*in blue ink*

6th Oct

2:43 PM


It's kind of not good.

I've decided to start practicing, well, preparing for my dreadful revenge. And… well. I went outside and tried to go and kill something small, and I couldn't. And if I'm going to take out his heart, I'll have to kill him, right? No?

Anyways. Like I've said, I can't really kill anything – even that goddamn bug which I've tried to stab with a toothpick – because I'm too nice. That's just… I was standing there, towering over the bug, and couldn't do anything! Argh! But, maybe, it'll be easier with Nny, cause he deserves it.

THE Horrible Revenge Plot #1

1) kill him

2) sew his head off and sent it to his mother

3) does he have a mother? Maybe he's killed her.

THE Horrible Revenge Plot #2

1) find out what he hates

2) give it to him on Christmas or his birthday

3) does he have a birthday? Maybe he's a… an alien.

Either way, I'm planning to make his voices or the kid to help me. So…yay?

9:32 PM

So, I was walking, and walking, and it got dark, and guess what I've found? His house! Yippee! AND WHAT DO YOU THINK? The kid also lives there! Not in Nny's house, no, but they're neighbors. Ha! But I don't want to go to Nny's house, no; I'd better visit the kid. I don't know what I'd say though. I'm just sitting on the ground next to his house, and writing, and… that's all.


Okay, so wtf? WTF? I have gone into the kid's house, and I've seen his mother, and she seemed… uh… not normal. Not that all the other people I know are normal, but still, wtf? Anyways, I have gone into his room to find out things, and he freaked out because he thought I'm just like Nny, and then I realized I really… can't find anything out. Because… well. You know. Now I think I should've written something instead of talking, he seems like a kid who already can read. Aaaaand… I want his bear.

THE Horrible Revenge Plot #3

1) write a book or make a movie about what a BAD BAD person he is so everybody will hate him.

Though maybe everybody hates him already. Whatever.

THE Horrible Revenge Plot #4


Anyways. Now that I've found Nny's house, all I need is to burn!


This isn't working.

This isn't fucking working.

Sadie says that it will all work when I get the pretty life. Yeah, the pretty life! She says that I'll be able to burn EVERYTHING. And stab everything. Ha. Ha, ha.

WELLL I guess I'm just gonna wait, and spend time with Nny to… to be like him.


10th Oct

I can't believe him.

I'm sitting here all alone, and he hasn't paid me a single visit in three days. What is he thinking, am I supposed to just sit here, missing all the good things? Who does he think he is to leave me like this?

Fuck it.


*REALLY messy handwriting*

12th Oct

00:09 PM

So since Nny had apparently FORGOTTEN I exist, I've decided to visit him.

Well, I've grabbed my backpack with some knives, including that big shiny one I had found in a bowl of cereal someday, and also with you, MY DIARY, and headed out.

And, well, I've been walking around for… I dunno. Seven hours, maybe. Until it got all dark and I got scared. And… there were scary people around me AND… I just… can't write about it, at all. So anyways… I found myself being dragged (by my collar, which is QUITE uncomfortable, I must say) somewhere.

And I was so tired I fucking fell asleep.

And who had saved me? Nny, apparently. I seems like he's the only person in the world I meet lately.

Well anyways, I'm very cold and hungry, and my whole body hurts. Nny doesn't seem to notice me for some reason: he's walking around, doing stuff which makes people scream, and I sit here on the floor. And… what now?


Oh God, I'm so stupid.

Well… Maybe not, but…

I mean, I came over to him and poked him in the arm to draw some attention. And he yelled, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!" and had some fun throwing knives at me. I'm hiding under his bed. Or is it his bed, he doesn't sleep, does he?

What… what now?

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