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Summary: When England decides to cast a spell to help America he forgets one important ingredient and it completely changes the effects. Now he has to change America back before anything happens to him or before any other Nations get their hands on him, but that's to late now considering Russia found him first,

Warnings: RusAme, UkUs maybe FrUk (never been a huge fan but I'll try), Franda, 'moments you think shota is going to happen', slight OOC-ness cursing, sexual mentions , and racist comments.

Rating: M (to be safe)

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Hetalia, if I did America would… well… we won't go there ;D

Chapter 1: Povyshenie moyeĭ kolonii :Please England

England looked at his ex-colony with a smug smirk plastered on his lips and ready to hear America's begging for help, he could tell he was unhappy and nervous by the way his tea cup rattle slightly against the saucer in his hands. Awaiting for America's outburst he sipped his tea and watched as Alfred gained the guts , or swallowed his pride, and finally putting down the tea-cup and saucer. Alfred looked right into Arthur's forest-green eyes, England caught the look and stared right back into Alfred ocean-ble eyes; it always amazed him when he caught a good glance at his ex-brother.

The American was dressed in his worn down-hole filled jeans, a button down white shirt, tennis shoes with his horrid flag on them and his bomber jacket, that irked his so much. He knew Alfred didn't know how to dress himself properly, if Alfred did need something he was not impressing him on any scale of the imagination. Why couldn't this idiot just learn to dress right? The Brit had on his normal green sweater vest over his well ironed white dress shirt with nice dress pants and black dress shoes, he raised this boy! And he remembers teaching him how to dress properly.

Taking a deep breath that sliced the silence ,and grinned which lightened up the room, he opened his mouth to talk. But silence lingered around for a little more then Arthur expected it, this was probably the longest America has gone in his life without talking it seemed, unfortunately it didn't last to long after that.

"You know Artie coming here to drink wasn't the reason I came here Ya'know?" Alfred laughed, Arthur's eyebrows twitched at the annoyance of the butchery of his name and his language.

"Its Arthur you twit! And it is not 'ya'know' it is you know!" he snapped at the young nation., who only laughed loudly at the Englishman's reaction. 'Stupid Git! Ruining my damn language!' he thought as Alfred continued to laugh.

"So what is the real reason you came? Knowing your stupidity you want money to stuff you face with those damned things you call food" England set down his tea-cup and crossed his arms of his chest, he hated when America would ask him to pay for his food, but that would make no since if America flew all the way to England just for food and a World Conference was not for a few days in Moscow.

"No that's not why I came here" the young nation's eyes turned from their soft blue to a deep serious look that Arthur on recalls seeing during important conversations. "England I know growing up ya' use to tell me about your 'fairy friends' and 'magic' and you know about the laws and bills my boss has just passed ain't the greatest. But I have no say in the matter on things…" his voice trailed off with sadness following his voice.

England looked at America , somewhat shocked the visit had to do with America's boss and somehow America was bring his magic into this. England nodded and picked his tea back up and began to sip at it while Alfred took a small pause to think about his next works and what exactly he wanted to ask England.

America smiled at England then began to innocently twiddle his thumbs.

"Well? What do you want?" England asked, less harsh then before but still showing annoyance about the surprise visit.

"Do you think you can somehow help me? I think if anyone can change anything it would be an old man who believes in fairies and what'not!" America smiled, England spit our his tea in shock and his mouth gapped open like a fish in pure rage and anger.

"BLOODY TWIT! Here I am thinking you are serious about something for once and not here to be stupid as normal but again I was bloody wrong! I don't see why you came over here to insult me when you already do that plenty of times by speaking like a complete idiot!" England yelled, America shot up straight as Arthur yelled at him. After England calmed down America got up and did the most unspeakable thing a country of independence and liberty would ever do to his ex-brother and ruler. America got on his knees, grabbed England's leg and…cried?

Arthur watched as Alfred cried and weak little sobs of words came from his mouth, asking Arthur to please help him with his economy and help him win allies amongst the world's other nations. Instantly Arthur felt his big brother instincts kick in and he patted Alfred on his head, which mad Alfred snap his head upwards to look into Arthur's eyes. America's crying puppy look could make country stop what they were doing to stare in aw at it and Arthur would always be the first to submit to it.

"Alright lad I'll help you." Arthur said with a warm smile, Alfred's face instantly brightened up and he wrapped his strong arms around Arthur's neck; which caused the male to begin to blush at the shocking physical contact from him. "Thank you Artie! You're the best bro!" the excited younger nation said as he squeezed Arthur, who nervously laughed at the situation he just got himself in.

