Title: Technical Difficulties

Author: cracon

Rating: PG13

Length: 250

Pairings / Characters: Rachel/Quinn

Spoilers: none

Summary: "Fast? I think any slower and we'll be moving backwards."

There was making-out going on and Rachel was sure that there was even going to be the possibility to tackle another base as she sneakily inched her left hand under Quinn's blouse and steadily upwards to her heaving chest.

Suddenly she was stopped by a hand tugging on her wrist, pulling her hand away, and her girlfriend's mouth turning away from hers.


"What is it?" Rachel wasn't above whining at this point. They've been skirting around second base for weeks but never really gotten to any, well, skin on skin contact of any kind before.

"It's just—" Quinn's cheeks turned a rosy pink. "You're moving a bit—fast. We've only been dating a few weeks—"

"Fast? I think any slower and we'll be moving backwards. Come on," Rachel begged. "Nothing scandalous. Under the shirt, over the bra?" She asked hopefully.

Quinn narrowed her eyes.

"Over the shirt, under the bra," she ground out. Possibly in an attempt to slow her girlfriend down and stop her from going at it altogether. She really should've know better.

Rachel stared down at her.


"Wait, what?"

"I said okay. Just because it's more difficult doesn't mean it's impossible," Rachel shrugged and cracked her knuckles before turning her attention back on kissing Quinn senseless and fondling her over her blouse, under her bra.

Quinn decided then and there that maybe losing her top next time would be a great idea if Rachel's hands were already that talented over her damn clothing.