Pussycat Pussycat
Part 1/5


She did it again, stupid cat. Klarion ground his teeth, a habit Teekl always scolded him for, but she wasn't here right now. And besides, Klarion wasn't listening to her. He still angry with her. He'd warned her, didn't he? He'd told her, he'd complained at her, he'd shouted at her, he'd even threatened her with a special trip to the vet after the last time… He absolutely, positively, expressly forbade Teekl from coupling with Earth cats, but did she listen? Noooooo, because every few years, off she went with any tom that crossed her path, not caring one bit about the results.

And then nine weeks later, she'd turn up again, looking so pleased with her new litter…

The cardboard box in the boy's arms was pleasantly warm as six tiny bodies radiated heat, dreaming kitten dreams, as Klarion lugged them around.

And they were always such disgustingly cute creatures that he'd (almost) forgot how angry he was- his face softened for moment as he looked at Teekl's offspring, before Klarion gave his head a firm shake and scowled deeply at the blanket-lined box.

Cute or not, it was time for them to go.

At least this time he had somewhere safe to foist them off. Namely, Mount Justice. Sidekicks liked animals didn't they? Oh well. They'd better. Klarion was checking up on the kittens in a week, regardless, and had the best punishments picked out if things weren't up to his standards. The Witch-Boy cheered a little at this thought. Maybe this coupling business wasn't so bad after all.