Memory Of Those Eyes

A Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Smallville Crossover

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the show Smallville. It was created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. I do not own anything from the show Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It was created by Joss Whedon. I also do not own the comic book series from either show.

AuthorNote: I'm going to try and combined the things that happened to Lex's life from Smallville and make new memories from his childhood in Smallville, like how he met Willow and Jesse (which isn't all that interesting) and then a few other things. It may seem Lex is taking many subjects for a child his age and too smart for his age, but imagine having a father like Lionel Luthor. He would push and push Lex to be the best he can be, but it'd never be enough. It'd always been Lex trying to show Lionel he's better and stronger than him and he can out smart and out rule him. And that's what I'm trying to show.

Lex will also have been trained early on to be the best heir, and that is why he'll be so uncomfortable and misplaced around children his own age (he'll be a bit of a genius, really) though I am going to show his childish side that isn't gone, just buried under enough layers because of Lionel. But you'll see when Lex grows up and becomes a teenager (shown in chapter two) that he's rather rebellious, though it won't all be told. You'll be seeing some parts from BTVS when they discover Buffy's secret and the Supernatural world. Which will lead to some of Lex's obsessive compulsive issues about some stuff.

Also, since Lex will be growing up in the place of Xander Harris, he will be a bit different then the show. After all, he'll actually have friends and not acquaintances and enemies trying to back-stab him (though he still will have that). Also, another thing that will be different is Lex Luthor having Uncles, Aunts and cousins. Anthony Luthor-Harris and Rory Luthor-Harris will be better people in this story. They won't be drunks or abusive, they're be a bit like Lionel, as they too will be raised like he did (as they are half-brothers) and will be successful business men and competitive by nature.

Summary: What would it be like if Xander Harris, was actually Lex Luthor? How different would it be if he was actually called 'Lex' instead of 'Xander' and that he smarter then Williow? What would happen if on Halloween, he dressed as someone with abilities? How different would things turn out?

During his childhood growing up, Lex rarely saw his father. Often his father would leave him at his Uncle Anthony and Aunt Jessica's in Sunnydae. After the death of his baby brother, Julian, because of his mother's post-partum depression, his father begins to ignore his son more, were he remained living for the rest of his teenage years, while his father invested in Sunnydale schooling, making sure he had the school, while still going to his tutors. After the death of his mother, Lex was raised without real affection, parenting, or love. Instead, Lionel lavished Lex with money and gifts and sent him away back to Sunnydale after the funeral, where he became different, a stronger human with special abilities.

Pairings: Lex/Clark

Setting(s): Rating: NC-17 or M at times

Warnings: Violence, Strong Language, Adult Situations, Graphic Sex (maybe), Mention/Show of Martial Abuse, Mention/Show of Child Abuse, Mention/Show of Alcohol Abuse, Mention/Show of Drug Abuse, Mention/Show of Zombies Eating People, Murder, Suicide, Rape, Kidnapping, Nudity, Fights, Slash (Male/Male & Female/Female), Religious Themes, Religious Talk, Disbelief In Religions, ect.

19th December 1988

Sunnydale, California


The young boy sat silently, sullen in the backseat, as he watched the driver of the black Mercedes-Benz CL-Class CL65 AMG drive both Luther men towards Sunnydale, California. It was the small town that his father's brother, Anthony Harris and his wife, Jessica, lived while building their own Milling Company as well as an Agricultural Company a couple hundred miles away. "Do not pout, Lex. It's unbecoming of you." Lionel Luthor admonished with a fierce frown across his lips as his eyes looked up over the paperwork that was scattered across his lap.

"Sorry dad." Lex sighed. He brushed the auburn locks from his forehead and patted down his clothes. He had been chided before by his father, mostly because of the simplest things. He would never be the best his father wanted. He would always have to be better.

"Now Lex," Lionel began slowly, his voice a drawl as dark eyes looked to his oldest and only son. "Staying with your Uncle and Aunt is not going to be some holiday for you." The older male stated firmly. "You will continue your studies, on other cultures, languages, religions, sports, self-defense, among other things along with your usual scholarly subjects." His eyes looked back down at the report in his hand, a sneer of disgust flickered across his face before it disappeared. He hated dealing with imbeciles like he did at LuthorCorp. It was more hassle then needed. "Do you understand, Alexander?" Lionel demanded of his son, his attention had gone back to his papers, his son only a mild concern.

