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Now, on with the show...

:: The Rinse Cycle ::


Pushing through the glass doors, I scan the room looking for an available space. Most of the machines are taken, probably because it's so cheap here at The Ringer.

A poor, broke college girl like me couldn't find a better, cleaner and money friendly place to do her laundry at least.

Rows and rows of dingy, dirty off white machines, some in use and some open for the taking, greet me in the center. The walls are lined with metallic, economy sized dryers tumbling with assorted linens.

I move into the room, the heat and humidity from so many large machines working at one time hitting me full in the face. Sweat begins to bead on my skin, gathering at the back of my neck and forehead.

I lug my purple basket to the nearest table I see, keeping my eyes from inadvertently connecting with anyone else. I'm only here to get my task done: wash and dry as quickly as possible so I can get back to study for my world religion exam. I don't need to make friends.

Sorting the items in my basket by color, I place the whites in the machine, add my fruit-scented detergent and close the lid. After depositing eight quarters into the slots, the machine clicks on, water filling the basin.

Pulling the needed book from my bag, I shuffle over to the section of green, plastic chairs and take a seat to wait.

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