Warnings: Slash. Sex. A bit of violence.

This is my first smutfest, so please be nice.

"Sirius, for the love of Merlin, stop moving and shut up!" Remus hissed out of the corner of his mouth, a crease forming between his eyebrows at the situation he'd allowed Sirius to get him into. The animagus was currently lying underneath Remus' bed pressed against the werewolf completely. They were currently hiding from a very confused Peter and an absolutely livid James. Honestly, what did you expect Sirius to do when he found the long-lasting sticking charm in their Charms textbook? Not use it to pull, in his opinion, one of the funniest pranks of the year? Just pretend he didn't see it? He wouldn't be a Marauder if he'd done that. And an added bonus to the whole deal is Remus' blame by association which made him in as much trouble as Sirius in James' book thus resulting in them lying in tight quarters under James' nicked invisibility cloak between Remus' neatly lined shoes. And, as if they didn't have enough problems, Sirius was finding himself getting increasingly hot and bothered by being in such close proximity to his werewolf friend.

That was another whole problem in and of itself starting two months ago when Remus finally told the rest of the marauders that he was bent. No one was particularly surprised but they showed him the support that every best friend had for one another.

"Better watch out though, Moony. Ole' Paddy here might try to get in your knickers next," James had said. Remus snorted and rolled his eyes.

"Not a chance." Sirius had played it off like he was insulted, deeply wounded and all that in the moment but since then he's found that his mind kept wandering back to the sandy haired bookworm more and more. His gaze began unconsciously following him as he walked across the room, getting slightly turned on when he licked chocolate from the corner of his mouth, wanting it to be his teeth that sunk into that soft pink lip as he was writing an essay. Then he would come back to himself and think 'but this is Moony! He's a bloke!' It wasn't until a month of constant warring in his brain and wanking until he was raw that Sirius began to think that maybe, just maybe he was bent too. Not just bent, but a flaming poof that had it bad for his best friend.

So now, between his mirth and pride for exceptional prank pulling and ever growing desire for the boy beneath him, Sirius found it a bit difficult to keep still.

"If you don't stop, they'll know we're under here and James will hex us from here until we're forty now pack it in and keep still!"

"I can't help it, Moony! It's just so funny." The animagus put his arms on either side of the thinner boy's body, holding his upper body off Remus' chest but leaving his whole lower body in ohsoperfectlyblissful contact with the werewolf's.

Remus rolled his eyes, partially at Sirius' innate ability to act like a hyperactive five-year-old and partially because the animagus was so charmingly adorable he needed to do something to distract himself from the delicious rubbing against his body. Remus' hearing enhanced ears priced at the labored thumping of hopping feet coming up the dormitory stairs. The corner of his mouth twitched up at the mental image he got when he imagined the state they left James and Peter in before hastily clamping his hand over Sirius' mouth.

"Sh! They're here." Releasing an exasperated sigh, Remus clamped a firm hand on Sirius him forcing the boy to finallyfortheloveofMerlin stop squirming. There was a loud thud as, they presumed, their friends fell into the door before it swung open with a bang and a harsh thud as they tumbled onto the floor.

"Ungh. Smooth Pete."

"Bugger off. You said open the door."

"I meant after we stopped leaning on it you git. I'm going to fucking murder them. And the fucking prat took our wands too." The hidden boys heard the soft shuffling of cloth against the stone floor and frustrated grunts as James and Peter moved around. Sirius peered out from under the bed, trying to get a good look but Remus' eyes were fixed on the boy above him, breathing in his scent and drooling a bit.

"Well they're not here, James. Now what?"

"I can see they're not here, Pete. Thanks."

"Oi, I'm just figuring it out. I don't want to be stuck to your bloody arse forever."

"Alright, alright. I suppose we could go ask Lily to help us. I mean, she'll laugh her arse off but she might do it. Right, let's go, yeah?" Sirius grinned at Remus like the cat got the cream from behind his hand when he saw James and Peter fall to the ground stuck together from knees to shoulder, side by side. What the werewolf didn't know previously was Sirius had charmed their legs together but not to each other, hence the hopping as they ascended the stairs. The animagus chuckled against the werewolf as he tried to peer out from under the dust ruffle to see them struggle, bouncing their bodies together until Remus' hand tightened on Sirius' hip. Sirius turned toward his friend and his smile slowly slipped off his face.

Remus' eyes were dark and blown out, lust radiating from him as his tongue brushed across his lips. The full was the next evening and Remus' blood was fit to boil. His fingers tightened on his friend's hip as his other hand slid from over his mouth to his cheek to the back of his neck. They were so close, their breaths dancing across each other's faces, intoxicating each other and drawing the other in.

They didn't know who moved first, just that their lips met with a hungry passion unrivaled by any past experience either boy had. Teeth ground against lips as fingers wound amongst hair. Remus pressed his hips up, wantonly taking advantage of Sirius' moan and slipped his tongue into the raven haired boy's mouth, stroking and prodding, taking in the taste that is uniquely Sirius; smoky, slightly bitter with an underlying current that Remus couldn't get enough of. Sirius grunted as he tried pushing himself up, back colliding with the bed they were still under.

"Ack! Fuck! Rem, can we-" With a feral snarl, Sirius was cast from under the bed and rolled into the middle of the floor. Before he could even get his bearings, Remus was on top of him, pinning his arms down, nipping and pressing open mouthed kisses along his pulse point, moaning as his heightened wolf senses felt the blood pump through him. Sirius arched his neck to allow Remus better access to do the sinfully delicious things he never knew the quiet boy learned to do. He felt nimble fingers on the buttons of his shirt, loosening the fabric from around his body before long slender fingers traced the lines of muscle on his chest sending trembles down his spine and making him arch up for more contact.