"Of course dad." Alexander 'Lex' Luthor replied dully as his bright blue eyes flickered out the side window, watching the desert blur by with colors of brown, green and tan. He didn't know what his mother was doing. Lillian Luthor was off doing whatever she did best, leaving him alone with an uncaring father, nanny's, and tutors. His mother may be loving and protected him from his father, but he wondered how long that would last.

"We should be arriving in ten minutes, sir." The driver stated from the front seat, his gray eyes flickered up to the review mirror, glancing at the two Luthor men in the back.

"Good. Just pull up through the gate and around the fountain." Lionel ordered calmly as he leaned back into the seat. "Do not slouch, Lex. What have I told you?" He stated with a sigh of annoyance. Davis shook his head, he felt bad for the kid. Dealing with a man like Lionel Luthor for a few hours of the day was bad enough, but dealing with him constantly, he would have snapped by now. Shaking his head again he took a glance at the eight-year-old boy. With one last glance Davis pulled in front of the black, wrought iron gate that led to the large manor behind it.

Davis rolled the windows down and looked to the security guard that stepped out from the small booth. "Can I help you?" The guard asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, Alan, you can open that gate." Lionel ordered from the rolled down window. His cold, emotionless eyes stared at Alan with a dark look settling over his face, before it disappeared just as quickly, as if it were a mirage. Nodding quickly, Alan stepped back in the booth and flipped a switch, allowing the gates to slowly open inward.

"Thank you, Alan." David stated politely. Rolling the windows back up the driver took the car up the gravel pathway. Towering oak trees were along the path, with long green grass filled with flowers. A marble statue was in the middle of the circular driveway with figures of Luthor's from their past. The black car came to a stop before the purring engine shut off with a small hiss.

"Come along, Lex. No time to loiter." Lionel ordered as he slipped out of the open backdoor. Sighing with dread, Alexander crawled out of the backseat and stood beside his father. He followed a step behind as his father made his way towards his brother, a smile on his face. "It's good to see you again Tony." The older male greeted with a smile.

"You as well Lionel. How's the wife?" Anthony Luthor – Harris inquired with a raised eyebrow. Tony Harris was the half brother of Lionel Luthor and just as successful as the older man. Jessica Harris stood beside her husband, dressed in a flowery white and blue summer dress. Beside her husband's darker suit, she stuck out like a sore thumb.

"Fine as can be." Lionel replied with a careless shrug of his shoulders. "How have you been Jessica?" He inquired. Lex remained silent as the adults spoke.

"I'm great. Thank you for asking, Lionel." Jessica stated. She placed a hand upon her stomach, showing a growing bump.

"Congratulations." Lionel said with a small smirk.

"Thank you." Anthony replied with a nod.

"Say congratulations, Lex." Lionel ordered his young son.

"Congratulations Uncle Anthony, Aunt Jessica." Lex spoke softly as he gave a flitting smile. He would have said it anyways without his father ordering him to, but he had been too slow to speak up before his father did. He wasn't rude, he had manners and etiquette, it's one of the subjects he's been taught since he was four.

"Thank you Lex. How are you?" Jessica questioned in concern.

"I'm doing well, Aunt Jessica. I've been busy with my studies." Alexander stated with a small shrug.

"Doing well I hope?" Anthony questioned Lex with a dark brown eyebrow raised.

"Of course, Uncle. I'm a Luthor. We do well in everything." Lex stated softly, repeating words that his father always constantly grained into him. When a child is raised in an environment like Alexander was, certain things remained permanently ingrained in his mind, one of them being that Luthor men were always the best at everything, anything less was unacceptable.

Alexander Luthor had always been a quiet but kindhearted boy. He was polite and inquisitive, always looking to discover more. His intelligence was something he was proud of. It was also something that made it difficult for him to interact with other children his age. They always felt he was acting superior over them and thought himself better then them with his proper etiquette and well versed words.

