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I hung up the phone before she could answer. How dare she shock me like that? I tried hard to not give a damn about what anyone was crying about. It was probably Esme sobbing or something. That's right, Bella. I told myself. Keep this up, and you'll be over him in no time. What was I kidding myself? The man himself was a robot. He only carried two emotions in his pocket; excited and emotionless. I could do without.

Alice called back immediately. I grabbed my iPhone off of the counter and immediately pressed the red "decline". She went straight to voicemail. She then tried my house, to which I picked up the phone and then put it back into it's charger. She wouldn't get through to me, even if she wanted to. This endless drabble would end within minutes. Perhaps we'd never even see eachother again! That would be great- a clean, fresh start.

If that wasn't enough, now I was getting text messages. Emails. Skype Requests. I was good, but Alice was better. It was easy to hit no the first few times, but sooner or later, she knew I'd cave into her devices. She sent me a last resort, a FaceTime.

I decided to finally press "accept". Alice's angular face showed up through the pixilated screen. "Bella," She said anxiously. "Listen to me." The wailing continued in the background.

"The person who's crying in the background…" She whispered the last part, her voice cracking at the end. The world started to spin, as I faced the inevitable, the epiphany.

I couldn't hear the truth, even as loud as it rang through my head, pounding in my ears. His name. His resolution. His breaking, and yet my breakthrough. His love meant everything to me- everything- and here I was debating on whether or not I would listen to his sister's fruitless pleas.

The one side of me bickered in an effortless attempt to listen. She knew that in reality, it would only benefit the relationship I had- or once had. The other side knew better. It wanted, and forced my hand towards the red "hang up" button. No, I couldn't. But what other, better thing to do then this? I couldn't think of a better solution. Leave him to his own devices, let him get another girl, and let me move on. I held the key to my own future, and yet somehow I didn't feel like I deserved it, or that I even wanted it.

"It's… Edward."

But, at that moment, my ears opened, my hands froze, my knees buckled. No sound came out of my throat but a strangled cry. A single, stranded, salty tear erupted from beneath the surface of my tear ducts; my lips mashed themselves together, and my tongue ran itself over my lips. My eyes closed, and I took in a deep breath.

"Tell me what you want me to say." I finally managed, the seconds feeling like hours. My entire body began to sweat. I knew this feeling; it was the incoming of a minor panic attack.

"That you'll come." She said softly.

That was all it took for me to raise of the floor in the heat, in the moment. I could feel the blood coursing through my veins; feel the rush in my hand, the numbness in my feet. I was on fire, and I couldn't stop. I ran faster then I had ever in my entire life, running for him, running for me, but mostly running for us.