Ch. 5

Everything hurt. Absolutely everything. He felt as though he were run over by a herd of angry centaurs being chased by another herd of hippogriffs. He must have had far too much to drink if this was how he was feeling the morning after. Sirius groaned, opening his eyes a crack as the burning daylight assaulted his retinas.

"Good morning, Pads. Sleep well, I assume?" Turning his head to the right, Sirius saw Remus propped up on his hospital wing cot reading the Daily Prophet over his toast and tea. Then he remembered. He didn't have a long night of drinking to attribute to his current state. His body had torn itself apart and rearranged itself twice in one night.

"Bugger off."

"Well someone's irritated this morning."

"How is it that you can sit there drinking tea and fucking reading while I can barely talk without feeling like I've just played the role of the bludger in Quidditch practice for every single house's team?" Remus sighed, putting his paper down and looking at Sirius.

"Madam Pomfrey left your potions on the table beside you. I feel better because I already took them and I know what a bad moon feels like. Last night wasn't one of them."

"You mean you feel worse than this?"

"Well, I did rough you up a bit," Remus said with a slight smirk as he gestured to the bandages Sirius wore. His arm, leg and ribs were tightly wrapped around what were clearly broken bones. He had scratches and bruises all along his torso and he could feel a swollen lip and a bruised cheekbone the more he moved around. He grunted with discomfort as he reached up to take his potions off the side table, nearly knocking them off as the bandages made him clumsy.

"What'd you do to me, Rem? You're worse than Malfoy if you're beating up the new guy on the first day," Sirius joked, swearing softly as he almost knocked an evergreen colored bottle off the counter.

"Oh, you know me. Lucius and I are right on the same page when it comes to torture…Alright already! Just stop. You know I can't stand to see a dog suffer." Remus got out of bed and picked up the vials before sitting on the edge of Sirius' bed. He propped his arm under the other boy's head and helped him sit up a bit before raising the brightly colored liquid to his lips. In quick succession, a pain relieving potion, a blood replenishing potion and a healthy dose of Skele-grow were administered with a grimace from the ebony haired boy and a whine of displeasure.

"Oh hush, Sirius. It'll make you feel better and you know it."

"Yeah well that doesn't mean I'm happy about taking it in the meantime." Remus replaced the now empty vials back onto the table and lowered his friend back to the bed.

"There now, feel better?" Sirius nodded, silver eyes boring into his friend's as though he wanted to say something but couldn't.

"Much, thanks." Remus smiled that crooked little smile that Sirius came to call 'his smile' before fiddling with the bed sheets. There was a pregnant awkward pause as each boy waited for the other to start talking first.

"Look, Sirius I'm never going to be able to tell you enough how sorry—"

"Stop. Don't apologize again. It's done and it's not going to change. And honestly, how different is it than my usual schedule anyway? I go out with you every full anyway. I'm not sacrificing anything by doing it this way or just accompanying you every month."

"But I didn't want you to become a monster like me."

"Hey," Sirius gingerly pushed himself up off the bed into a sitting position, tilting his friend's face toward his. "You're not a monster. You're the farthest thing from a monster I've ever known and that's saying something. Look at my family."

"But I did this to you. I cursed you when I bit you and I didn't even think twice about it. That makes me just as bad as the wolf who bit me."

"But that's different. He did it on purpose. The thing with us, it was an accident. You're not to blame because of something that you couldn't control."

"I could have! I could have if I didn't—If I didn't let myself get so—No, Sirius. I could have controlled it. I just was…consumed. I'm so sorry." Traitorous tears welled up in his eyes as he closed them from the image of his friend being so calm and patient with him, tried to block out the gentle hand on his cheek and the desire to just fold himself up in the arms that would always protect him.

"If you didn't what, Remus?" A hand on his other cheek forced the sandy haired boy to open his eyes, meeting the darker boy's emotion-filled ones before taking a shaky breath.

"If I didn't love you so much," he whispered, tears dripping down his cheeks. A tight breath escaped his lips as he shuddered, letting his emotions well up and over him, drowning him in a tidal wave that he'd been fighting back for years. He felt the hands raise his chin a touch bringing his face closer to Sirius'. When he opened his eyes they were hardly a breath apart.

