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Chapter Fourteen – Please Wake Up

As Lucy fell face-forward into the snow, her friends started to panic. What was going on here? Why had she suddenly passed out? No one from Fairy Tail knew and most of the members were too worried and panicked to try and figure it out. The only thing they definitely knew was that the friend they had tried so hard to rescue was now face-first in the freezing snow and unmoving.

"Lucy! Lucy!" Happy cried out, quickly flying to the blonde's side. With pure determination and worry, Happy was able to push the blonde onto her back before nudging her with his paws, "Lucy…?"

"What's happened to her?" Gray questioned, clearly worried as he looked over her. She certainly didn't seem injured besides the glass shards that had cut her left hand and arm yesterday. Surely that wasn't enough to be life threatening though, since they weren't bleeding as bad as they had originally though it was. There were no wounds besides that, causing Gray to worry that there could possibly be internal injuries that they were unable to see. Those types of injuries were usually the most life threatening after all.

"Lu-Chan! What's wrong with Lu-Chan?!" Levy yelled hysterically as she ran towards her dear friend. She was clearly not in her right mind though, as she held onto the blonde's injured hand and asking questions as if the girl lying in the snow would reply. It was rather upsetting to see, especially when Levy started sobbing and claiming it was her fault for some unknown reason. Everyone knew it was not the bluenette's fault, but it was still heart breaking to watch.

"Do you think the curse is setting in?" Erza asked as she kneeled at Lucy's side. As she did her best to stay level-headed and rational, she searched Lucy's body for as marks. Curses usually showed some sign when they first started, such as a black mark suddenly appearing somewhere on the body. Of course, Erza would be unable to do a full check until they were back at Fairy Tail. It would not be best to check under Lucy's clothes in the freezing cold and in front of the men.

"Luce! Luce, don't you dare leave us now! We just freed you and I won't allow you to lie down and die after all of our hard work!" Natsu stated seriously, hoping his yelling would wake her up. When his words received no reply, Natsu quickly scooped Lucy into his arms, "We need to get back to the guild. Happy, let's go!"

"Aye sir!" Happy said, knowing just how hard it would be to carry the both of them at once. Not one to complain in such a desperate situation, Happy wrapped his tail around Natsu's waist. Just as Happy was about to fly off, Natsu yelled, "Meet up at Fairy Tail! Mach speed!"

With those words spoken, Happy flew off with both Natsu and Lucy. Although the struggle to hold up both their weight was horrible, Happy did his best. After a few minutes, Fairy Tail could be seen on the horizon. It was then that Happy whined, "Sorry Natsu, I can't hold you two up anymore."

With an audible pop, Happy's wings disappeared and the three of them started to fall. With a curse directed at no one in particular, Natsu twisted his body so that he landed on the stone sidewalk. When his back slammed against the sidewalk, he sat up and checked to see if Lucy was alright. As soon as he was sure Lucy was uninjured, Natsu looked at Happy, who had landed at his side.

"You alright, Happy?" Natsu questioned.

"Aye. Sorry I couldn't bring you the whole way, Natsu," Happy said, clearly upset.

Natsu smiled and patted his furry blue friend's head before standing up, "It's no problem. I know how hard it is for you to carry two people."

Happy climbed onto Natsu's shoulder before they took off to Fairy Tail. Kicking open the door, Natsu wasted no time running into the medical room that was at the back of the guild. Carefully, Natsu laid Lucy down on one of the cots and sighed. Pulling a chair over, Natsu sat down and waited for the rest of Fairy Tail to arrive.




Who was calling out to her? Slowly, she opened her eyes to meet what she was fearing would be there. In that instant, fear started to set in. Lucy knew exactly what was going to happen. She knew this nightmare like the back of her hand. After all, she had been having it ever since she met Fairy Tail.

Once again, the sky was covered in pitch black storm clouds as thunder echoed though the town. Soon, lighting flashed across the sky and hit several building throughout the town. The streets were broken and buildings were collapsing all around her. It was a place Lucy did not recognize, as she had never been there before.

Before Lucy were hundreds of dead citizens. People ranging from all sizes, ages, and genders were there. Even animals were dead. A small group of four stood before her. Upon closer examination, Lucy recognized them as Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Happy. Lucy wanted to run towards them, but she could not. Hatred burned like fire in their eyes as they glared at Lucy.

"Lucy, how could you do this to everyone? You've killed almost everyone in Magnolia! Fairy Tail will never forgive you! I will never forgive you!" Erza screamed, drawing her sword. Lucy's eyes widened and she looked down at her hands. They were covered in blood as well as her clothing. Standing next to Lucy was Jellal with a wicked smile as insanity flashed through his eyes.

"Do not listen to them Lucy! I won't let them lay a finger on you. You've done nothing wrong," Jellal said. He put his hand on Lucy's cheek with care. When he removed it, Lucy saw nothing put pure red blood. Lucy looked around quickly, trying to see what she looked like. In the end, she looked into a pool of blood.

Her eyes held no emotions and were blank. She was covered in blood that did not belong to her. Her hair was splashed with blood and blew in the wind. Sakura petals flew in the air, making the scene ominous and strangely beautiful. Lucy looked like a monster or even a devil from Hell. This isn't what she wanted! She didn't want to kill everyone!

This is when the dream changed for the first time. Her reflection, which was rippling in the pool of blood before her, suddenly grinned wickedly. This event scared Lucy more than the original nightmare. Before she could scream in terror, her reflection spoke in an eerie voice that sounded as if it was overlapped with another voice, "This is what you will become."