The Elevator

Chapter 1: Trapped

Disclaimer: I own very little of this, let's say that the Characters belong to Big Bang Theory, The idea for the plot Miss Chibi Anime Stars, and everything else is mine. There, that doesn't make anything complicated. XD

Leave it to Sheldon Cooper, greatest mind among his friends, or at least he believed so, to figure out a way to fix the broken elevator so he could minimize time spent walking up and down the stairs. Of course, when he fixed it he did not plan on having Penny be the first one to try it out with him, yet there she was when the doors opened to reveal the mahogany interior with a single brass rail.

He knew that protocol dictated that he should invite her to step in first before proceeding her into the confined space. It was then that he took the time to notice she had on her Cheesecake Factory work uniform and a lunch cooler filled with today's special. He, himself, carried his khaki letter bag that held the required equipment to continue to run diagnostics on the elevator as it descended towards the main floor.

"Are you going to push the button or not?"

Penny looked at him expectantly while he shied away from the panel on the wall reflexively. She then just rolled her eyes and reached around him to press the faded black number one. When it lit up in response she sighed in relief and watched the doors close to their floor.

The elevator gave a shuddering jerk before starting to descend and Penny had her eyes locked onto the dial that read the numbers off to each floor they passed. Just as the metal box was between floors three and two another shuddering went through the small box and then everything went dark.


He didn't understand why she was mad at him, it wasn't as if he invited her to accompany him on the elevators maiden voyage, so there was no need to shout at him, which he promptly told her.

"Penny, there is no need to shout. I just need to locate my laptop and run some quick checks on the system. I will then be able to start the elevator again."

He rifled through his bag and it was then that he remembered his laptop was sitting on his desk in his apartment still running tests on when he could run the elevator. If he had just checked it before the doors had opened.


"Oh no, don't drat. Drat always means you've forgotten something."

"I have Penny, and it's crucial I have it."

If there had been a light on in the room, he would have seen the look of horror cross her features at the sudden realization of what his words meant.

"Sheldon, where is your laptop?"

"I would think it's obvious. Since I do not currently posses it, it is sitting on my desk."

Penny sank to the floor as a thought flashed through her mind. She was going to die, in an elevator, with the virgin Sheldon Cooper, who was the WORST social companion. Things could not get any worse.