"Remember Lex. I'll be back in January. I'll take you to Metropolis like I said I would." Lionel stated to his son. "I'm thinking of expanding or starting another company there." Lionel said to Tony. "Perhaps I'll make LuthorCorp that main building there." The other man nodded thoughtfully. It wouldn't be a half bad idea. "It was good seeing you, Tony, Jessica, but I must be getting back. I have a meeting in about two hours." The two half-brothers shook hands before Lionel gave Jessica a kiss on the hand. "You better behave, Lex." His father warned softly as he patted his son's shoulder before turning on his heel and heading back to the car.

A heavy silence settled over the three, two half Luthors and one a full Luthor, members as they watched Lionel disappeared down the driveway in the back of the Mercedes Benz. "Well..." Jessica began, clearing her throat in discomfort at the sudden silence.

A smile, that was filled with warmth graced Lex's lips as he looked at his Aunt and Uncle. "Perhaps you can give me a tour of your home?" The eight-year-old questioned. He ignored the burning rays of sunlight on his back as he glanced between Tony and Jessica, then back to the manor. "It's a beautiful Manor and rather large. It would be unfortunate should I get lost while living here for the next three weeks." It was Christmas break for him from his school, even though he was going to be visited by his tutors the next day, he wanted to enjoy the time with his Aunt and Uncle without the thought of doing homework for the moment.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea Alexander." Tony stated.

"Lex, Uncle. Alexander is far too much a mouthful." The intelligent child replied.

"Lex, then." Tony said with a warm smile. "Come then, let's give you a tour." The older man suggested.

"It is a lovely idea." Jessica agreed. She wrapped an arm around her nephew's shoulder as she dragged him behind Tony as they gave him the tour of their home and his, by extension.

23rd December 1988

Sunnydale California

Luthor-Harris Manor

Late Morning

For the last three days Alexander had begun his studies once again, his mind being filled with everything his father had deemed his heir and only son should know. Lex tapped his pen against the journal that sat upon the desk of the library in the Luthor-Harris Manor, his mind lost in thought, just barely paying attention to his tutor. It was suggested by his Uncle that he and his tutors use this area to teach and study anything he needed. As his Uncle had a rather large library filled with books, that his scholarly tutors had decided to use, Lex was beginning to progress faster, surprising his tutors. His mind was filled with dates and names from the past, leaving a headache throbbing at his temples. From an early age, before he could even talk, his father had tutors teaching him, ingraining things into his mind.

As it has been said, children's minds were like sponges, and Lex was just an example at that. Already at the age of eight, Lex knew eleven languages fluently (English being one of them), and was going to start learning another fifteen over the next six years. He knew cultures of six countries and learning more as time went on. Lex was also being taught martial arts styles. Already, he had learned six different martial arts, starting from the age of four. Every year on his birthday, he'd be taught two new styles, this year he was being taught Kendo and Fencing.

Lionel Luthor always pushed and pushed, but never truly showed he was proud of his son for absorbing and learning so much at such a young age. It was never good enough for the man, and more than likely never would be. He wasn't a man to show much feeling, and only cared about the success Lex would bring for him.

"Are you paying attention, Mr. Luthor?" The stern tone of Mr. Rousseau, his History teacher for American History, Ancient History, Economic History, U.S Government History, Greek History, European History and History of Science and Technology, asked. Of course, he hasn't been taught them all yet. Over the next couple of years, Mr. Rousseau would be teaching him the subjects American History, Economic/U.S. Government History, European History and World History when he began to take those classes in his middle school and high school years. At the moment, he was just learning about Ancient History, Greek History and History of Europe.

"No sir." He murmured softly. His eyes looked away from the blank notepad and up at his teacher.

"And why is that Mr. Luthor?" Mr. Rousseau questioned. He leaned against the rectangular sized table, arms crossed over his chest as he looked at the smaller boy. He may have felt bad for treating the boy so harshly, but Lionel Luthor was a man that you didn't disobey.

"I've been up since five this morning Mr. Rousseau." Lex began slowly, eyes flickering from the notebook to his History tutor. "I've had to do some Martial Arts lessons, Piano lessons, Manners and Etiquette, Drawing, Painting, Reading, Classical Languages: Ancient Greek and Latin and Ancient History since six. I'm still going to have to continue these lessons until at least dinner. Which will be Greek History, History of Europe, Fine Arts, Photography, Studio Art, Sculpture and Art Conservation...I just want a little break." The boy sighed tiredly as he looked up at the thirty-three-year-old tutor.

