A/N: I felt like writing porn. Yes, so I decided to play it off as a short continuation of When You Can't Breathe. I hope you enjoy it and please don't judge me, its late and night and I'm just a little bit loopy.


Not My Responsibility
By Ashrel Fury

Half-lidded eyes, blind in an indescribable pleasure, settled themselves on the figure above Shinichi. His body was shivering on its own, but Shinichi wasn't cold, no he was heating up, hotter and hotter. He could feel cool, soft silk skimming down his lower stomach. He already knew who the fingers belonged to and he welcomed the cold touch that just egged on the fire living inside him.

He stretched out his limbs, feeling them for what seemed to be the first time. Long limbs, thin and long, something they had not been last night when darkness dragged him down the path of unconsciousness. What had he done last night to be this, dare he say it, loopy?

"Wow, Shin-chan you need to eat more. You're way too thin. But still...you're just so beautiful."

The murmured words that didn't really seem to be directed at Shinichi flood his mind in more pleasure. He didn't know weather to feel smug at the complement or pleasantly slutty at the voice. He knew that voice, knew it so well he prided himself on getting that voice to do unnaturally erotic things.

"Ugh, ah!" When he tried to speak back, he found his voice overused and the hands covered in silk gloves becoming more curious.

The hands pulled back at his moan and Shinichi almost whined, in fact, he wasn't sure if he did or not.


"Nah!" The closest thing to a yes he could accomplish when all he really wanted to do was beg for those hands to be back on his over heated body.

"Shinichi!" Oh and there they were, over his face stroking his flushed cheeks and down his neck. "Shinichi, you aren't supposed to be awake yet! You're not done growing!"

What? Was that why everything was on fire and numb?

Oh crap! That's right, he took Haibara's antidote. So that's what's happening? He's growing.

"Did I wake you?" Kaito asked, stroking his hair. God why did that feel so good? He remember when Kaito did that when he was Conan and it felt soothing, but now it was throwing shock after tantalizing shock down Shinichi's bared body. He'd taken the antidote before bed and slept naked so nothing would interfere with the transformation. While at the time, he was sure that Kaito would be watching over him, he didn't exactly expect to wake up this...horny.

"K-Kah-ee!" Shinichi tried to call out his name, get him to touch, to do anything as long as it was to the detective's body, but his voice crocked and he ended the call in a deep, raspy moan. His voice was deeper, he noted somewhere in the back of his mind.

"Shinichi?" Kaito's slightly concerned and hesitant voice made Shinichi want to cry in pure need. Damnit thief! Why couldn't you be selfish right now and have your wicked freakin' way with him!

In a fit of horny despair, Shinichi used his own hand to stroke down his body until he reached the solid proof of his current mood. The whole thing hot and thick, how had Kaito missed this anyways? He moaned in his throat when the heat of his own hand just felt uncomfortable on the heat of his erection.

When the cool one belonging to his boyfriend batted his hand away, he could have cried in relief and pleasure.

"Does it hurt?" Oh that was Kaito's 'turned-on' voice! Score!

Shinichi struggled to nod, turning hooded, pleading eyes to the thief. He cleared his throat, trying to get enough barrings to speak as the soft, cool hand soothed the fire slightly.

"Plea-se. Kai-to. Plea-se." It was slow, but it only wavered a little, and it got a delicious moan from Kaito so screw self-respect. He needed this.

Lips crashed down on his so fast he was left reeling, hands soothed down nearly every reachable part of his body and Shinichi couldn't help it when he brought his arms around Kaito and sunk thinly cut nails down the slightly sweaty tanned skin. Looks like Kaito had forgone a shirt. Good.

A groan of mixed pain and pleasure left the lips against his, but he only swallowed it down desperately. They had never made it this far. Something about 'pedophilia'? Whatever, Kaito's hands were now running violently down the sides of his stomach, roughly kneeling the skin on the inside of his thighs, but always out of reach from the prize! Why was Kaito playing around?

"Kai-" He was cut off by a tongue in his mouth, and he didn't really mind much.

"I promised I'd only do this when you have your body back, and its not fully there Shin-chan. So calm down, we have to drag this out and make it last." Shinichi heard the smirk despite closing his eyes when the intense fire returned to his vines and bones. It wasn't just heat now, it was prickling pain like his bones where melting to fit a mold, only to turn solid and painful to move, and then it would melt once more.

"Ah!" Sharply something shifted in the muscles of his right thigh that left him seeing stars in the least pleasant way possible. Crap, when had the pleasure turned into this?

"Kai! Ah!" Again the pain, but now at his knees. It was as if they were popping themselves out only to fit together again when they were ready. Shit, everything was hurting...everything except where the thief's hands rested on his chest, running up and down to sooth him and hold him down as Shinichi attempted to wither in the face of the pain.

"Looks like the only way to distract you is to..." He didn't finish his thought and Shinichi really didn't care to hear it, he was too lost in the feeling of his own body trying to lock his conscious mind up by pushing agony down his senses.

It was sudden and intense, but in one fine moment, the pain wasn't as noticeable anymore. What was noticeable, was the wet, warm, tight heat surrounding his erection that despite the pain, had not lessened in girth or excitement. He wasn't very aware of the fact that his hands had latched onto Kaito's hair and he'd thrown his legs over Kaito's shoulders but he did notice when he threw his head back and arched his back when the soft feel of teeth assaulted the underside of his shaft.

This was a new experience for Shinichi. Not only the intimacy, but the intimacy intertwined keenly with the pain. It was so odd how much it excited Shinichi. He knew he didn't have long to go before he blew, and he tried to warn Kaito but the thief wouldn't have it. Kaito just kept at it until Shinichi couldn't take it anymore.

"Kaito!" Shinichi screamed in awe as the pleasure just exploded, a bliss so great he just didn't know where it started or ended. It just seemed to completely turn his mind to jelly along with the rest of his limbs. He could still feel every moment Kaito made from between his legs, and every brush made a shudder of bliss thrill through him, but he just didn't have the energy to do much about it.

"Wow Shin-chan, you looked beautiful just sleeping but like this you're..." The taller teen trailed off but it was okay, Shinichi knew what he meant to say even if there were no real words to say it with. Still, Shinichi felt kind of empty. The pain that had been there was now a dull ache but something wasn't right for him. And he was pretty sure he knew what it was. He'd taken all the pleasure.

"Kai, don't...don't stop." He knew what he was asking for, really he did. No matter the haziness in his mind, and ringing orgasm in his ears, he knew what he was asking for. That is why when Kaito asked the classic question: "Are you sure?" Shinichi used all of his inner strength to glare at the thief before he surged forward and rolled them over. He was on top now.

"Do I look like I have any doubts?" He yelled back, slightly pissed at not being taken seriously the first time. Was it just him or was he feeling slightly bipolar right now. What the hell did Haibara put in that damn antidote anyways?

Kaito stared up into his eyes with a serious face, Shinichi meeting him head on. It was a few minutes of the mental-will-battle before Kaito grinned wide and with a poof produced something Shinichi hadn't given a thought to using until he'd set eyes on it. Lube. Oh yeah, they kind of needed that didn't they.

"You asked for it Shin-chan, but I am not going to be held responsible if you can't walk tomorrow despite finally getting your body back." Wicked eyes belonging to the Phantom Thief 1412 had Shinichi rising to the challenge despite knowing that even if he had said that, Kaito would still do anything and everything to make it up to Shinichi if he couldn't want tomorrow.


"You're on,"