An apology can mean so much

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Sahira angrily marched up to the desk and begun to do her paperwork, but she was so furious that it hardly made sense. Why? Why did Henrik do this? She thought angrily. Every time she thought he was doing something nice, he always had to manipulate and twist it to his own advantage. It had begun when Henrik had invited her to a conference in Stockholm which she had been looking forward to, indeed she could hardly believe it when he invited her,

'Oh my god! Are you serious?' She asked happily.

Henrik smiled, 'Certainly I am serious! Give you a chance to sample some real chocolate as well!' he added playfully.

'I shouldn't I'll get fat!'

'Calculating your metabolism I should think that is impossible!'

Sahira laughed, 'Why can't you just say 'don't be silly!''

Henrik smiled, 'Sorry! That's pedantic English boarding school education for you!' He smiled, 'So…Is that a yes?'

Unable to contain herself, Sahira hugged him, 'Yes! Thank you! I should be able to make it.'

He laughed softly, 'You are welcome, I'll give you the details later.'

Sahira checked her diary and her heart plummeted like a stone, her wedding anniversary! She'd completely forgotten! So, it was with a heavy heart she had had to decline the invitation. Then Hanssen had roped her into helping him with a mysterious patient, as they worked together it suddenly dawned on her that he was carefully manipulating her into going. Again! She felt so angry, Why? Why did he feel the need to do this cloak-and-dagger stuff? Just when she thought they were making progress with their professional relationship, he had to go and ruin it! She marched into his office,

'Why?' She snapped, 'Why do you ALWAYS have to do that?'

Henrik looked up innocently, 'I fear you must explain yourself Miss Shah…'

'Oh stop that!' She snapped, 'You know what I mean! Ruin a completely nice offer by your manipulating just because that person can't do what you want them to do. Why can't you just say, "Oh! That's a shame! I would've enjoyed the company but never mind, maybe some other time." Why can't you just be normal?' With that she angrily walked away. Leaving Henrik feeling bewildered and lost.

Sahira couldn't really concentrate. She felt so frustrated with him! She knew how hard it was for him to connect with his emotions, but she had every faith that he could do it. He just had to try. Suddenly her Mobile rang, it was her husband.

Henrik slowly approached the table and handed her a coffee, he paused, eating humble pie wasn't one of his strong points nevertheless… 'I am sorry Sahira. You are quite right, I have no right to manipulate your decisions and "play god" so to speak. I respect the fact you have another life and apologise.'

Sahira looked at him in amazement, it was the first time he had really connected with her on another level. She smiled, 'Well… that's alright.' She sighed, 'As it happens, my husband has to work that night, we've decided to do something at the weekend instead.'

Henrik smiled, 'So…So does that mean you will be able to come?'

She smiled back, 'Yes it does, since you presumed so nicely.' With that she walked away, turning back to look at him as she went.

Henrik watched her go and felt his heart grow considerably lighter, they would always have that special bond, he felt sure of it.

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