Mr. Rousseau's eyebrows rose with surprise at the child's announcement. He had to get up that early? No wonder the boy was going crazy. He had for the past five hours gone to his tutors and would continue to until dinner. "I suppose I can allow you time to go outside for a bit." The History tutor stated slowly.

"Really? You'd do that for me?" Lex inquired with hopeful blue eyes.

"Yes. Go tell your Aunt and Uncle I allowed you time outside, but if you do want to go to a park or something, make sure you bring a guard Mr. Luthor." Mr. Rousseau called out to Lex's back as his figure disappeared around the corner of the door. The older gentleman shook his head in amusement. Lex Luthor may be constantly pushed to be the best, meaning he could never act as a child around most, but when he had the chance, he showed his childish side.

23rd December 1988

Sunnydale California

Sunnydale Park

Late Morning

Alexander swung silently on the swing, his head leaned back as he enjoyed the rush of the wind blowing through locks of auburn hair. Forward and backwards his legs swung as he enjoyed the small break he was given by his tutor. "Hi." Bright blue eyes flickered open. Raising his head, Lex turned to the sound of the voice and looked down to see a little red haired girl with bright green eyes standing beside the metal pole that kept the swings up.

"...Hi..." Lex replied slowly, after a moment of surprise. He wasn't the most social child, as he spent most of his time around adults and children of those adults that were much like him, tutored at an early age to be the best. Sure, they played with each other, but they always had this, distance between them.

"My names Willow. What's your name?" The girl, Willow, asked as she plopped down on the swing beside him. Her eyes were wide and curious as she looked at the strange boy she had never seen before.

"Alexander...but everyone calls me Lex." Lex said with a small, nervous smile. His grip on the chain of the swing tightened as he slid to a slow swaying on the swing.

"Lex...I like it!" Willow cheerfully stated. "It's an interesting nickname." The eight year old stated. "I probably would have called you Xander."

"Thanks." A scrunch of his nose was shown at the thought of the nickname this Willow girl would have given him. "My father wouldn't have been pleased with a nickname like that. He would have said it was demeaning to a person of my status." Lex stated with a shake of his head.

"I like your name. It's pretty. Just like the willow tree." Lex said with a friendly smile, changing the subject when he noticed the Willow girl was getting uncomfortable. His bright blue eyes glimmered in the light of the sun., looking like blue diamonds in the sun The sound of other children laughing and screaming playfully near the gym equipment surfaced through the air and reached the two children as they continued to speak with each other, quickly becoming best friends over a short amount of time.

"What does your daddy do?" Willow questions as the slow pace of conversation finally came to a stop. Willow was as inquisitive as Lex, and nearly as smart as the other boy. The two had great fun talking about different scholarly subjects.

"My dad's the CEO of LuthorCorp." Lex replied with a shrug. "He's always busy with meetings and trying to help my mother. She's sick, from what I've overheard." The eight year old looked to Willow. "What do your parents do?"

"They're psychologists." Willow began. "They try to help people with their problems. They're always working." She paused. "Who do you live with since your daddy dropped you off?"

"I'm staying with my Aunt Jessica and Uncle Anthony Harris." Lex stopped swinging and looked down at his lap. He picked at his pants with thought. "I'm suppose to stay here until January. Then, I'm father's going to come pick me up and take me to Metropolis finally. For the last couple of months he's been pushing it back." He stated with a small shrug. "The only time I ever really see him is when he's taking me with him on business trips, other than that, it's just my nannies and tutors."

"I'm sorry." Willow stated with a frown. She felt bad for her new friend. He must not feel very loved or have much attention payed to him. "At least you have me now. Oh there's Jesse." Willow said, catching sight of a brown haired, brown eyed boy making his way over to the two of them. "Hi Jesse." The red haired girl greeted with a wave and smile. "I want you to meet my new, other, best friend Lex Luthor." She introduced with a smile. "Lex, this is Jesse McNally." She said, looking between the two boys with a bright, happy smile.

"Hi." Jesse greeted. He took the seat on the other side of Lex. "It's nice to meet you."

"You too." Lex replied softly with a small smile. "How long have you guys been friends?" He questioned his two new friends. It was strange for the eight year old to admit he had friends. Oliver Queen, Jason Teague and Patricia Swann were just children of parents his father had business with, and so, they all weren't friends exactly, sure they played with each other whenever their parents had parties, but other than that, they never saw each other often.