Remus smirked at the desperate moans flowing from his lover's mouth as he lowered his head to an already peaked nipple, running his teeth over it and making the other man whimper at the contact. But Remus had to retain control. It was too close to the full, he could hurt this man he'd grown to love so much. The werewolf dragged his nails down Sirius' ribs causing the other man to hiss in pleasure. He nipped at the exposed sides, gently digging his teeth between the animagus' ribs before he felt a hand close around his throbbing cock through his trousers.

Sirius palmed the weeping member through the pants that he had yet to shed, grinding his own prominent erection against the thigh of his partner desperate for the contact that would set him over the edge.

"S-Sirius, you need to—ungh—stop. Stop now. I – huhh—can't—FUCK!" Sirius had bitten his neck, tweaked his nipple and squeezed his cock all at once. And Remus snapped.

A fierce growl ripped from his chest as he started tearing at the clothing Sirius had on his body, ignoring the whimpers of pain as his nails drew blood. Soon, Sirius was naked below him, his glorious cock jutting out from a mass of dark curls. Remus gripped it roughly in his hand, mercilessly squeezing precome out of the tip before lapping it up and sucking on the crown. Sirius arched into the hot cavern that was Remus' mouth, fingers winding amongst the sandy strands of hair and pushing his head down roughly. Every time his hips jerked forward, Remus sucked harder and growled in pleasure sending vibrations straight up Sirius spine, making him shiver with delight.

Sirius felt warm liquid heat coiling in the bottom of his stomach as Remus kept laving attention on his cock. His control rapidly deserting him, Sirius started thrusting more and more prominently into the smaller man's mouth until he was writhing and moaning for more. Remus gripped his hips firmly and pressed them into the floor, biting Sirius' hip roughly at the same moment that he plunged a finger deep into the man below him, moaning at the tightness and heat surrounding his finger. A cry tore from Sirius' throat as a delicious pain-pleasure shot through him and tears sprung to his eyes at the unexpected intrusion. Remus didn't give him a chance to adjust before he started pumping his finger, licking his heavy balls and adding a second one, scissoring and getting his partner ready.

"R-Remus, oh Gods, Remus! More, please m—UNGH YESSSS!" Remus' eyes rolled back in his head as he sank completely into Sirius. He managed to control himself for a moment, allowing Sirius those few precious seconds to adjust to the intrusion before rocking back, urging him to move.

"So—ungh—fucking tight Sirius!" Remus gently pulled out until only his head was left, trying to make it less painful for Sirius. He shifted his weight to prepare to slide back in gently when Sirius thrust back harshly, taking him completely.

The delicate thread of control he'd gotten snapped quickly as Remus was taken over by the wolf and pounded mercilessly into his partner. He gripped one of Sirius' shoulders and hips hard, fingers leaving bruises in his flesh that were sure not to fade any time soon. Sirius howled as Remus thrust against his prostate again and again, grunting in effort and pleasure. He was close, Remus could feel him tremble as he reached down and gripped his leaking member, fisting him in time with his thrusts. Remus started off stroking slowly, gently nibbling at the juncture between Sirius' neck and shoulder before thrusting harder, stroking faster, sinking his teeth deeper. Once, twice, three strokes later Sirius came bellowing his lover's name. Remus pounded through the other man's orgasm, a coppery taste flooding his mouth as he growled, nowhere near completion before pulling out roughly, flipping him over and settling him down on his cock again taking a nipple into his mouth. Sirius moaned pitifully, nerves still reeling from his orgasm as Remus lifted and lowered him harshly while tweaking Sirius' flaccid cock.

Wrapping his arms around his shoulders and burying his fingers in his hair, Sirius laid open mouthed kisses along his lover's neck, teeth grazing his tendons eliciting pleasured growls from the other man. The werewolf thrust deeply, bodies colliding with a ohsodelicious smack right onto Sirius' prostate causing the animagus to harden again.

Remus groaned, getting close, his cock pulsing deep inside Sirius as he clenched his muscles around him. He flung the dark haired man onto his back into his puddle of come, pounding into his body as Sirius dug his nails into his skin, screaming an erotic combination of Remus' name and curses as he came for a second time, clenching harder around the werewolf and finally dragging his orgasm with him.

"FUCKING FUUUUUCK SIRIUSSSS!" Remus' voice tore through his throat as he fell off the edge into the blinding abyss of in-fucking-credible pleasure and heat, spilling his seed deep within his lover. Panting and spent, both men fell onto the floor bonelessly and completely satisfied.

"Rem, that was—"

"Ungh." Remus slid out and rolled to his side, pulling Sirius with him.

"Fuck, I'm all sticky."

"Worth it," Remus grunted, placing a gentle kiss on his lover's neck before pulling him back down onto the floor. They remained tangled on the floor for a few moments before the wolf retreated completely and Remus realized they were naked, covered in their own spunk, lying in the middle of their dormitory floor.

"C'mon Sirius, let's go clean up." Remus shook the half-comatose man before getting up and really looking at the other man.

"S-Sirius…Did I really do all that?" Sirius cracked his eye open, carelessly glancing down at himself before smirking and nodding. He didn't notice the werewolf's eyes widen in horror.

"I d-didn't bite you, d-did I?" Sirius opened his eyes fully then taking in the completely horrified expression on his lover's face, sitting up and really taking note of his injuries.

"I…I don't remember."

This is my first attempt at slash, so please let me know what you think. I didn't mean to turn this into a series kind of thing, but I guess I left the ending open to a continuation. If I get some requests for me to continue it, I'll go ahead and work on it. If not, then it'll probably just stand as is.