"First of all that is not my name! Second is this is not going to be free!" he pushed Alfred off, who has his stupid grin on his face. "Ok fine!" replied, England smirked with perverted thought about making America 'pay him back' " Go upstairs and shower, you smell dreadfully horrid' and go to sleep in the quest room. I expect you know where that is cause you have been here plenty of times." he commanded to Alfred, who nodded happily as he dashed upstairs.

' Now I had to find some bloody spell to help him' he thought as he got up and headed to his basement where he kept all of his stuff for his magical art. ' Maybe a potion to make him be less loud… or less stupid' he continued to think about what to do. He locked the door to the basement and when to his spell book that rested on a wooden stand in front of a few basic drawn circles of the easy spells.

Flipping threw the pages he found one spell that seemed to be a possible use for his guest. ' Maybe if I made Alfred less Prideful it would help him, no point in not trying' he thought as he looked at the spell, re-reading it over a few time since he has never tried this one before 'If it works well then maybe I could possibly see if Germany would like help with Prussia' he inwardly smirked as he thought about Prussia and America being less prideful and not calling themselves awesome or ruining everything by thinking they are better then the other countries.

After reading the spell a good few times he decided he would try this on Alfred and at the world meeting he would test to see if Alfred was affected positively by it. Arthur lit a match and began to light the candles that lined the circle, which made the room have an ominous glow. He when back to his book and began to say the words which were not even in English or any language he could think of right off the bat. As he said the mystery language's spell the circle drawn on the floor began to glow a pasty cream color.

In his mind he thought of Alfred not being prideful of showing any one of those flaws that made Arthur cringe at the thought, and the only time he remembered Alfred being like that was when he was a young colony who was still dependent on him for almost everything. As he continues to speak his mind still rolled a film in his mind about how young Alfred would come into his room late at night and cry about the ghost until Arthur would cradled and song him to sleep or how Alfred would eat his food and not complain like all the other colonies he would raise did.

Yes life was good when he had America by his side but sadly no good things last forever and the American grew to become a world power that surpassed his own. Why did America's success make him so pissed off every time he thought about it? Because in a dark part of his mind America should still be his colony and he should still be taxing America and gaining the resources instead of America's people wasting and going to stupid pointless wars that don't even need them.

The final phrases came for the spell and as Arthur spoke them a steams of what looked like blue lightning came from the floor and struck something. The circles glow died and the candles blew out from the breeze the sudden lightning caused. Almost a second after the light died Arthur heard a loud thud above him and instantly he thought of Alfred. The English nation dashed upstairs to make sure he did not kill or seriously hurt Alfred.

As he made his way up the stairs he could see something big laying on his hallway floor upstairs, it was a person… it was Alfred. Arthur ran the rest of the way up and quickly made his way to Alfred's side to make sure he was alive.

"Alfred? Alfred are you alright?" he asked in instinct but he knew Alfred was not going to answer. He quickly began to search of a pulse and to his luck and the gods above blessings he found it and he could see Alfred's chest moving up and down normally. England smiled inwardly and picked him up, Alfred was rather heavy for the shorter nation, but it was nothing he could not handle. And with a tad bit of struggle England was able to get America to his bed in the guest bed room and watched for a few minutes to make sure Alfred was not going to toss over dead. Thankfully to his lucky Alfred was out cold and seemed healthy enough for him to return to his own room.

England stood above America for a few more minutes and watched as he slept with the face of an uncorrupted child or the face of an angel Arthur really did not know how to explain the beauty that laid in front of him. Yes Arthur Kirkland, the personification of England, an Ex-pirate, was in love with his ex-colony America, who was also known as Alfred F. Jones. Without a second thought Arthur lowered down his face to Alfred and kissed his soft lips, instantly feeling the wave of warmth from his blush and from Alfred's lips.

Oh how much he would love to take America right now, but he could never bring himself to it, and he knew it. He was not like his ex, France, who had left him for his own colony of Canada. He slid his hand up Alfred's shirt and began to rub the not-to-tone chest and rub his palm over Alfred's nipples, a light moan escaped his lips which made England jolted his hand away with a tomato red blush. ' Take him now! He is asleep and if worse things happen he can shut him up by black mailing! He would never do anything against you if you threaded to tell others that he cried at your feet and begged you to help him!' a small voice in his head said with the thick sound of lust and impure intentions in mind.

England forcefully pulled himself away from America and left the room to go to his own, which was a few doors down the hall from the guest bed room. He started a shower and let the cold water hit him as he thought of what he had just did to Alfred, he almost let his lust for the young nation drive him to doing an unforgivable deed. Finally after his arousal subsided he changed into his pajamas and hide under his bed to escape the real world and drift to a present dream that would most likely be fueled by the current thought of America under him screaming his name.