"Since we were five." Jesse stated with a reminiscent smile. "She was in the corner crying because Cordelia Chase had broken her yellow crayon. I let her share mine, and that's when we became best friends." The other boy finished. He slowly began to swing on the set.

"Is Cordelia Chase always picking on you?" Lex questioned Willow with a raised eyebrow. Bright blue eyes showed interest at this new information.

"Yeah...she's rich...not as rich as you are of course," Willow stated as she looked to the bright eyed boy. "But she's a bit spoiled and mean to those that aren't."

Lex frowned at the description of this Cordelia Chase. She didn't exactly sound like a person he'd want to be friends with. She sounded rather cruel to those with lesser money, something that Lex certainty wasn't. He didn't much care about the wealth of another person. They were all the same. Who cared if they were poor, middle class or upper class? Lex would soon learn as he grew up, the wealth did really matter, especially to some individuals.

"She someone I'd rather not meet." Lex decided with a nod of his head; making auburn locks fall into his eyes.

Jesse gave a small sigh and shake of his head. Already his crush was beginning to flourish. "She's not that bad." He tried to defend.

Willow gave a small giggle at her friend. "You say that 'cause you like her." The girl raised a hand, brushing the locks of red hair over her shoulder. Lex looked between the two friends as they began to bicker between each other. He felt rather out of place because of the way they acted with each other and the way he was dressed. Willow wore a rather worn green dress with white tights underneath and worn and slightly torn dress sandles that were also white and green.

Jesse wore a pair of blue torn jeans and a worn out green shirt that looked light yellowish green with a picture of some show on the front. Lex himself wore a crisp pair of tan slacks with a white long sleeved button up shirt, a midnight black vest, a reddish blue child's tie and a knee length black coat. The last thing he wore was a pair of black pair of dress shoes. "Are you okay Lex?" Willow suddenly questioned.

Lex looked up from staring at his lap and over to the pretty red haired girl. "Yes. I'm fine Wills." He stated. "I just feel...a little out of place." He decided as he looked down at his outfit. Willow and Jesse's eyes followed and realized what he meant. He looked rather like a child who was about to go to a fancy party or dinner than to play on the playground.

"Don't you have clothes to play in?" Jesse asked with a furrow of his eyebrows.

Lex frowned and shook his head slowly. "No...I only have clothes like this. I'm not allowed to play if it means I can get my clothes dirty." Jesse and Willow looked at each other, both feeling even worse for their new friend. What parent would make their child dress in such fine clothing but not get them clothes they could dirty?

"Oh...well...we can just remain swinging. That's fun." Willow cheerfully exclaimed. She was trying to make Lex feel a bit better. She didn't blame the boy for being a bit upset about dressing in such fine clothing. It meant they couldn't play games that both she and Jesse would have suggested. But that was okay, they'd find other ways to have fun. After all, that's what best friends were for.

7th October 1989

Smallville, Kansas

Late Afternoon

The helicopter flew over cornfields, making a loud whooshing and humming sound as it headed towards it's destination. Young Alexander 'Lex' Luthor sat upon the helicopter seat, eyes squeezed shut with fear and panic at the steady thrumming of the helicopter blades. He hated heights. Ever since April, when the 'Incident' as they called it, happened. It had been a rather idiotic action that he and his new best friend Jesse had decided to do. Lex had been acting like the child he was and had decided to try and climb the large tree in the backyard of his Aunt and Uncle's home. What he hadn't realized, was the branches were so unsteady that any weight heavier than thirty pounds would crack it. One thing led to another and Lex ended up falling fifteen feet into his Uncle's swimming pool, nearly drowning as the blue tarp covering it wrapped around him. Luckily for Lex, the gardener was in the backyard and he had seen what had happened, and he saved him. Ever since then, he has hated heights.

'Why oh why did we have to take a helicopter.' Lex panicked in his mind. His body shook with fear as he covered his hands over his ears. This was a day he wouldn't forget the nine year old thought. It had been almost a week since his ninth birthday on September 28th. "This has got to stop." Lionel stated as he folded the newspaper in his lap. "Lex, open your eyes." He ordered as he leaned slightly forward from his seat to look at his son.

