Looking at the shadows, seeing two bright yellow eyes staring at me. Then I'm falling in the black, the darkness surrounds me. Fighting to get out, to stay alive. Why did I go alone, cold and alone. She blames me for his guilt. But that will change, cause there's nothing holding you back now, to kill me.

Now that you're gone, feeling like myself I can grieve the things I can't repair and willingness to die. No one, nothing can change who I am. Not now, I would never lie to keep you love, for my love wasn't enough.

Opening my eyes, seeing the land I'm lost in. Shadows falling on me; let me go. Here my calls, call me home. Before I fade away into the night, gone from you forever. Where my nightmares can begin. Wake me can't you hear me calling for you, please help.

You lie on the ground, silent there before me, with a gunshot wound to the head, the love I gave you, I give to you, really you don't deserve it. But now there's nothing you can do. So I let you sleep with only the memory of me, the one who killed you, my child, good bye.

Begging for my life back at the hands of shadows. Even in death he should still hear me. Help me, my love.

The moonlight, it leads me to where your mother left you. She took you away from me. Picking you up in my arms, now I'm taking you home. I will not let you be alone but no bond can hold me from your side. You can't leave me, I'm right beside you. There's a fine line between my love for you and my hate of you mother, your time has come to be replaced.

Don't tell yourself I don't realize you've saved her, I'll replace freedom with fear, I'm well aware of what you've done. I see you pain, I see your need.

I'm losing my mind because of you, there's nowhere to run now, I will catch you and kill you, witch. All I wanted was her and now she's dead. I will make you sleep forever. I don't sleep now because of you.

It's time for a goodbye; I won't last the night in this nightmare. Don't hide your mistakes cause they'll find you, burn you, if you don't get out alive. Let me go in peace, I don't want you to sacrifice yourself for me. Just let me go.

I will never let you kill me doctor, never. I do not fear you, she needed to die. She took you away from me, my love. I will never forgive her.

Where will you hide, where will you go, you will never get away from me. I will make you pay for what you've done. You're going to drown in my lost pain. I will never let you go.

Her words hunted me and you'll never know them. You can't escape the twisted way I think of you. You see me in your dreams and there's nothing you can do. If I fall, you will never live in peace.

There is no light to lead me the way. I always knew that all alone is where I belong now. In a dream will you save me, fix my broken mind and save my life.

There's nowhere left to run, so let's fight and get this over with. There's nothing I bleed for more, then you torment.

His hands wrapped around my neck. All your hands on my, I'm frozen in fear, I can't scream. All I ever wanted was you. Go ahead kill me again, I just want to feel that high, don't you refuse me. I will never be your sweet surrender, if I'd lie down sore and sick, would you like that. I don't mind, desperate, I will crawl to you for your love. People and Witches are killed every day.

I let you have your chance, you failed yourself; squeezing her neck harder. I hope I kill you, for you're never coming back. You will rot in hell.

Kicking him away from me; yes I loved you, yes it's my own fault, but it's not like you helped any. I won't let you kill me. She deserved better then you. Let me heal you, you're all I ever wanted, let me love you.

Do you think you unstoppable, unbreakable, while you're not; do you think I will forgive you. Forget it. I doubt even your mother would forgive you. You took everything from me, now I will take you, kill you, make you beg; beg to die, to have me kill you.

Oh, god help, get me out of this darkness, blackness, death. I never wanted this, please save me. This never ending black, the shadows are everywhere. My love help me come back to you, love you, save you from the evil in you.

You can't stop me, I will destroy you, break you, love you. I will make you love your insanity. The fear will take over.

It's true we're all a little insane. But fear is only in our minds; I do not fear you, I know I can't bring her back but killing you will be a start. She was mine!

The knife passing through my skin, the blood bubbling out of the wound, down my shoulder and arm. Pain flashes in my eyes. He's toying with me. I feel the pain across my chest as the knife cuts me more and again as it slices across my back. I fall to my knees; I can feel the tears as they run down my face.

Seeing you cry is priceless, looking at you covered in your own blood is lovely, but I'm not done yet. I will tear you apart, bit by bit. Where should I cut you next, your kidney, liver or how about your eyes. Blind you forever. Stabbing the knife through her hand into the wall behind her. Where will you go now, what will you do.

More pain. He knows I will not run; now I can't. I feel his hands on me, keeping me against the wall behind me. Tearing my cloths, my skin, smearing blood over my body. I try to hit him, kick, bite, move him off of me. He just pushes me hard against the wall. Knocking the air out of my lungs, what will you accomplish of you do this.

