"In, In, In!" The Doctor said pushing River towards the cupboard. River didn't hesitate but when she opened the door she stopped in her tracks.
"It's too small, we're not going to fit in their." She said desperately. The Doctor rolled his eyes and gave a push into the cramped cupboard.
"You'd be surprised Ms Song. I'm very flexible." The Doctor said with smirk. This River was so young, but it didn't mean she wasn't flirtatious.
"Really?" She said in a lustful voice.
"Well, yes. But right now, shh, we're hiding." He said as he closed the cupboard door, causing him to be squished up against River. Silence fell between the pair and lasted all of about 10 seconds.
"You know sweetie, this could prove to be an interesting place to make out." River jested with raised eyebrows. The Doctor couldn't see this though as it was currently pitch black in the cupboard hence he proceeded in a shocked response.
"River! We're hidden in a cupboard in probably THE most powerful office in the world and... You want to make out?" The Doctor said his voice still in a whisper. River leaned in close to the Doctor; he could feel her breath on his face. He couldn't deny he missed the close proximity he had with the `older` River.
"Oh sweetie, you must know me as well as you thought!" River purred and leaned into kiss him.

On the 20th January 2009, the day the new president Barack Obama assumed office, a certain `River Song` and `Doctor` were caught in the Oval office, the latter with several lipstick stains on his face and neck. Their explanation of what they were doing there was interesting to say the least.