"I can't." Lex replied with fear lacing his words like a toxin.

"Luthor's are not afraid. We don't have that luxury. We're Leaders." Lionel remarked while he looked at his auburn haired son. He scooted across the helicopter seat and wrapped his arm behind his sons seat. "You have a destiny Lex. You're not going to get anywhere with your eyes closed." He continued, looking at his young nine year old son that held his eyes tightly closed. His body wasn't shaking as much as it had before, but it still wasn't good enough.


Alexander stood silently beside the cornfield. His father was off near the truck, discussing business with some associates of his. He had tried to sneak off while his father was busy. Why wouldn't he? It was so boring just standing around, waiting for his father to finish filling out papers. "Lex, son." Lionel called out over his shoulder, looking at Lex with an expression that clearly told him to stay put.

With a sigh, he looked around the farm landscape. His auburn hair are thick and curly as it fell into his eyes, shadowing the bright blues from the sun. His dark blue knee length coat he wore fluttered gently in the breeze as he stared up at the bright blue sky. Boredom had settled heavily in him as he looked at the post that a rather large crow sat upon. They were rather big, and a bit creepy. He decided to himself.

With one last glance at his father, Lex slipped into the cornfield and began to walk farther away, not paying attention to how far he was leaving his father and the farm. Bright blues turned away from the green corn and looked back up at the sky, noticing how clear it was, not a cloud in sight. Standing in the middle of the corn stock, he felt fear as the sudden whispered voice began to speak. "Help me..." Lex froze. The sound distracted him from his random thoughts as the soft whisper persisted with the breeze, settling in the air. "Help me..." The nine-year-old slowly looked around him at the sound. It was so odd. "Help me please..." The begging voice caused his heart to pound in his chest as bright eyes flickered and searched in the field for where the voice was coming from. He only saw stocks of corn and a scarecrow.

With a sudden surge of panic, Lex turned on his heel and ran, his breath coming out in pants as his chest constricted with not enough oxygen in his lungs. Asthma was a fickle thing. He glanced over his shoulder, looking for the voice that was speaking to him and never noticed the fallen cornstalks on the ground, causing him to trip and collapse on the floor. Shaky hands reached for his inhaler. He slowly pushed in a sitting position and crawled backwards until his back hit a wooden post. "Hey me. Please." The young man on the begged, tied to the post with nothing but boxers and a large red S painted across his chest.

Lex stared with wide eyes up at the young man on the post. Blue eyes dragged away from the young man as the sight of a large tail from a meteor rock flew overhead, crashing onto the field a few yards away. The aftershock was huge as it came barreling across the field. With wide eyes, Lex turned away and began to run, trying to get away from the wave from the meteor rock. With a scream, Lex was soon captured in it as it flew over him.


"Lex! Lex! Where are you?" Lionel yelled out as he ran over the cornfields, his shoes crunching against the green leaves, as he searched for his missing son, his heir. He paused as he caught sight of a lock of auburn hair. He slowly bent down and picked it up, holding it between his hands. The worst thoughts popped into his mind at the sight. Shaking them away he took a deep breath. No. He wouldn't think that. His son, his heir, was alive.

"Lex?" Lionel asked, at the sound of a rustling. He walked slowly over the cornstalks, over to where the sound had come from. "Is that you?" He inquired. Lifting away some of the cornstalks from the body, his eyes widened as he noticed the missing hair from his sons head, only a few were still there. He stepped away slowly, as his son shook and made strange noises.

All Lex could feel was pain, as if something was eating his organs and changing them inside. It burned and he ached. His glazed eyes continued to look forward, his arm continued to shake along with his whole body. Why wouldn't the pain go away?

18th December 1989

Sunnydale, California

Luthor-Harris Manor

Alexander tiredly laid in bed. It had been a week since the accident, and he still felt like he had no energy. His birthday had been on September 28th, nearly two months and a two weeks. For the last two months he had been in the hospital, watched and monitored for any sudden changes as he had been in a coma until two weeks ago. Whatever had happened that day, he had been miraculously cured of his asthma. But it still left him bald. His eyes had also changed to a more bluish gray like an ocean and a storm combined. With a glazed look in his eyes, he remembered back to the discussion he had had with his mother when he had first come into consciousness.

