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(10 Years later)

As Edward and I returned back to the house I had lived in all those years ago, for one last time, I couldn't help but reflect on all that had happened:

We had obviously moved away from Forks; the human story was that Charlie had kidnapped and murdered me after he had escaped from prison and the Cullen's had moved as they were unable to bear the grief. The reality was that we needed to go somewhere there wasn't many humans around just until I could be around them without killing anyone. The adjustment was hard, but Edward and the family were always there to help, and according to the Cullen's I handled it rather well; I was able to be around humans just a year later.

And then a year after my change Edward proposed. It was our anniversary and he took me back to our meadow and proposed there. It was simple: nothing extravagant, but it fit us and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Alice, of course, wanted to plan the wedding; I let her just because it made her happy but Edward and I had veto power on anything we thought was too over the top. So, 6 months after he proposed Emmett married us in Denali where we were staying with another vegetarian coven.

The years that followed were blissful. We spent some time apart and some time together as a family. Rose and Emmett had just adopted a little girl; after much discussion whether it was safe to raise a human baby in a house full of vampires we decided to go for it. She was a gorgeous little girl with dark curly hair and ice blue eyes; she looked a lot like Emmett in a way and if you didn't know you would swear Rose and Em were her real parents and I had no doubt that she would develop Rose's take no c**p attitude; they were joined at the hip.

As for everyone else Esme and Carlisle renewed their vows last year and Alice and Jasper were… well they were Alice and Jasper. They still had their amazing connection they always had; they didn't feel the need to renew their vows very much. They said they knew they loved each other and they were already married so what was the point? I couldn't understand why Alice would turn down an opportunity to go shopping but I kind of understood where she was coming from.

As for right now? Edward and I were paying a visit to my childhood home. After many more 'therapy' sessions with Jazz and a lot of help from the rest of the family I was finally over everything that happened. As a vampire the memories were very blurry and scattered anyway, but I felt like I needed a trip back to the house just to get some closure. Was I 'alive', the house would have become mine, but being that neither Charlie or I had any other living relatives it was simply put up for sale. But as we hadn't been back here since I had no idea whether it had been sold.

'You ready for this, love?' Edward's voice broke me out of my reverie.

'Yeah, yeah I think I am.' We stood in the woods that ran around the back of the house and I looked out at where it all started. Watching what appeared to be a new family moving in; there was the two parents and two little kids; a boy and a girl- they were giggling and what I guessed was their mum looked at them in what was supposed to be a stern way but just looked amused.

I turned to face my husband: 'You know it's funny, this is where it all started, and logically I shouldn't be able to stand here; I should be terrified of that house and everything that happened there… but part of me is grateful for it… because somehow throughout everything I went through… it led me to you. And I have never been so happy than when I'm with you. I love you Edward.'

He smiled that crooked smile I had fallen in love with and said: 'Yeah, I should hate that house for all the pain it put you through… but a part of me is grateful too, because I got you out of it, and you have made me the happiest person on earth Bella. I love you so much.'

I smiled back at him, and we turned around, to go back to our family, to start the next chapter of our lives. And we both knew, that no matter where it took us, no matter where we ended up, that we would always have each other, and that together, we were strong enough to overcome anything.

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