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Alright guys, I promised you this fic, and now it's finally arrived! Though this isn't an official sequel, it is a continuation of Hell at Domino High, which is why there will be references to that fic in this one. Anyway, I hope you all like this story. Enjoy!

The ring of a bell signaled the beginning of the next lunch period for the students of Domino High. Two hundred students rushed into the out dated and cramped lunchroom and fought their way through the lines. One blond student in particular was quite aggressive that day.

"Sorry! Excuse me!" Joey hollered as he rushed to the front, "ACK!"

In his blind desire to get that day's lunch special, he unintentionally bumped into someone he shouldn't have. A tall brunette cursed under his breath as he tried to regain his balance.

"Wheeler!" Kaiba growled, as he finally got back firmly on his feet, "Will you watch where you're going!"

Joey smiled nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck, "Eh, sorry about dat Kaiba; it's pizza day ya know."

The young CEO fumed as he brushed some dirt off from his uniform, "I know that! It doesn't give you the excuse to run around like a rabid mutt!"

"What did ya say!" Joey growled as he took a step forward.

"HEY!" Weevil yelled from behind the two, "Would you two hurry it up! I'm starving!"

Kaiba and Joey turned their attention to the line behind them and saw various students yelling and shaking their fists. Kaiba turned around and walked up to the serving line to get his meal, and Joey grabbed a tray and marched behind him. As Kaiba left, the excited blond examined the options.

"Hey, where's the Fiesta pizza?" he whimpered.

"Sorry kid," the lunch lady apologized, "the guy before you took the last slice."

Joey growled and turned to look at Kaiba, who was trying to find a place to sit down. Unfortunately the only table that wasn't crammed was that of where the Thief Bakura was sitting and reading some book on ancient magic. Joey swallowed hard, grabbed his food, and approached the white haired maniac cautiously. The thief frowned as Joey casted a shadow upon him, and turned to face him with an unwelcoming glare.

"Uh, h-hey there," Joey greeted, "Everywhere else is full, so could-"

"No!" he barked as he went back to reading.

Joey began stuttering, which caused the thief to groan in annoyance.

"You may sit here just this once," he warned, "and if you do anything to make me mad, you'll wish you'd never been born!"

"Wow, thanks!" the blond cheered as he took his seat.

"Ignorant mortal," the thief grumbled as he went back to reading.

As Joey licked his lips and started gobbling down his meal, the infamous CEO took a seat at the far end of the table and opened his milk carton. The thief put down his book and glared at Kaiba, who continued to ignore him and eat his food.

"Who the hell said you could sit here!" the thief demanded.

"It's a free country," Kaiba growled, "I don't have to ask your permission for anything!"

"HEY! Don't talk to him like dat!" Joey barked.

"Stay out of this mutt!"


"For the love of Ra," the thief grumbled as he gritted his teeth, "Will you two shut the hell up!"

The two rivals continued to ignore the angry man, and Kaiba leaned forward with a sneer.

"Stay. Out. Of. This. Mutt!" he repeated.

"THAT DOES IT!" Joey yelled as he grabbed his milk carton.

Without fully thinking of his actions, the blond tossed the already opened carton towards his enemy; only the contents splattered all over the ancient thief instead. The carton overshot Kaiba and he laughed, only to be cut off by the thief's screaming. Everyone stopped eating and looked towards him nervously. The thief growled and stood up as his Millennium Ring appeared and began to glow.

"You two are going to get it!" he seethed, "But not now; there's far too many witnesses. I will simply deal with you later!"

And with that, he grabbed his now damaged book and stormed out of the lunch room. The two rivals exchanged brief glances as Odion tossed a rag at them.

"You're cleaning that up!" he ordered.

The rest of the day passed by with ease, and the gang was walking towards the school gates talking about their days.

"I can't wait to get home," Yugi said, "Grandpa's supposed to be getting some new games."

"Not me," Joey groaned, "I gotta clean the apartment cuz my sister's coming over tomorrow; not that it matters. My old man will just trash it again."

"Tough break," Tristan said as he patted him on the back, "but at least you'll get to see your sister. Say, you don't mind if I come and visit, do ya?"

Joey growled as he pushed his friend's hand away.

"Don't even think about it! Besides, if she starts bringing admirers home my old man will have a fit."


The gang stopped in their tracks and frowned. The blond groaned as he slouched.

"Uh oh," Tea pointed out, "Looks like she heard about the lunch room incident."

"Oh man!" Joey grumbled as he brought his hand to his face, "My old man's not gonna be happy about dis!"

"Joey, I don't think anything can make your old man happy," Tristan pointed out, "Anyway, we'll wait up for you at the shop, if you come back alive that is."

"Gee, thanks for da support," the blond mumbled.

Yugi patted his friend on the back, "It'll be fine Joey. Just be glad Dartz isn't the dean, or your soul would be offered up to the Leviathan."

Miho gasped as she brought her hand up to her face, "Did that actually happen?"

"Yeah," Tristan answered, "Joey and I only got out safe because the principal walked in and stopped him…that was the second craziest school day ever."

"JOSEPH WHEELER, COME TO THE DEAN'S OFFICE NOW!" the intercom roared again.

"Oops! Gotta go!" Joey yelled as he took off.

The blond ran through campus looking for the dean's office, which was right next to the main one. He finally came across it, and rushed inside. The room was somewhat small, having barely enough room for a desk and several seats. Kaiba sat in the seat beside the door as the new dean glared at Joey.

"Have a seat," she hissed.

Joey swallowed hard, and took one far away from his rival. The dean stood up and crossed her arms. Joey couldn't quite place it, but something seemed off about her: souless eyes, a distorted voice, and the Eye of Horus glowing on her forehead.

"Now then," she hissed, "You two will pay!"

The lights went out as she laughed maniacally, and a purple fog surrounded the two boys. Joey screamed and Kaiba growled, then a blinding light filled the room. Seconds later, everything returned to normal; except the dean was now gone.

"Well that was weird."

"Huh? Hey moneybags, why'd ya sound like me just…"

Joey turned to face his rival, only to find that he was facing not Kaiba, but himself.

A/N: Just as a heads up, this story will not have Puppyshipping. I'm sorry folks, but that ship is just so overdone; not to mention there's already a Puppyshipping fic out there with them switching bodies (wouldn't wanna be a copycat, now would I?). There will be other shippings though, but I won't say what. Feel free to leave a review.