"My poor baby boy." Lillian Luthor sniffled as she looked at her only child. Her eyes filled with tears at the sight of him bald, no longer did he have her auburn locks."You're gorgeous locks of hair...gone." She whispered softly with a sad smile.

"At least I don't have to worry about brushing my hair anymore..." Lex joked weakly as his mother let loose a few tears. Luckily his father wasn't in the room to see his mother showing 'such a weak emotion like tears'. He raised a weak hand and lovingly grasped his mother's own pale hand, tightly holding it in his own weak grasp. "It'll be alright mama. It's just hair and at least I don't have asthma anymore." Lex tried to cheer her up, he really did, but he himself felt like crying, but Luthor's didn't cry or show emotions. They were suppose to be strong, invincible to emotions like sadness and fear. If only he could break down like any other child. Wouldn't that be a relief. But no, he had to play these mind games with his father. Which, he was becoming rather good at.

"I'm so sorry this happened to you Alexander." Lily remarked with a soft sigh as she rubbed her thumb over his hand. "You deserve so much more, Lex." She gave a sad smile. "If only I had been able to protect you. Sooner than you think Alexander, you'll have to face your father head to head..." She paused. "But you're make it." Lillian announced with a nod and smile filled with love and happiness. "If only I had more time with you, to watch you become a man..." She trailed off with a tilt of her head.

Lex frowned, not knowing what to say to his mother. She was acting rather strange lately. Her emotions and personality were chaotic at times. "I have everything I need mama." He lied with a smile that looked natural, but was rather forced. He had learned the art of lying and faking things at an early age. "I have you. That's all I need. And maybe Willow and Jesse." Lex stated with a small smile filled with love for the woman before him.

"Such a strong boy. You'll be great one day Lex." Lily muttered as her light blue eyes stared into his own bright eyes, that now held a hint of gray in the beautiful blues. They were still as bright as ever, but no longer were they a pure blue.

"Of course mama. I'll take over the companies one day." Lex replied. He gave his mother's hand a tight squeeze, watching as she silently walked out of the hospital room. His mother was not her spirited self like she usually was. Perhaps it was because of the situation.

"Lex...are you alright?" Willow's voice brought young Lex out of his thoughts.

"What...sorry Wills. I was just thinking." Lex stated with a shake of his head. "It's nothing." He assured her as he looked between his best friends. "So...what's up?" He questioned.

"We're just glad to see you okay. We heard on the news what happened in Smallville. And that you got caught in it. At least nothing severe happened." The nine year old girl stated.

"True. Except for loosing my hair and suddenly having no asthma." The boy replied with a shrug.

"You don't have asthma anymore? How?" Jesse exclaimed with wide eyes.

"I don't have a happened after the meteor shower. I got stuck in it and my hair ended up falling out, but I also got cured of my asthma and I am told that I'm perfectly healthy." Lex adjusted his position on the bed. His butt was beginning to feel numb sitting in the same position for too long. "What have you guys been up to since I left?" He asked, changing the subject from the Smallville Incident to something much better.

"We went to the park and then went to that new community pool that your father built." Willow stated with a smile. "We heard that you're family is going to continue to expand Sunnydale, make it bigger and build more buildings, earn more money or something." Most children repeated what they heard from the television and family members, and most of the time it was true, but Willow Rosenberg and Alexander Luthor were very smart individuals.

"Yes, my dad and Uncle's want to expand Sunnydale and make more profits, so they're going to make it better, so they say. Since Sunnydale is really small." Lex stated with a small shrug.

"What kind of things are they going to building?" Jesse asked.

" dad and Uncle's decided they wanted to build more restaurants, shops, a mall, small amusement park and a few other things. He also wanted to invest in the schools, make them like those private schools I would have gone to." He paused for a moment. "He wants to make it a small city or something, instead of a town. The Mayor seems pretty eager about it, from what I've heard." Alexander replied with sleepy eyes.

"That's interesting." Willow stated. She didn't know how to feel about her home being changed, but maybe it'll be a good thing.

Alexander kept silent about what other associates his father had talked with wanted to build, such as bars, pubs, night clubs, ect. It was something that children his age didn't need to talk about and it wouldn't have anything to deal with him, so why worry about it?

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