It wasn't supposed to happen. Meeting another person was supposed to be impossible for me, but it happened. Making friends was also impossible, but I did. I wasn't supposed to make contact with other people, but I did. Now that I did, they won't stop to get me with them. My friends want to be able to stand next to me and hear my voice, not write on a giant glass wall that separates us.

My name is Lucy Heartfilia. This is my story of an unbreakable glass wall that held me in solitude and a new family who tried to set me free. No… That's not even the beginning of this story.

It all started when I was twelve. A fourteen year old boy with blue hair and a red tattoo surrounding his right eye came to my home with a very wealthy old man. This old man was a mage and came to take me away from my father. The man offered a large amount of money to my greedy father, and Father accepted.

I was told to pack my stuff, so I went upstairs and packed a bag full of clothes, food, and water. I then put my Celestial Keys that my mother had given me in my pocket. I remember that I went to my dresser and took my jewelry box. I had then dumped out all the jewelry and put the big box in my bag. I had then taken some pens and several packs of lined paper.

After putting all of that in my bag, I walked back downstairs and left with the old man and blue haired boy. The old man introduced himself as Lexus Hinamori, age 69. He had gray hair and blue eyes that seemed filled with wisdom. His clothes were not in the best condition, but they were clean.

The blue haired boy introduced himself as Jellal, age 14. He was taller than me and seemed muscular for his age. He wore a white shirt and blue sweatpants along with brown sneakers that were very dirty.

Jellal was very kind; we always talked to each other. I'll admit, I had feeling for him and I might still have them. Jellal was always there for me no matter what. He'd protect me from bandits and monsters. There was even this one time we were attacked by another mage and he protected me like his life depended on it!

Then it happened. We were in a very secluded part of Fiore when Lexus told me to stay where I was. I did as told, but I was confused when he had Jellal stand next to him. Jellal seemed confused as well. Once Jellal was standing next to Lexus he casted a spell.

A glass wall shot up between me and then. It grew taller and spread from left to right. Jellal yelled at Lexus to stop, but he didn't listen. There was no end to how far the glass went, it was never ending. Lexus then explained that he had divided the north and south half of Fiore by the glass wall… and that I was the only person on the North side of Fiore. He also told us that non-living things and animals could go over the wall, but if a human tried to go over the top of the wall it would grow taller.

Lexus then explained why he was doing this. He said that I would destroy Fiore one day if I lived among everyone else. He said that was the only reason he went all the way to my house to go and buy me. It was because he didn't want Fiore to be destroyed.

I broke down and fell to my knees, unable to speak because of how shocked I was. What did I do wrong? I always listened to Lexus, why would he do this to me? Lexus didn't really believe that, did he? Jellal was screaming at Lexus now, demanding that he break the spell, but he didn't. Lexus then died in place, the spell finished.

I started to cry and I put my hand on the glass wall. It was thick and cold; I could no longer feel the warmth of another person by my side. I banged on the wall harshly, trying to break through. Jellal walked up to the glass wall and put his hand over mine. I couldn't feel the warmth of his hand anymore.

I yelled at him, trying to see if he could hear me. Jellal's eyes widened. I then saw his mouth moving but I heard no words. My eyes widened as I started to cry harder, my body shaking with my sobs. Jellal then started digging through his pockets.

He pulled something black out of his pockets and broke it in half. He then threw it over the glass wall and I caught it. It was smooth and shaped like chalk; I then realized it was charcoal. Jellal started to write on the glass wall.

I'll find a way to break this spell. I promise you.

I smiled as I wiped away some of my tears. Jellal was waiting for me to answer back. I nodded and started to write back to him.

I know you will. You always find a way. Be careful Jellal. If you have to risk your life to save me then don't do it. As long as I know you're safe and alive I don't mind being on this side of the wall.

Jellal shook his head. He was always able to tell when I was pretending to be happy. Sure I hated being on this side of the glass wall, but I didn't want Jellal to die. Jellal then wrote back.

I'll do anything to get you back.

I blushed for a second, but quickly shook my blush away. I looked at Jellal and wrote.

Did you believe Lexus? About me destroying Fiore, do you think it's true?

Jellal looked shocked at first. I was worried that he did believe it. Jellal then quickly wrote on the glass.

Of course not! Don't you dare start believing what that old man said! If I did believe him then I wouldn't be trying to set you free! I need to go now Lucy, I promise I'll send letters. I'll send a bird with a letter tied to its foot and you can send letters back.

I smiled and nodded as I held back tears. He was doing all of this for me, a girl that he had known for only a few months.

Ok Jellal, please be careful. Good luck.

Jellal smiled and threw one more item over the wall. I picked the item up and saw that it was a heart shaped locket. I opened it up to see a picture of me and Jellal together. I looked up to see him holding a matching locket.

We match now. Don't forget me.

I cried tears of happiness. How could I forget him? He was risking his life for me.

I won't forget you, but don't you dare go and forget me!

Jellal smiled and waved goodbye. He then walked away. I watched him until he was past the horizon. I smiled as I put the locket on and held it close to my heart.

"I won't forget you… Jellal," I had whispered.

Ever since that day Jellal and I have been sending letters to each other by bird. I keep all of his letters in a jewelry box that he sent me one day. I also write letters to my mother who died a long time ago. I keep those letters in a jewelry box I took from home. I'm now 16 years old and I could never have imagined how much my life would change. This… This is my fairy tail.