BPOV February 2nd, 2006.

I remember the day I had met Edward Cullen.

I was with my best friend, Alice. She was talking on and on about her new boyfriend, his twin sister, and his younger brother. They had seemed like a nice family.

(Flashback, January 31st, 2004.)

"Bella, Bella, come on Just one more store!" Alice, my best friend of Seattle, Washington, and I were in the Seattle Mall. Once you got Alice started, you never can get her to stop. It was my mistake for saying yes to her "quick" shopping trip- her idea of a quick shopping journey was, maybe, give or take 5 hours.

"Really, Alice. I'm done with the shopping, okay? Its not like it won't be here tomorrow." I sighed, kicking my boots together as I tiredly trudged forward to what seemed like the millionth store. Alice scowled at me, before beginning a rant. "You know we have to go to Victoria's Secret before leaving- Jasper asked me to, anyway. Well, maybe not asked, but he mentioned how he liked the brand, you know! And you should try it too! You'd totally love the-" I cut Alice short beofre she could say anymore.

"Yeesh, take a chill pill Ali. We can go, its fine. But any more stores and I'll slap you, got it? You've tortured me enough today." I replied. Alice smiled brighter than the sun and grabbed my hand. "Well then, we better get going!" But just before she could get a run starting, she stopped dead in her tracks. She reached into her pockey and took out her phone.

"Hello?" Alice chirped. She looked like if she got any more happier, she'd burst.

"Who is it?" I whispered, anxious to know what was going on from the other line. 'Jasper' Alice mouthed. Oh. Great. Maybe I could escape while she was preoccupied.

"Okay. Okay. Yeah, I get it. Really? Alright, I'll be right there! Bye!" Alice closed her phone and looked me straight in the eye. "Come with me, we are going to go meet Jasper at the front of the mall." She said, excitement leaking from her voice.

We hurried to the front of the store, and then I saw her stop, and run up to a tall, lean man with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. "Jasper, meet Bella. Bella, meet Jasper." she announced. "Its a pleasure to finally meet you." Jasper added, shaking my hand. "You too." I replied. Thats when I noticed that Jasper wasn't alone. A handsome looking man came up next to Jasper and smiled. "Are you ready to go yet, Jaz? Rosalie is on the phone; she wants to know when she can leave." He remarked. I took in a closer look at him. He had tousled bronze hair that looked unkept yet neat at the same time, and jaw-dropping emerald colored eyes. They had specks of hazel, dark green, and gold towards the iris, but the more you looked toward the outer eye, the greener they became.

"Who's this?" He asked, gesturing to me. Alice stepped forward and took his hand to bring him over. "This is Bella Swan."

"I'm Edward Cullen. Its a pleasure to meet you, Bella." He said, flashing a crooked smile towards me. I almost fainted. "Uh.. yeah, you too. Alice, um, told me about you and your family, so, um, yeah..." I stammered. 'Get a brain, Bella! Look like a normal human being! He probably has a girlfriend!' I told myself.

Just then, I got a text. The Caller ID read 'Alice'.

I know you like him! Its obvious in your eyes. He thinks you're pretty from the pictures I've shown him. He's just masking that he knows you. I texted him- he's going to share the back seat with you, okay?

Leave it to Alice to mess with my love life. I looked Alice's way and gave a slow nod. She squealed and giggled, running over to Jasper, who looked slightly uncomfortable. I stifled back a laugh. That was too funny.

"Okay, so Jasper and I are going to be ridding in the front seat... you two don't mind sitting together, right?" She inquired.

"No, its fine." Edward said, answering for me. "Right?" He said, looking at me. I had already melted in his eyes and had no chance of being able to speak, so I just nodded and attempted a weak smile.

We walked through the parking lot and I swear, I couldn't stop looking at Edward. His emerald eyes, his bronze hair, his defined muscles, his perfectness. And he thought I was pretty? That was probably just an Alice manipulation.

"Bella! Bella, we've reached the car, you can turn around and come back to us now." Alice observed, with an obvious smirk on her face. I had been so far into a dreamy state that I missed her bright yellow porsche. Out of all things, why did I have to miss the car?

"Uhm, I just... didn't see it." I stammered quickly, avoiding Edward and Jasper's eyes. Though I was a bad liar, maybe they'd just think I was embarrassed. One never knew. Jasper rolled his eyes, and Edward pursed his lips to hold back a laugh. Dammit, they figured it out!

I ran back as fast as I could and tried my best to rush into her porsche without tripping, falling, tumbling, or doing a combination of all three. I ducked into the seat and closed the door. I sat there for a good 5 seconds in silence, until I heard a knock coming from the window. It was then that I remembered how Edward was supposed to sit next to me during the 30 minute car ride home. Ah, how wonderful. Heaven right smack in the middle of Hell- I could even form a sentence with him around. But as I opened the door, his warm smile oddly comforted me.

As it turned out, Edward was much nicer then I thought. I found out that he was 26, he was a new surgeon at the Seattle Hospital, his siblings were Rosalie and Jasper, who were each 29, his favorite color was blue, and he played basketball. I had told him about Charlie and Renee's divorce, that my favorite color was green, I was looking for a job, and I was physically challenged. I left out that I could blush more times than any person on earth, because I thought that that was fairly obvious.

As we turned into the Cullen's driveway, Edward and I shared a "farewell" glance, and I highly doubted that I'd ever see him again.

"It was nice talking to you, Bella." Edward said as he stepped out of the car. He walked down his driveway and into his house. I felt my entire body droop with sadness. I was in love with Edward after just meeting him, and he thought I was "pretty" but he probably could have cared less. It was then, as the porsche started up, that I saw a small piece of paper flying around the backseat. I grabbed it, unaware of what was on it. My hands immediately started shaking as I read the perfect, typed-looking script on the scrap of torn graph paper.

I had fun talking to you.
Call me sometime.



Maybe, possibly, in this twisted universe...

Edward was already in love with me too.

Aww, fluffy one-shot. Don't worry, no more flashbacks after this. Its just a prologue.

-Kasey 3