Alias: This is War

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Author's Note: I wrote this right after I watched "30 Seconds" for the first time. Something about Jack being the one to find Nadia, and his reaction to seeing her... It was subtle, but it was SO heartbreaking to me. And seeing how much they cared for each other beforehand in the episode made it that much more moving. I almost never cry because of television, I came close at the end of that episode.


Never again. Never again will I be so stupid as to think that Arvin Sloane has any more of his soul left inside him. He did once, I am sure of that; Nadia changed him in ways that knowing Sydney has changed me, and seeing that in him was a wonderful thing. But he could never let go of his obsessions, he allowed them to destroy the one thing that could have made him better. That could have saved him. With his own hands, he murdered his only hope, and it's me who cries for her.

Nadia might have been his daughter by blood, yes; but she was also Irina's. She was Sydney's sister, and I consider her to be a part of my family. I should have told her that a long time ago, before all of this…but she knew before the end, that she was loved more than an obsession, a skewed faith. She knew that she would always have a home. And if I could bring time back, if I had known that I had the power to save her from this, I would have. I would have murdered Arvin Sloane where he stood.

Anything but this.

It is killing me to see her this way, her lifeless body laid out and so deceptively peaceful in contrast against my rage. I never should have let her see him. In my eyes, Arvin gave up his right to call her a daughter the second that he decided to study that document, to take it from hiding where it belonged and follow the path that has led him to insanity. It is as if it's my own daughter sleeping in this coffin. Sydney and I are the ones who will shoulder this loss. It will be in our lives that we feel the huge, gaping hole left behind by this extraordinary person, and I don't believe that the pain of this moment will every go away.

I don't doubt that at one time, Arvin loved his daughter more than life itself. At one time, he willingly gave up himself for her; he gave up everything for Nadia except that one page. And that burned him. It sat in that storage unit, and at the back of his mind it ate at him, broke him down, until it utterly consumed him.

Arvin Sloane the father loved his daughter. But the Arvin that killed her also killed the father in him, and ground it down until there was nothing left of the good man that he could have become.

If only he were strong enough. I wish, with all my heart, that he had been; because his daughter loved him more than he could have dreamed, and I don't think that his murder is the legacy that she wants to leave behind. But what choice to I have? He attacked my family; he killed a part of my family. This means war.

Thank God that Nadia will never know what I have to do. I believe that she would still try to stop me, in spite of everything that he has done to her. I believe she would try to save his life, and that is not an option anymore. It is time that that man paid for his crimes, for all of them; what he has done to this world, to my family, to me. To his own daughter.

It is time for Arvin Sloane to die.



A/N: Excuse me while I go weep...:(