"And how would that be fair? Unrequited love is such a difficult thing to deal with. Would you really saddle me with that? How would you be able to live with yourself, Moony?" he joked gently before pressing his lips softly against the other's. Remus snuffled quietly at the contact before putting his hand on Sirius neck, pulling him closer, his soft lips gently working over the other's in silent communication.

This is it, he thought. This is what it feels like to be loved. Really and truly loved despite the flaws and mistakes that are made in between them. This is what complete acceptance feels like. Sirius ran his tongue along Remus' bottom lip and was immediately allowed entrance. They groaned at the sensation, craving the taste of the other, feeling as though it were weeks since they'd last been together instead of mere days. Their tongues languidly stroked over each other, memorizing the sensations, the smells, the taste and the sheer perfection that was being this close to the person they each loved more than anything in the world.

Being this close to him, knowing this was awaiting him after every transformation he'd have to endure made Sirius really wonder if becoming a werewolf was that much of a curse. He'd be with his Remus for the rest of his life, enduring the all the pain and experiencing all the happiness he could because he knew that there was no one in the whole of this universe that he would rather be with.

"I love you, Remus." The words escaped from between his lips, dancing across Remus' on the warmth of his breath. Amber eyes filled with hope, love and a touch of disbelief met silver.


"Really. I've loved you forever. I'll love you for the rest of forever." Leaning their foreheads together, their eyes drifted shut as they basked in their closeness.

"Be mine, Remy. Say you'll stay with me forever. Tell me I'll never be alone again." Tears welled up in Remus' eyes as he gave the boy he loved the most sincere smile he'd ever given.

"I already am, Siri. I've always been yours."

It'd been 5 years since Sirius was turned into a werewolf. 5 years since he and Remus had marked each other and were bonded together irrevocably. 5 years of the happiest bliss either man had known. Though two wizards couldn't yet marry in the Wizarding World, they were as close to it as anyone could get. They shared a flat in London where, as Sirius joked, Remus housed his books and chocolate and, if there was extra space, they lived. Being a pair of werewolves, work was limited and they were lucky to be able to live off of Sirius' inheritance when they were between jobs. Sirius made sure they were never hungry, cold or unsafe and at every full moon, they made their way to the Shrieking Shack. It was the only safe place for them to do so now since Lily had become pregnant. None of them wanted to risk her or the baby and the cellar below their house where they used to transform soon became a storage place for the things they didn't think were baby friendly.

"Lily, darling, come on now. The baby won't get to my broomstick! We don't need to lock it up!"

"James Potter, so help me if you try to keep this in this house and I see our baby zooming around here on that thing you will be the one locked in the cellar!" Fueled by hormones and spending the last 8 months carrying around additional weight in the front of her body, the previously frightening fury of Lily Potter has now transformed into a terrifying wrath that even the furies from the deepest pits of Hell couldn't hold a candle to.

Sirius smirked at his best friend who was losing his battle quickly and Remus nudged him with a frown. It's not right to be laughing at James' expense. He'd already been through enough what with how many times they'd secretly had sex on his bed back at Hogwarts. Smiling at those fond memories and getting more than a little turned on by the mental images, Remus leaned over bringing his lips just a breath away from Sirius' ear.

"I was just thinking of the time I tied you to James bed and fucked you until you could hardly breathe. And that other time in the Shack after we transformed and you were a quivering mass of fur on the ground by the time I was through with you. Ohh, the time in the Prefect's bathroom. Do you remember how hard I rammed my cock into your arse against the spigots? Mmm, you felt so good I thought I was going to explode. I miss those days. Care to relive them with me tonight?" The ebony God sitting beside him flushed bright red, his breathing increased and his pupils dilated at the thought. Swallowing hard, he nodded to the extreme pleasure of his sandy-haired counterpart.

"Lily, I get the feeling that you're going to need some time with James. I think it's time that Sirius and I get going. You know where to find us if you need anything." James turned panicked eyes on his two best friends, casting nervous glances at his wife.

