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His breath clouds as it hits the crisp air. The wind has a distinctive bite to it, and he knows the weather won't get any better as the day progresses. His fingers turn numb almost instantaneously, and are bright red on inspection. He shudders and shakes his head in an attempt to stimulate the blood flow to his suddenly numb ears, without success. He breathes in and out, deeply, and the chilling swirls of mist that appear in front of his eyes only confirm his suspicions. Winter's arrived. Hard.

The frosty morning does not lighten the more of it he sees in the wintry sunlight, and by the time his car slides on deathly black ice for the fifth time, he's positively grumpy. He gets that he should like winter- there's holidays and days off work, but those are meant to be spent with family and friends. For the majority of it, his friends are his family. Not by blood (he's only really got his Dad and they're not exactly the best of friends) but by other ties- by love and unbreakable bonds. So, whilst he'll never admit it, he'd much rather spend the holidays at work, with the people he loves. Not that he has any plans of ever telling them that, of course.

His feet tread through the snow with clear victory as he walks, each crunch showcasing his power against the elements, and he wishes somebody could be there to witness the splendor.
As he rounds a corner and crushes yet more defenceless icy substance, he slides to a halt upon seeing her. He grins at the sight; her hands are stuffed into pockets, her scarf is tightly pulled round neck, her cheeks and the tip of her nose are just that little bit redder than usual. As he approaches her, she acknowledges his presence with a smile before allowing herself to be pulled into a loud whoop of laughter and a warming embrace. Only part way through does he realize what he's doing, so he tries to let go in the most natural-seeming way possible. However, he hasn't anticipated just how cold it is until she shivers underneath his arms. And since he can't have that, he makes the decision to pull apart but dive into the nearest Starbucks for company, coffee, and cordial heat, dismissing imminent work temporarily.

Then, when they walk to the office (they both ditched their cars in favor of their lives, which he finds extremely ironic given how she drives) he wraps his arm around her shoulder without second thought, and rejoices in the fact she seems okay with it. She even slips her arm round his waist and hugs him from the side as a way of returning the gesture. And they both know it's not just to keep warm.

He does it when they walk back that day to find their cars, too. And he does it the next day, and the next week, and he never really stops it. Until one night, he hugs her close to his chest and she wraps her arms round him tightly in return. From then on, he makes a point to do that every night, just because it feels so right. And he damn well loves it.