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Batman was sitting at a workbench working on his latest creation when the computer started beeping at him. He was working on a new a batarang prototype that supposedly when fired would become a net. A net even strong enough to take down Doomsday if needs be.

Knowing that it was from the Watchtower, he pulled his cowl up as he activated the com.

"Batman here."

Sure enough, J'onn's voice filtered throughout the batcave in response.

"Batman, there is an anomaly approaching Gotham Bay. It is headed for the same coordinates that Supergirl landed at."

"You mean crashed?"

"There is no time, Batman. I have already sent Superman on his way there. Meet him there and be on your guard. I sense something….strange…about this anomaly. Martian Manhunter out."

Batman shook his head and turned to leave as the elevator dinged signaling an arrival. The doors opened to reveal Alfred carrying a tray of sandwiches and coffee.

Alfred took one look at Batman and then down at the sandwiches, and turned back toward the elevator. "I'll put these back in the refrigerator for your return, Master Bruce. Please return safely."

"Thank you Alfred."

Batman made his way towards the dry dock. Time to try out my new Aquawing.

He pressed a few buttons on the control console nearby and a large shadowy object emerged from the the cockpit opened, he jumped in and secured the safety harness. He flipped the main switch and the engine roared to life and then dulled to a silent idle. The cockpit shield closed and sealed to become waterproof.

Now lets see who or what this 'anomaly' is.

~ / ~ / ~ / ~ / ~

The computer within the Aquawing spoke, 'Approaching coordinates now.'

Batman slowed the mini-sub down to a halt. He flipped a few switches and waited as the vehicle surfaced. The cockpit unsealed and opened to reveal Superman floating in the air above him.



"Have you found out anything about 'anomaly' that J'onn sensed?"

Batman shook his head, "Not yet, it should be entering the atmosphere shortly. J'onn senses something strange about the anomaly. He also told me that it's on the same trajectory as when Supergirl crash-landed."

Superman's eyes widened in shock. "Do you think it…c…could be another Kryptonian?"

"I don't know Clark. It would be a rather long shot, seeing as your planet was destroyed rather suddenly. It could be possible seeing as Kara and Karen made it here too."

A loud roaring rush of air caught their attention.

Batman nodded at Superman, "Right on time. Now if you would, Clark. I would rather NOT have to rebuild Gotham Bay again."

The man of steel nodded back at him, "I'll see what I can do."

He flew up towards the falling meteorite.

First I need to cool it down. It will be super-heated due to entering Earth's atmosphere at such a extreme speed.

He took a deep breath and when he reached the meteorite, he let it out in a long exhale of ice breath. When it hit the meteorite, steam rolled off it in waves, the surface hissing and cracking as it cooled fast.

It hurtled faster and faster towards the Earth as Superman flew in front of it and grabbed it, pushing back at it, hardly struggling to slowly bring to a halt.

His com beeped, Batman's voice filling his head, "You should take it to the Fortress of Solitude. I'll meet you there. Batman out."

Superman lifted the giant meteorite and set off for the Fortress of Solitude. I have a strange feeling about this. Oh, I hope you're wrong about this J'onn.

/ ~ / ~ / ~ /

Superman looked incredously at the Dark Knight. "You want me to do what?"

"It would be much faster for you to destroy the rock with your strength than for us to use cutting tools."

"Bruce, are you sure about this?"

"If it IS a Kryptonian vessel, you won't even dent it. Now start removing that outer layer of rock. "

Clark nodded and rolled his shoulders. "Alright. You might want to step back. You might get pelted with rock."

"Already done, now start excavating."

Superman raised a fist. Okay, let's see what's inside.

He let his fists fall onto the surface of the meteorite and within a hour had reduced the rock to dust at their feet, leaving a gleaming bronze-like vessel standing before them. Clark noticed Kryptonian language etched into the front of the ship. He stepped up to start deciphering it.

Batman was the first to speak, "Well, congratulations, it seems as if another Kryptonian has arrived. I'm starting to think your family were the only smart ones on the planet building these things."

Clark shook his head, "No Bruce, this person isn't related to me. I mean the design of the ship is very similiar, but the markings on it are completely different. Come and look at this large marking underneath the inscription here."

"Well what does the inscription say?" Batman questioned him.

Superman looked at the inscription again,

"It states 'Within this vessel sleeps Sa'Arel of the House of Ka-Arel.'"

"So this person is not related to you at all? After Kara and Karen, I was beginning to think the only survivors were your family members."

He stepped up beside Clark and saw a large mark in the middle of all the writing. His eyes narrowed. "This could be what J'onn was talking about when he said strange. This large marking looks similar to a family crest."

"Well, it's much more than a family crest, Bruce." Superman turned towards him.

Batman cocked his head and crossed his arms, glaring at him. "Well, what is it?"

"It's the Royal Seal of Krypton."

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