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What had I just seen? I couldn't actually believe my eyes.

I couldn't look away from them, but I couldn't bear to look at them either.

I thought me and Bella were really beginning to connect. Finally stop arguing.

I thought Mike repulsed her. She practically told me.

But, then I saw her, with him all night, dancing with him, and then snogging him while he was publically groping her.

She was either a slut that enjoyed the attention, or could handle him. I come back to that thought.

I originally went for the latter, but now, I was having second thoughts. I mean, she just openly snogged his face off and let him grope her in public.

I didn't know what I was feeling. Multiple feelings really.

Anger, hurt, confusion, upset, disappointment, betrayal. You name it, I felt every bad emotion.

Once they had finished dry humping, Bella turned round and looked directly at me. She looked right at me, and I knew she could tell what I was feeling. I didn't care. If anything, I hoped she felt my feelings.

Ok, now my feelings were just of anger. And kinda hatred. But more anger. Surprisingly, not really at Mike. More at Bella.

Then, she started moving over to me. To avoid causing a scene, like Bella had said not to, I headed towards the door. The only reason I was listening to Bella was because of the case. I saw her look confused at first, but then she went over and seemed to say goodbye to Mike.

Not before they exchanged numbers, might I add. I mean, did she want me to hit someone? Or hurt me?

I just ignored them and waited outside the car.

'How come you want to leave?' Bella asked trying to sound upbeat and happy. Of course she knew the fucking reason I want to leave.

'Don't act fucking stupid, you know why.' I said coldly. I didn't even care if she was offended.

'Actually, I don't know why. So much for being a gentleman. Now get in the car.' She said, seeming hurt by my words. I didn't give a damn.

'My pleasure.' I replied sarcastically.

'Look. Just tell me your problem.' She asked, as she began to pull away from the party.

'Oh, I don't know. Maybe just the fact that while you were having a great time at the party, I was just standing in the corner being the fifth wheel.' I said, spitting out the words.

'So that's my problem?' She asked with a questioning look.

'Yeah. And do you want to know what else?' I asked her, already knowing I was going to tell her.

'Humour me.' She spitefully said.

'Ok, I will. The fact the jerk, Mike Newton, was practically eating your face and dry humping you in public.' I said, on the verge of shouting.

'Why would that annoy you?' She asked, although I knew she knew the answer.

'So you would be completely fine with me dry humping some girl I barely know in a public place?' I asked, knowing her answer.

'Well I bet you have done that several times before.' She said, with a spiteful laugh at the end.

'Actually no. I am not that low. Ask my mom, dad, sister, brother, friends, whoever you like. I am a gentleman and would never do that to any girl in a public place.' Now I was really seething. How could she accuse me of that? When she had just been so low as to do it.

'Oh.' Was the only response I got. I could tell she could see her mistake.

The rest of the car journey was in silence. There was thick tension, but I didn't mind. It was Bella who was the awkward one. If anything, I was happy with the situation. She had realised her mistake, and now was paying for it.

When we got inside the house, Bella broke her silence.

'You never told me why you got so annoyed with me and Mike?' She asked apprehensively, nervous for my answer.

'Because, you were dry humping him in public.' I snapped back. I wasn't in the mood for playing games.

'Which makes you angry because…?' She asked again. Then I realised my mistake. I haven't actually told her it's because I wish I was in Mike's place.

To be on the receiving end of one of her kisses. That's why.

Then, I was stuck. What do I say? Luckily, she said something.

'Look. I accept that it is bad what I did. But you don't even know the full story, and I can tell it is a lot deeper than just because he wasn't being a gentleman. So, just tell me. Or, we can spend the next 4 months without talking. Your call.' How come all of a sudden I was the one feeling awkward? What fucking happened?

'Ok, you want the honest answer?' I asked, but continued before she could answer 'Because I thought we were finally bonding. Connecting, you could say, in a stronger way than friendship.' I said, shouting out the words. But not in anger. At finally being able to get out my feelings.

