This is a Luke, and Reid story so if your a Luke and Noah fan, you may not like my story, because I am writing a happy ending for Luke and Reid.

Chapter 10

Luke and Reid kiss, and were overwhelmed with the moment, Luke moved close as Reid, wrapped his arms around him. They both turn when Natalie walked into the kitchen.

Reid moved away, and Luke walked over to Natalie.

"Nat why are you not watching the movie"?

"I want some more pop, but were you two kissing"?

Reid smiled, "Yes we are busted, we were kissing Sweetie"

"Oh I knew you liked him Luke"

Luke walked over getting her some more soda, and touched her shoulder.

"Go back, and watch the movie, and don't tell your brother about the kiss"

"Why it was sweet"

"Natalie we will talk later"

Natalie walked out but she was smiling at Reid, he waved as she left the kitchen.

"Oh Reid she is going to tell everyone"

"I know did you see that look she gave us"

"I'm not embarrassed Reid, I wanted to kiss you, and I'm glad you wanted it too"

Reid smiled, "The kiss was nice, but I want to make sure your really serious about leaving Noah"

"Yes I'm serious, I have not been happy, and Noah isn't happy either. I loved the guy, and I will always care what happens to him, but it is over, and I think even before you came into my life it was over, I just didn't want to admit it to myself"

Reid smiled as he walked over, but they looked in the doorway, and saw Jacob, Natalie, and Ethan looking in, and Reid walked over to them.

"Hey I'm going to order pizza, so you three go watch your film"

They ran into the living room, and Luke walked over whispering.

"I will go be with them order the pizza, this is going to be a long night"

"What do you mean"?

"Take a guess I love the kids but I so need some alone time with my Guy"

Reid walked over, "Remember I have a pull out couch, we can bunk together"

Luke smiled as Reid turned to go order the pizzas, as Luke went to be with the kids.

Luke sat down, Ethan was staring, and Luke whispered.

"Your sister told you about the kiss didn't she"?

"Yes she told me"

"I know your confused but I want to tell you something that is real important"

Natalie, and Jacob moved close as Luke said.

"I know you guys know I'm with Noah, but we are going to separate, and I'm going to be Reid's friend"

Natalie giggled, and whispered, "Boyfriend Luke"

"Yes boyfriend but I need to tell Noah, and Mom so you both keep this our secret"

"Can I tell my Mommy"? Jacob said as Reid walked in, and asked what they were talking about?

Luke turned, "Oh nothing"

Natalie got up running to Reid, and said.

"You love my brother you are his boyfriend now"

"Boyfriend". Reid looked at Luke who smiled, and Reid walked over , and sat beside him, and said.

"Boyfriend how sweet" Reid smiled as Luke leaned close, and whispered, "Your not angry are you"?

"All I wanted for Christmas is for you to come to your senses, and my wish came true"

Luke moved close kissing Reid while Ethan, Natalie, and Jacob giggled.