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In the few days that Deserax was on his journey, he had met a friend who had a Lucario, and most notable a Steelix who he thought wanted to rip his arms off. He had raced to an abandoned house, fell down god knows how many feet to get a face full of dust, and getting in a fight with a grown up. Now he was running once more to try and save the Growlithes life. Did I mention he ran a lot?

Deserax along with his faithful companion Kodiak and Mikaela with her Riolu were busy running through the woods. It almost seemed like the woods would never end. They all ran, and they even ran through a mud puddle. Who knows why a mud puddle was there. Maybe the result of a water gun or something? It didn't bother any member of the group though. They just ran right through it. After all, they had more important things on there mind. They where so focused that they didn't notice something fall out of Deserax's bag. After the mud puddle came a light at the end of the tunnel. A clearing finally emerged. With it, came out running Deserax and his friends. Deserax Looked a head and saw a cave. From what he could see on the outside, it was pitch black. He doubted he would be able to see himself poking his own eye if he went in there. He thought the next town was past there, but Mikaela pointed to the left. In the distance was one of the buildings trainers went through to get to the towns. It was like the town security or something to that extent. Inside the building was just... nothing. It was a bland building. A few chairs here and there with a desk keeping the officer and Deserax separate. From the look he managed while running by the office was nothing to brag about. He didn't have a lot of time to dwell on that though. They had finally made it to Violet city. Holding up to the name Violet, the first building he saw was the color violet. The next indication that they were officially in the town was a flock of Pidgey flying over head. Around that time was when the sun was starting to set, giving up a beautiful orange glow to the sky. Deserax would have loved to stand there and admire it for a little bit, but the Growlithe in his hand was more important.

While Deserax was focused on saving the Growlithe Mikaela was more focused on the sunset at the moment. While it was beautiful, she didn't have much time before she would turn into a Lucario. She didn't feel like revealing that to Deserax, let alone the entire world. The sooner they found the Pokemon center the sooner she could lock herself in her room for the night. Thankfully it was just one more block down. They all rushed rather quickly. Deserax being the fastest. Mikaela quietly wondered if Deserax would have kicked the door in. That is if they were not automatic doors. Deserax ran up to the nurse and set down the Growlithe obviously out of breath. Who wouldn't be after running all day? "Growlithe... shocks... dying... save it!" Deserax then started to fall suddenly. Thankfully Mikaela's reactions were spot on, and she caught the young boy. The nurse looked at Mikaela, wondering who she should tend to first.

"Get the Growlithe healed up first. We need two room keys though. Could you do that real quick?" Nurse Joy nodded and pulled out two room keys. She then grabbed the Growlithe and started muttering about its injuries. The chancy was close behind. Mikaela had her Lucario grab the keys and started to carry Deserax when she felt a pat on her leg. She looked down to see Kodiak looking like he was going to cry. Mikaela signaled for Kodiak to follow her, and explained what was wrong with Deserax on the way. "The only thing is wrong is fatigue. All he needs is some good rest, and maybe a certain Riolu to keep him company tonight." She smiled at the Riolu and took a key from Lucario. She opened the door to Deserax's room and gently set him on the bed. Its a good thing that she set him down when she did because she felt a tingle run through her. Soon she would be a Lucario. She quickly found a rag and went to the bathroom sink to dampen the cloth. With the now wet cloth, she folded it and set it on Deserax's head. She nodded to Kodiak quickly and ran into her room. She quickly locked the door and kicked off her shoes. She did it just in time because her feet were starting to change. Even though she and her Lucario were in a separate room from everyone else, she still ran to the bathroom to await the change. As always the second the sun vanished from view was the second she finished transforming. She had left the bathroom door open just a crack so she could get back to her bed. She wouldn't sleep much though. Every night she stayed up for most of the night trying to think of any possible way to reverse this. Nothing ever came to mind. Still, it helped to have something to try and think of.

One prominent thought in her mind was how the Growlithe was doing. She sighed. She couldn't go out there now that she was a Lucario could she? That's when she heard the faint humming sound coming from her Lucario. They couldn't check up on it at the moment. They where both Lucario, and that means they didn't have the best hands for using things like keys. Holding them would be fine. Using them is a different matter. With nothing else to do she turned on her side and stared at the wall. Hopefully she could get some kind of rest tonight.

There was good news and bad news. The good news was that she got some sleep! The bad news was that it was a rather bad sleep. Mikaela woke up on a flat and rather cold surface. She couldn't see much because a big overhead light was blinding her vision. She had to rely on what she could feel. Something flat and cold, leather straps holding her by her neck, wrists and ankles. That wasn't a good thing. The last thing she could remember was being in a comfy bed. Pretty sure it wasn't cold and hard either. She turned her head as best as she could and tried to get a good look of her surroundings. It didn't take long to gather that she was in a lab. A dead give away were the sharp and pointy needles in the corner. Nope. Nothing suspicious there. She started to squirm in her spot and realized that the leather straps were not done with care. After a few minutes of struggling, she was able to get one arm free. Then her head, and the rest of her body. She sat up and rubbed her wrist a little bit. Since she had to struggle so much, her wrist was a little red and Sore. Hopefully that would go away soon. That's when she heard a slam of the door.

She whirled around quickly to find some man in a lab coat, a twisted smile on his face that she felt only a true mad man could ever use properly. This smile would haunt her for a long time. Maybe for the rest of her life. "Oh my my my, what do we have here?" The man said in a malicious tone. He took a step toward Mikalea, and she quickly got off the table and backed up a little bit. As she was doing so, Mikaela noticed the mans eyes were cold, almost soulless. "Seems my... experiment went wrong. Tsk Tsk." He pulled out some sort of weapon, but it was unlike anything she'd ever seen. Something in her mind started giving off a warning signal. Almost as if something was wrong... "Guess I'll have to exterminate my experiment." If the man was sad, there was no trace whatsoever. As the man came closer, the poor girls mind kicked into overdrive. She tightened her leg muscles and got ready to tackle the man. Tackle him, run out the door, and home free. Or so she thought. She tried the tackle, but the man side stepped? That wasn't right... was it? Once again the pinging sensation came back. Not only did she miss her tackle, but she hit her head on the door. She fell to the ground with a thud, and in a dazed state. By the time she was able to get her bearings, the man was directly over her, ready to use the weapon to kill her. "No..." Mikaela said. The man raised the devise higher. "No! No!" She screamed. The man brought it down with great force. "NOOOOOOOOO!" Mikaela threw her self up and she looked around. She was sweating badly, but looked to be back in her room. It took her a moment, but she was able to realize she was in a pokemon center. She looked to the last seen location of the Lucario and saw him up in a defensive stance, ready to take on any threat. "Are you alright?!" Lucario said in a haste. Mikaela nodded and put her hand to her face. Hand? She looked in the room once more, and relized that it was daylight out side. Not a lot, but enough for the transformation to go away for now. "I-I'm fine. Let's see how that Growlithe is doing." Mikaela told her friend. She was eager to get of the subject. To put it as far away as possible. She sighed and got out of bed to start her day.

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