A/n I do not own Teen Titans, or any characters thereof I make no profit this story is designed for entertainment purposes only.

This story takes place after things change in response to the global titan membership surplus Robin Decides to switch The main headquarters of the titans from the jump city tower, to the new New york tower, as it was larger, turning the old tower into a training academy for promising new titan prospects to work on their teamwork before they are Officially assigned a team the problem..he needs most of the old team with him until he gets things established..leaving Beast Boy in charge in recognition of his achievement with the Brotherhood of Evil thinking it would be a good chance for his old friend to grow into a real leader. Leaving it up to him to decide his new team who would also be in charge of training the new titan recruits as well as protecting the city only forcing one spot onto Beast Boy Jinx, partly because of his worry she would slip back into crime after a messy break up with Kid Flash and partly because of her experience leading the Hive she seemed a good fit.

I am leaving it up to Reviewers to decide his team (Raven,Cyborg and Star as well as Robin himself sadly are not options obviously though they may have guest appearances in later chapters I'm not making any promises this is designed to test my skills away from my usual comfort zone of BB/Rae romance. And for character development any love interests he has will be for that and for that alone in that fact. they wont become "serious" at the most they will be casual without commitments so I would appreciate no flames in regards to this but honest criticism is appreciated.)