Down the hall Alfred was locked in a nightmare that no matter how much he inwardly wish he could not escape. He was some where not in America, that he knew for a fact, but where ever he was it did not seem like a threatening place, but Alfred was always paranoid. He was in a sunflower field, alone at night, and around the petals of the flowers it seemed to has a light glow/ he began to mindlessly walk threw the field of eight feet tall flowers, hoping someone was there. But after wondering around for what seemed like years of night in a field of sunflowers he found no one.

He finally stopped walking and sat on the ground and look up at the night sky, how much longer till this nightmare would end? To most this would be relaxing to be alone in a peaceful field alone under a clear night sky, but to Alfred being alone and the night where two things he hates more then anything. Finally he heard the rustling of someone approaching and quickly turned around.

"Who's there?" he asked, no reply. "Hey dude I can hear you! Iggy if this is a joke it ain't funny!" still no reply. Finally he stood up and walked closer to the sound, what ever it was it was not sacred of Alfred cause it stayed. As Alfred got closer he could see two bright violet eyes of a being taller then himself.

"I'm not scared of you! Hero's are scared of nothing! Hahahahaa!" he laughed, who ever it was stepped out of the shadows and it turned out to not even have color, just a tall figure in shape of a man and the only human feature were the two violet eyes that watched the American.

"Your not scared you say malyutka?" the accent heavy voice asked , a pearl white-devilish grin grew on the names face.

"Your shivering and hear beat tell me differently" the voice said, Alfred's rage built, mocking the American. Alfred threw a punch at the figure, but instead of it hitting him, he fell threw the man who turned to a thick black smoke that soon engulfed the field and left Alfred alone with out any stars or glowing flowers. Now Alfred was really freaked out, he hated being alone. And the voice cam back with a laugh, more like a dark insane childish chuckle.

"It's ok malyutka I'm here" the voice said sweetly, Alfred felt so young and little he felt like a child looking for a friend, nothing came from the darkness but the voice. Instead of being stubborn like he usually would he replied to the voice, hoping he could be free from the shadows' grasp. "Who are you?" Alfred asked, why did he sound like a kid? Maybe the smoke had gotten into his lungs, but that seemed stupid.

Alfred noticed two large arms grab him and pull him into a tight hug against a large chest of a very tall male, who Alfred had no clue who it could be. The only people he could member was his big brother Arthur, that French Man named Francis who was holding Arthur's hand and was always trying to kiss him and his older brother Canada who's name seemed to always get forgotten by Arthur. Things seemed so simple right now for Alfred.

Here he was alone with someone holding him, so why was he scared earlier? He couldn't remember at all, but he knew he was asleep, he knew when he woke up he would go to Arthur and tell him wet the bed or was scarred and end up sleeping in Arthur's bed after Arthur gave him milk or water. Why did it seem so simple?

Wasn't he just wearing his pajamas? Why was he wearing his white night gown? Why was he lightly? What kid of dream was he having? Alfred was confused and really wanted an answer.

"Do not worry malyutka… I will always be here for you" he heard the voice say again to the little colony, who began sobbing into a coat that must have belonged to the man. Alfred looked up at the man to see if he could see the face of who ever was soothing him. His glance was met by the violet eyes of a tall man with a larger nose then Arthur's, pale blond hair, a light pink scarf, pale skin and a childish smile on his face, which didn't look like it should be there.

The man kissed Alfred's fore head and began to hum very quietly to the young child, who seemed to drift into a second sleep, but this time Alfred slept in the arms of this tall man who has a weird accent and did not care he was away from England. He was perfectly happy and in this dream he found everything simple. It was to simple to be true.

Alfred awoke in his bed as tall nation once again, no longer a kid in his dream with the man who was now a faint memory and could only remember the violet eyes that watched over him as he slept. Alfred remained in the bed just staring up at the ceiling fan that continued to go around, he began to drift off into another period of rest with no dreams and no tall mysterious man to watch him and hold him sweetly against his body.

A few miles outside Moscow, Russia

Ivan Braginsky sat alone in his bed looking out his bedroom window at the fresh blanket of snow meeting the rising sun. The Russian fell back against his bed and let out a light growling-sigh as he covered his face with his hands. He had just woken up from a wonderful dream between his ex-rival and current love-interest, this was a first in awhile since he has had a dream that nice, usually they are filled with bloody moments from his past or the horrid moments that he prayed never touched his future.

"Amerika…" he mumbled under his breath with a small smile forming on his lips.

End of Chapter one

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