Author Note

I've decided after reading what I've written of this story so far that I will be re-editing/re-writing it. Basically this story is more Lex Luthor taking the place of Xander Harris. Seeing as Lex is very different from Xander, I'm going to completely change what I've done with this story so far. For the most part, even though Lex has friends, he's still basically likely to go down the dark path.

This story for the most part will take place in the Smallville series. There will still be Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel supernatural things occurring. Also there will be a slight Charmed crossover, meaning the demons, witches, whitelighters, etc. will be in it, but will not make a very big appearance. This will be explained more in detail later in the story.

Another thing I'll be changing is that Clark Kent will be Clara Kent known as Kala-El. This is because I don't picture Lex as being completely homosexual. I can see him being bisexual if anything. But he's going to be straight in this story.

Clara Kent's playby is Evangeline Lilly.

Lukas Lang's playby is Josh Duhamel.

Whitney Fordman's playby is Yvonne Strahovski.

Oliver Queen's playby is Stephen Amell.

Bruce Wayne's playby is Christian Bale.

Dick Grayson's playby is Steven R McQueen or Ian Somerhalder.

Everyone else is basically the same. I may change them as the story changes, depending on how my ideas for this story change. Feel free to message me about this story if you have any questions. Unless it spoils the story I'll answer the question.