai," Haruhi replied doubtfully, "I told you to mind Kagome-san's privacy." Placing a firm hand on Tamaki's chest, she effortlessly shoved him out of the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

"Sorry about that," Haruhi amended, "Tamaki-senpai can be a bit clueless sometimes. He realized I was a girl when he walked in on me changing too."

"So that's what it was!" Kagome said, "I knew there was something off about you." Haruhi nodded and smiled.

"I'm not really conscious of things like gender, but it will be nice to have someone around who's in the same boat as me."

"You can count on me!"


Tamaki walked back to the others with his cheeks still tinted pink while he tried to process what he'd just seen. The rebel character for the host club…the much talked about third Morinozuka sibling…his precious little cricket…was a girl.

"Are you alright, Tama-chan?" Honey asked the shell shocked blonde.

"Oh, I'm fine, but it turns out Kagome is a girl," Tamaki replied as evenly as he could while laughing nervously.

"Another girl in the host club?" Kaoru asked then turned to the two seniors, "Hey, did either of you know Kagome was a girl?" Mori didn't say anything, but his face fell in shame. Clearly he did not.

"I had no clue Go-chan was a girl," Honey remarked but it didn't seem to distress him at all, "That makes her even cuter than before!" Tamaki couldn't help but agree. Maybe he was too hasty writing off Kagome's gender.

'Now I have another adorable daughter!' he thought happily and was squirming with excitement.

-the following thought is brought to you by Tamaki's Inner Mind Theater-

Kagome was standing in the third music room clad in the buttercup yellow dress with stark white stockings that composed Ouran Academy's girls' uniform. Her raven hair flowed freely down her back like upturned ink and a light splash of pink colored her cheeks. She was looking out of a large window and shyly avoiding everyone's gazes.

"What troubles you, sweet princess?" Tamaki asked as he approached the blushing maiden. She turned to him and timidly looked down to her feet.

"Everything at Ouran is so magnificent and beautiful," she replied in a voice that was much lighter than her normal tone, "It's so overwhelming!"

Tamaki smiled before dashingly pulling out a white rose and threading the bloom behind Kagome's ear. "Fear not, my lovely cricket! I will do everything in my power to protect you!"

Bashfully, Kagome stepped up to Tamaki and pressed herself against him, clutching his uniform jacket in her dainty hands. "If you did that for me, Tou-san would make his daughter very happy."

Tamaki began chuckling happily as he looped his arms tightly around his newest daughter's waist and twirled her in circles.

"I'm head over heels in love-love with you, Tamaki-senpai!"

"Oh! You're so cute!"

-this has been a production of Tamaki's Inner Mind Theater-

"This is a rather interesting discovery," Kyoya commented and broke Tamaki from his thoughts, "Tell me, how did you find out Kagome's true gender?" Tamaki's blush returned causing Hikaru and Kaoru to smirk.

"You were the last one to find out about Haruhi," Kaoru mused aloud, "It's kind of odd you would discover this first."

"Perhaps, you had some visual evidence to help you reach your conclusion," Hikaru suggested with a devious grin.

Before Tamaki could retort, Kagome and Haruhi rejoined the host club with Kagome glaring at the hysterically laughing girl at her side. She held her hoodie bundled underneath her arm and left her damp raven hair unbound.

"I don't see what the big deal is!" Kagome scolded, "He saw me naked for about two seconds!"

"I'm sorry, Kagome-san," Haruhi said between peals of laughter, "but that is hilarious! It's just like Tamaki-senpai to be so oblivious."

Kagome playfully punched the other girl in the shoulder. During the females' antics, the group stared at Kagome openly like she was some sort of unexplained phenomenon. Without warning, the mischievous twins approached Kagome and each placed a hand on her shoulder.

"So you really are a girl," Kaoru stated, looking down at her with glinting golden brown eyes.

"The hoodie really helped you pull off the male façade," Hikaru added, "We would have been able to tell without it."

"And why is that?" Kagome asked dryly. The twins grinned before answering simultaneously.

"It hid your cup size. You're much bigger than Haruhi." Both boys pointed at the raised portion of Kagome's shirt. She huffed and closed her blazer tightly with her free hand. Before she could reprimand them herself, Mori stepped forward and bopped them both on the head.

"Ow!" they cried, holding onto their afflicted areas.

Kagome looked up at Mori and he placed one of his hands on top of her head and gently ruffled her mop of black hair, smiling slightly. Kagome grinned and relished the contact. A quiet guy like Mori usually communicated with his actions rather than words.

"How touching!" Tamaki cried, "The brother and sister bond is already forming between you!"

"Pipe down, ero-senpai," Kagome said, causing the boy's bright attitude to wither and die.

Clasping his hand tightly around Kagome's, Honey advanced toward the door and pulled her behind him with a surprising amount of strength.

"It's time to go home, Go-chan!" he announced cheerfully, "Let's meet up with Sato-chan and Chika-chan at the middle school. They're going to love you!"

Kagome barely had time to wave to the others before she was whisked away with Mori following closely behind her.


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