Take Five…

She had two days! Two days until Christmas and they still hadn't kissed!

Abby didn't care anymore. She had to do something to get them to kiss. They weren't going to be into work the next day, and Christmas was after that so of course they wouldn't be in. And the mistletoe didn't work after Christmas day. So she had one more shot to get it to happen.

She got off the elevator that was behind the stairs and under MTAC and walked around, peeking around the corner to see if the team was in. They should be as they didn't have anything to do. And sure enough, Ziva was at her desk, doing something on her computer, Tony was balancing a pencil on his nose, and…McGee was at his desk on the computer with Gibbs standing beside him, looking at something.


Tiptoeing around and behind the divider that was behind McGee's desk, she peeked again to see both men's backs to her. Ziva glanced over and did a double take when her eyes landed on her. Abby quickly put a finger to her lips to make sure she stayed silent, and while Ziva gave her a confused look, she brought out the kid's fishing pole she bought the previous night that had mistletoe baited on to it.

Ziva quickly covered her mouth to not laugh, but Abby didn't care. She focused on lowering the line to stop above them. Now, she just had to wait. It was the key to fishing; patience.

Thing was…she wasn't a patient person. She was ready to hit McGee on top of the head with the mistletoe when her name was yelled.

"Miss Sciuto!"

She jumped and in the process hit Gibbs with the mistletoe instead when he straightened and she turned. Director Vance was on the stairs, and after giving her a look which had her blushing, he finished walking down the stairs. Gibbs grabbed the mistletoe before it could swing into his head again and tore it off. He gave her a look and jerked his head for her to come around.

By now they had a pretty big audience watching as she walked around blushing and clutching the fishing pole. She finally stopped in the middle of Gibbs' bullpen with Director Vance staring, Tony trying not to laugh as was Ziva, and both Gibbs and McGee were standing, watching.

"Miss Sciuto, I thought I made myself clear yesterday morning about this."

"Well, technically, you said not to let this happen, and that could have meant the whole…mistletoe…on the ceiling…thing."

Director Vance stared at her before looking to Gibbs with an eyebrow raised. As if to say, "Is she serious?" And Gibbs gave a shrug as if to say, "Well, yeah, it's Abby." The director turned his attention back to her, but before he asked or said anything, Tony opened his mouth.

"Why are you set for Boss and Probie to kiss anyway?"

"Because!" She didn't care if they had a bit of an audience or that Director Vance was there. She's had enough! They had to kiss.

"Because why Abby?" Ziva asked.

Ugh! How could they not see? She's been seeing it for a year. "Because they want to!"

All eyes turned to Gibbs and McGee, and while Gibbs just looked around with a raised eyebrow at the sudden attention, McGee blushed bright red. That alone right there was everyone's answer.

Finally at the end of her patience, she put her hands on her hips. "Do it."

"W-What!" McGee stuttered.

"Go on," she waved at them, "kiss." She saw McGee's cheeks redden even more but started to lean towards Gibbs' cheek, and she cut him off. "And none of what you've been doing since this started. A real one."

Gibbs sighed while McGee whined, "Abby."

She folded her arms and Tony chuckled from his desk. "Might as well Boss, you know she won't let up."

McGee stared around wide eyed and before he could react, Gibbs grabbed his chin, turned his face to him, and pressed a chaste kiss to the younger man's lips. McGee froze in surprise while Gibbs jerked as if shocked. The two looked at each other before their lips connected again and something snapped between them.

Abby blinked in surprise as their kiss became heated, really heated. So heated Gibbs pushed McGee onto his desk when McGee whimpered. The cat-calls and wolf whistles were loud as they were led by Tony and Ziva, and Abby finally joined them.

Finally! Finally they kissed! And she could get some rest.

The End.

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