Luke, and Reid Christmas Story.

Reid finally got his own place, he thought he would move out of Katie's place, since she has been dating Chris. He found the place near the hospital it was a small house, but he liked it. He went inside, and smiled as he looked around. He had to go out shopping to get some furniture, especially a TV, couch, and bedroom set. He knew he wouldn't be spending to much time at home with his job. He wouldn't be entertaining much either he finally realized Luke was never coming to him, he had to deal with it. He thought he better not run into Noah , and Luke much because he might kill Noah. He laughed thinking how awful a Doctor would say something so horrible , but he thought it. He went upstairs, he had 3 bedrooms, he was going to make one his office, and one his bedroom, and a guestroom for weekends he took Jacob. He was going to miss his little Bud but he still will go to his baseball games, and he is so happy he is going to play hockey this year. Reid was going to go out , and buy them both skates he was going to teach him how to skate. He was happy Chris was not a sports guy, he loved watching but he didn't really play sports. Reid had the day off so he decided to go to the mall to get some stuff. He would order a bed, and couch, he would buy a sleeping blanket to sleep on for the time being. He was use to that he wasn't fragile he would sleep at work if he had to. He didn't like to do that because the Nurses, and Bob come after him asking him if he is OK. He left the house, and went to the mall. He grabbed a sleeping bag, pillows, and some other essentials, he needed in the kitchen. He bought some lamps, and a new phone, and he saw a cool picture, of the Dallas Cowboy's he had to get for his office room. He went to the furniture shop, and picked out stuff he asked for it to be delivered, he actually bought a kitchen set too. He smiled he was really making his home a home for what himself. He was walking through the mall with his stuff when he saw a small tree it was like the Charlie Brown tree he saw in a Charlie Brown movie Jacob made him watch. He put his bags down, and smiled, "I could use a tree for Jacob". He went inside the lady gave him a look wondering why he wanted that little pathetic tree. He didn't care he got it, and some small ornaments, and picked up his bags, and was walking to the door. He was shocked when he saw Noah, and Luke walk into the mall laughing. He hoped they would walk by but Luke noticed him, he was shocked when they both walked over.


"Yeah that is me"

Luke smiled, "Wow do you need help"?

"No I can manage, thanks anyway"

Noah smiled, "Reid this is Christmas time chill out"

Luke whispered, "Noah go check out the video store see if they have the video Natalie wants"

"What are you going to do"?

"Talk to Reid for a minute, I will be right there"

"Whatever" Noah walked away, Reid smiled, "Oh he is a ball of joy"

"He is OK Reid I really want to be friends"

"Luke that isn't possible go be with your boyfriend"

"Reid for God sake stop"

"What Luke"? Reid dropped half the stuff, he bent down picking it up. Luke went to help, "No go to Noah, I can do this"

"You are so stubborn I swear Reid it is no wonder your alone"

"Yeah I'm alone Luke that was real nice of you to say"

"Crap I'm sorry" Luke grabbed the tree, "You bought a tree this is sad"

"Why it kind of reminds me of me, it is unique"

"Yeah you are that"

"Luke please don't do this it is to hard for me"


Reid took the tree, "I can't do this I'm sorry" He walked away leaving Luke staring. He looked back to see if Noah was looking he saw Reid go through the doors. He ran after him, and yelled, "Reid wait".

"For what"?

"I'm so sorry"

"Me too goodbye Luke". Reid walked away, Luke watched him, never feeling more sad, knowing it was Reid he wanted, but he couldn't hurt Noah, not after all they have been through.