Take One…

Abby smiled as she hung the mistletoe in her lab. Everyone knew that she hung the holiday kissing plant, but it was never in the same place, and on some days she took it down for a few hours and then put it up later somewhere else. She liked surprising the agents who came into her domain who thought they were smart to memorize where the plant was hanging and try to avoid it.

But this year, she didn't really care about the agents who passed through. She was set on getting two certain people underneath the mistletoe and getting them to kiss.

She giggled. Abby watched as the two stood innocently under the mistletoe, they had no idea as they continued to talk about what they had just discovered for the case. They were standing close as they stood in front of the big screen in her lab, bouncing theories back and forth at each other.

Before they had a chance to separate and move away from the mistletoe, she spoke up. "McGee."

He turned to look at her questionably as the other continued to stare at the screen in silence, waiting for Abby to finish saying what she needed to say. But she didn't have to say anything. Instead, Abby grinned, pointed up above his head, and watched McGee look up before looking at her surprised and with a blush. His mouth opened and closed, trying to think of what to say, but Abby would have none of that. She motioned him to do it and she could see him contemplating if he should do it or face her disappointment.

McGee finally decided and as quick as lightning, leaned close and kissed Gibbs' cheek before pulling back. Gibbs' head whipped around to stare at him like he'd grown a second head. McGee blushed bright red and Gibbs just raised an eyebrow in question for his behavior. And while Abby huffed and grumbled that that wasn't the right way, McGee pointed up.


Gibbs looked up and smirked before he turned his attention back to the screen and continued from where they left. McGee took a deep breath before letting it out and doing the same.

Oh…she was going to get them. Mark her words.

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