'Wha-? I don't understand…' I think she did, but she wanted to hear my conformation.

'It's because I am falling in love with you.' I said, barely above a whisper.

'How can you be falling in love with me when you barely know me?' She asked, half shocked.

'I don't know. I feel a strong connection to you, and you probably don't feel it too, but, I definitely feel it, and, you probably think I am weird, an-' She silenced me by kissing me.

Her lips were on mine. I followed her movement, fast, but lustful. Hard, but full of emotion. Her arms were then round my neck, and moved up to my hair. I put arms round her waist, holding on, but not too hard.

I felt a stronger connection now. She opened her mouth, inviting me in. I quickly accepted, sliding in my tongue. Her tongue quickly reached mine, and she grabbed harder on to my hair.

This kiss was filled with passion, and soon, I was pretty hard with a full erection. I'm pretty sure she felt it, as it pressed into her stomach. We broke apart the kiss, to catch some breath.

Bella took this opportunity to start unbuttoning my shirt.

'Are you sure you want to…you know?' I asked her, feeling like a teenager all over again.

'As sure as I have ever been.' She said, grinning at my bare chest.

'Well, if you get to see my chest, I thinks it's only fair I get to see yours.' I said, again feeling like a hormonal teenager.

'Ok. Deal. But I also get to see your package.' She said, teasing rubbing my cock through my jeans.

'Ok. But I get to see what you are hiding below as well.' She only nodded as a response.

Next thing I knew, she was unzipping my jeans as I was unzipping her dress. I stopped when I saw her in her underwear. She was the most beautiful woman, thing, I had ever seen.

She saw me staring, and teasingly pushed her breasts together. I immediately cupped them in my hands, while she removed her bra.

I started massaging her breasts in my hands, then brought my head down to them and started licking her nipples. She seemed to enjoy this, as she rolled her head back. I picked her up, and laid her down on the sofa. Then, I climbed on top of her and went back to her breasts. While I was sucking on them, she started rubbing her vagina, and I could smell her arousal.

I moved my head down near to her vagina, and heard her moan.

'Ooh! Edward! Please…' She said.

'Please what?' I asked, teasing her by brushing my finger along the inside of her thigh.

'Touch me…please…I need it.' She said.

I began kissing the inside on her thigh, getting closer and closer to her vagina. Her moaning became louder, as I got closer.

I kissed her clit through her panties. She moaned the loudest, then, begging again. I tore off her panties, and threw them to the other side of the room. I began licking her clit, which made her really wet. Then, I stuck my tongue inside her which she seemed to enjoy even more.

She asked for more. So I put my first finger inside of her. Followed by my second, and began pumping hard.

'I'm so close, Edward.' She said.

Next thing I knew, she was cumming onto my finger. I began to lick it up, and it had the sweetest taste. I looked up at her, to see her smiling sexily.

'My turn.' She says, and I don't understand what she means.

But then, she quickly gets up and turns us around. So, now, she is right next to my cock and begins taking off my boxer shorts. When she sees my package, she actually opens her mouth and stares.

'Like what you see?' I say, teasingly.

'It's so big.' She says, grinning.

Next thing I know, she is giving me a blow job. It is the best thing I have ever experienced.

I know I don't last long, and soon, I'm almost cumming. I tell her, but she doesn't remove her mouth from my cock.

Instead, she just pumps it harder, willing the cum to come. When it does, she swallows it. Then she smiles at me.

'Can I kiss you?' She timidly asks.

'Why would you ask?' I ask curiously.

'Because of what I just did.' Then, I understand.

I lean over her, and passionately kiss her again. Then, I remember I am lying on top her, naked. I think she remembers as well, because she grabs my cock.

She takes it, and pushes it into her vagina. She gets pleasure from this, and I look at her puzzled. She nods, answering my silent question. I begin to push my cock in and out of her.

She moans in pleasure. She moans my name. It is the most beautiful sound. Soon, I am cumming again. This time inside of her, which she really seems to like.

We spend the rest of the night passionately making love.

This is the most wonderful night of my life.

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