"So soon? You guys don't really have to leave quite yet. Lily and I can have this discussion later."

"No, we can't James, because there is no discussion. There is only you locking that bloody broomstick in the cellar with everything else or you getting rid of it!" Sirius and Remus exchanged a glance before rising from the couch.

"Right, Prongs. Whatever you say. We'll just catch you later. If you're still alive, that is." Sirius patted James' shoulder, kissed Lily on the cheek and proceeded to the fireplace as Remus followed suit. With a final wave, the two men flooed home. They landed in Remus' prized library, Remus picking up the book he was reading before they went to lunch, Sirius pouring two tumblers of scotch and walking back over to the couch.

"Well that was fun, wasn't it?" Sirius chuckled, gently ruffling Remus' hair with his elbow.

"Quite honestly, I'm so glad you can't become pregnant. I don't think I'd be able to handle it if you turned into a raging harpy like Lily." Remus laughed, swatting Sirius with his book before leaning against his shoulder.

"Good thing there's nothing for you to worry about, huh?"

"With how much I shag you, no doubt. I hope you're feeling particularly complacent tonight, love. It will make everything go that much smoother…or not."

"Oh really? And here I thought you were at my mercy tonight." Sirius wrapped his arm around the slighter man's shoulders and Remus snuggled in beside him bringing their faces closer together.

"I'm sure we could come to some kind of agreement." Remus laughed as his lips met his mate's. The sweet, smoky flavor of Sirius' tongue was laced with the bitterness of the scotch he was drinking causing Remus to moan into his mouth. Without breaking apart, the men placed their tumblers back on the table. Sirius' tongue ran along the seam of his lover's lips, smirking a touch when they parted instantly. Their tongues stroked along each other's, eliciting moans as hands started fumbling hastily with buttons on robes.

In minutes, they'd pulled the clothes off of each other and pressed their bodies flush, drowning in the heat and need to feel skin-on-skin. With an evil laugh, Remus rolled them off the couch and onto the plush hearthrug with Sirius as the unfortunate landing mat.

"Ungh! Fuck Rem, what was that—" Lips on lips silenced the raven haired man's protest just as much as the long digit that Remus inserted into the tight pucker of the prone form below him. Sirius jerked and moaned, spreading his legs to his lover, arching his back, begging for more. Remus was too impatient, too hard for the man below him to take his time. He wanted Sirius and wanted him badly.

Gripping his long, thick shaft, he placed it tenderly against his mate's opening before thrusting in harshly with a groan. Sirius cried out at the pain shooting up his spine and moaned at the prodding of his prostate.

"Ungh, Rem! Yes, right there! Harder…oh, yes! Right there, yes!" Remus dug his fingers into Sirius' hips, pulling him harder and faster onto his pounding cock, grunting and moaning at the feeling of the tight heat surrounding him, the coil of desire and lust tightening in his stomach.

"You like that, Siri? Do you like me pounding into your tight arse? Are you going to come? Touch yourself. Stroke your cock. Make yourself come all over your stomach. Do it. Do it now!" With a shout, Sirius tensed, his free hand gripping Remus' arm as he was flung into the depths of ecstasy. He quickly thrust himself down onto his lover harder as white thick streams of his lust coated his stomach.

The sight of his lover completely losing control, the sound of his name leaving Sirius' lips, the tight clenching of his muscles around Remus' cock was enough to make him finally lose control. He roughly ploughed into the man below him as he filled his channel with his essence.

"Ugh, Sirius! Fuck, so good! So fucking good!" With a final twitch of his cock, he was spent. His arms buckled and he pulled Sirius into his arms, collapsing on the carpet together, sweaty and sated.

"So that's why you wanted to leave James and Lily's so fast."

"With an arse like yours, how could I resist?" Sirius smiled.

"It is quite irresistible, isn't it?" Remus' cock twitched at the thought of the lovely derriere his mate had. With an evil grin, their lips met as the lighter man pulled his lover on top of him.

"Let me show you just how irresistible it is, you filthy dog."

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