His hearts fluttered as he saw the mass of curls sitting in the cell; the florescent lights illuminating each individual curl, screaming at him to be touched. She was sat in the centre of her bed, her back to him. She was hunched over, what he presumed to be, her diary; slaving away, writing her spoilers. She hadn't even flinched as he parked the Tardis next to her iron cage, nor when he sauntered up to the door and very unceremoniously whacked his foot on the bottom of the railings. He yelped out in pain. "I'll be with you in a minute sweetie." She said her back to him, her tone indicating that she'd known he'd been their all along. One thing the Doctor had learnt in this generation was that he was impatient; hence as soon as the final word had left River's lips he had whipped out his sonic screwdriver and was opening the cell door. River still didn't turn around. The Doctor made his way over to her, wrapped his arms around her waist and placed his chin upon her shoulder. Before he could even glimpse at the diary in front of her though, she shut the book revealing a slightly newer version of a diary he had seen countless times before. River caught the Doctor's pout in the corner of her eye and laughed. "No spoilers sweetie. It's your rules." She said, craning her neck round and kissing him on the cheek. The Doctor tried not to crack into a smile, but resistance was futile. "So when are we then?" She asked leaning back so now her head rested on his shoulder.
"Jim the fish." He replied with a smile.
"Oh, how is he?" River asked reminiscing on the occasion.
"Still building his dam." The Doctor chuckled, yet a part of him remembered when he had last said those words.
"Do you ever get tired of meeting your wife in the wrong order?" River asked her tone very light but the point very clear.
"Honestly?" The Doctor asked eyebrows raised. River nodded though she wasn't 100 percent sure she wanted to know the answer. The Doctor smiled. "Never. Do you?" He asked.
"Never." She replied, now looking face to face.

They didn't go anywhere that evening; both were content in one another's arms, but both had the foreknowledge that this bliss wouldn't last for long. Time always caught up on people, even time travellers.