Slicing slowly across her hipbone, watching as the blood slowly runs down her leg. I don't care what happens to me so long as you die. I will make you beg for me to kill you, then I will get her back.

I feel lightheaded, loss of blood becoming apparent, the pain in my shoulder, chest, back hand and hip, unbearable. I see a quick movement the more pain. Something running down my face, over my right eye. Blood. Bastard! The air around me moves, he's up to something. I can feel my right arm go numb from being pinned above my head.

She doesn't know what she's in for. I take her free hand, moving it above her head. Taking the knife out of her other hand I move both her wrists together in one hand. I can feel her heartbeat, the beating as it speeds up, her breathing is shallow but quick. Pushing the knife through her wrist, right between the bones. A scream of pain. Pinning her hands to the wall. What will you do; I take her chin in my hand, her eyes closed.

I'm shaking; I never thought I would be afraid of him. I'm losing a battle that never started. I feel him sitting in front of my kneeling form. One of his hands is on my waist as he's trailing another knife over my legs. The insanity he's using could kill me, but his heart is not in it. The metal is cold, he feels me moving away from it, holding me still as he moves the knife higher, dragging the blunt edge over my breasts.

Seeing her shake like this is bringing more thoughts to my head. Pressing the knife carefully against her breasts. Are you afraid, you shaking. Maybe you're cold. Flipping the blade around, I cut a small line into her ribs. I feel her arch up into the blade, moaning. Using my free hand I push her legs apart, noticing a pentagram on her right inner thigh. What's this. Running the knife over it.

The nerve of him, spreading my legs and exposing me like this; I'm going to… oh god. The bastard, he's running the knife over the one spot that tells him I'm a witch. Stop! He can see me, he'll find out what that spot is for. I have to stop him; stop this won't solve anything you know… ah. I hear a zipper being pulled, cloths being move.

You are not going to like this. I drop the knife to the ground before I lean closer to her. I move her legs over my hips. Placing my hands on her hip.

I feel his hardness press against me. No, stop, monster what are… The pain, that's all he is to me, pain. My back arches as he thrusts himself into me. Hard and warm, tearing me apart. Stop, please stop! You don't know what you… He's licking my neck, thrusting into me; I feel even more blood run down my arms as his movement only serves to cut my wrists further. The insanity is everywhere.

Slowly I feel her start to relax as I thrust harder. She's moaning softly as I lick her. I can feel her pulse beneath my lip. Biting her hard until I feel her skin give way and more blood spills. Why I'm I doing this, I'm going to kill, right? I should have the knife in my hand and her bleeding from everywhere. I want to cut her open and watch as the life slowly leaves her eyes. But I'm not, I have her pinned to the wall with her moaning, she should be screaming.

He's becoming lost in his own head, but he hasn't stop moving, no, he's just going harder. He's trying to break me and its working. I feel his right hand move over my body, the sting of his hand over my hip, the pleasure of him thrusting deeply. He shifts, I feel the knife in my wrists move, then taken out. I wince as my arms fall down. I start to feel everything, the wall at my back, the blood running from my wrists, the pleasure that jolts up my spine with every thrust of his hips. I should be fighting this, him, not letting him do this, but I can't. Why can't I fight him, he said he didn't want me. The pleasures building, something's happening. I rest my bloody hands on his shoulders.

I don't know what made me take the knife out of her wrists, but she's losing herself. I can tell, she's losing her mind. I picked up the knife and slowly dragged the blade over her breasts. She's moaning as her pain and pleasure become one; that's right moan, scream, no one can hear you anyway, no one to save you, your daughters won't help you, nether will your sisters. There is only me. I can feel her tighten, her moans getting louder and louder. She's close.

I feel the pleasure heighten, I can't control myself. What is he doing to me. Something's building inside of me. I feel a spark of electricity go through my body. Screaming out as I feel something inside me release the pressure that was building. He grunts as something fills me, my eyes shoot open. Oh god. He moves back, pulling out of me. Letting me rest against the wall, he walks off.

Something to remind you of me, never repeat what you've done or I might just come back for more. No, I will come back weather you like it or not, for I will not kill you. You can serve another purpose.

Bastard I'll kill him. Bringing my arms up to see the damage done to my wrists. Still bleeding but they don't hurt. My shoulders still hurt but not as much as before, same with my hips. My back hurts like hell but I think I can stand. The wall and floor are cool but I feel the blood on both. My magic is trying to repair my body, trying to heal me. I'm going to find him, tare him apart limb from limb, once I get…

I didn't walk very far away from her; she needs to pass out before I can take her with me. I hear the sound of a body falling over. Walking back to her I pick her up. You are mine.