So I was writing a bit last night and I ended up finishing this little thing. I wanted to try to write Sladin fanfiction a with that wasn't entirely OOC. I kinda hope I managed that.

You can interpret it any way you want.

They're running. Slade's in front and Robin's chasing him. There's no real rush, no hurry to catch him before he gets away because Slade makes sure to stay in Robin's sight. It wouldn't be fun if Slade got away or if Robin caught up to him too fast.

They jump from building to building, leaping, flipping, flying through the air. They play this demented game all over the city. It's wonderful. Robin never feels this rush with anyone other than Slade. Slade challenges him, both physically and mentally more than any other villain or hero Robin's ever met.

They land on a rooftop and a silent understanding passes through both of them. The action changes. It's like a dance. A strange routine choreographed to perfection. Slade turns as Robin's fist brushes against his side and Robin ducks down as Slade's foot passes inches above his head. Robin tries to kick Slade's legs out from under him, but Slade flips over his head. In a move that's too clumsy to have really worked, Robin tackles Slade to the ground.

They roll together, limb over limb painfully on the small roof until they finally settle on the edge. Somehow Robin ends up on top of Slade, straddling his hips. He raises his fist up to bring it down on Slade's masked face, but hesitates for the briefest of seconds. The thoughts race through his head so fast that he can barely process them all. How is he really going to bring Slade in? Does he even want to end this game? How many people has he hurt and will continue to hurt, but how often does Robin feel anywhere near this alive? (Somewhere even further down, he wonders if this is what Bruce feels like when he chases after Catwoman). That second is all Slade needs.

Somehow Slade needs only one visible eye to look smug as he kicks Robin off of him and off the roof entirely. Robin can barely breathe as he shoots out his grapple to keep from splatting on the pavement. Struggling to catch his breath, Robin hears Slade laughing at him, loud, deep, but somehow not cruel. He glares, then smirks and begins the chase again.