Joey had just arrived at the VSphere headquarters. The secretary gave him directions to Ms. Johnson's personal office so Joey went into the elevator and headed for the top floor. When he stepped out he saw Ms. Johnson standing in the hallway.

"Oh, I was just about to head down to the lobby," she said. "It's nice to see you again."

"It's nice to see you too. So where are the pods?"

"In our test rooms. Let me lead the way."

Ms. Johnson stepped into the elevator, so Joey followed her lead. She pressed the button for the basement level and the doors closed. In a matter of seconds the doors opened back up and the two stepped out. Joey followed Ms. Johnson throughout the basement level of the headquarters. The basement was much cleaner and brighter than Joey had imagined that it would be, and there were several doors that led to various, marked rooms. Ms. Johnson came to a stop at one labeled 'pods'.

"Here we are Mr. Kaiba," said Ms. Johnson.

She whipped out a card and slid it down a reader. There was a small 'click' and Ms. Johnson opened the door. An automated light came on, revealing several helmets and gloves spread out across a counter top. Joey raised a brow.

"Where's the pods?"

"Our signs haven't yet been updated. We've successfully replicated the functions of your pods to fit into a helmet sized device. To use it you simply place the helmet on your head and the gloves onto your hands. Wireless technology transmits the information from one device to the other."

Joey let out a whistle. He'd seen that kind of stuff in movies and comics, but he couldn't believe it had made it into reality. With the devices being less restricted he could use them almost anywhere, almost anytime.

"Man, wait 'till Yugi gets a load of this!" Joey thought to himself.

"Although you can use them however you wish it is recommended that first time users sit down while using the devices. We don't want to risk any injuries."

"Smart thinking," Joey agreed. "I can't wait for my friend to get here."

The Wheeler family, plus Kaiba, was back on the road. Mr. Wheeler weaved throughout traffic recklessly, causing Kaiba and Serenity to panic.

"You almost hit that car!" Kaiba snapped.

"But I didn't," Mr. Wheeler stated. "Now shut up and listen to the radio."

He turned up the radio and Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' echoed throughout the car. Kaiba crossed his arms and looked out the window, hoping a cop would spot them and pull them over. Meanwhile Serenity had clasped her hands together and was praying softly. Mr. Wheeler spotted her in the rearview mirror and grinned.

"Atta girl Ren! Pray that our team wins!"

Kaiba rolled his eyes and continued looking for a police car. There were none in sight. Kaiba cursed under his breath and Mr. Wheeler cut someone off.

"Geez, these people need to learn how to drive!" Mr. Wheeler spat.

The teenage CEO's eyes widened. Far behind them in the next lane a cop car was catching up to them, its sirens wailing and its lights flashing. They were saved.

"Oh no," said Mr. Wheeler, having spotted them. "I can't let them pull me over!"

"Well you don't have much of a choice," Kaiba pointed out.

"I gotta try and lose him! If they catch me without my license I'm a dead man!"

Kaiba's stomach knotted.

"You left it at home?" he asked.

"No, the court had it revoked!"

Kaiba's left eye twitched. His temper finally boiled over.

"You've been driving without a license!? What the hell is wrong with you!?"

"Joey, I'm scared!" Serenity panicked.

Mr. Wheeler started to sweat. He tightened his grip on the wheel and leaned back.

"Hang on kids!"

Before either Kaiba or Serenity could process what was happening, Mr. Wheeler had put the pedal to the metal. The car began picking up high speeds, making an already bad situation even worse. The cop picked up their speed and tried catching up to them.

Mr. Wheeler continued weaving in and out of traffic, trying unsuccessfully to lose the cop behind him. Unfortunately they passed by yet another cop car, and that one flicked on its sirens and joined in on the chase. Kaiba looked out the back window and gritted his teeth.

"This is ridiculous!" he spat. "Soon we'll have the SWAT team on our tails! Just give yourself up!"

"No! I can still lose them!"

"You're gonna get us killed!" Kaiba argued.

"I want my mom!" Serenity wailed.

"Trust in your old man, kids!"

Kaiba let out a groan. Knowing his luck he figured that they would crash and that he'd die the same way his birth father had: in a high speed chase with the police.

Further up the road a small group of policemen branded together. They spread out to opposite sides and created a barricade. The other drivers slammed on their breaks, but Mr. Wheeler kept going. Quickly he weaved into the other lane and then drove onto the grass.

"Let's see if they can catch us now!" Mr. Wheeler gloated.

He made a quick turn and headed into the woods. The police cars came to a stop, and Mr. Wheeler let out a cheer.

"Oh yeah! Just the way my daddy taught me! Now, to the stadium!"

It had been half an hour and Joey still hadn't heard back from Kaiba. He wanted to wait for his arrival before testing out the equipment but Ms. Johnson was becoming impatient.

"Mr. Kaiba, I hate to rush you but I do have other clients that I have to meet up with today."

Joey let out a sigh, realizing that his time was up. So much for his plan.

"I understand," he muttered. "Let's just go ahead and try out the equipment."

Ms. Johnson grinned.

"Alright Mr. Kaiba, I will insert the disc into the console."

As she opened the driver to the machine Joey took a seat and put on the gloves. Ms. Johnson inserted the disc and pressed the glowing red button.

"Now, you may put on your helmet."

As soon as Joey placed the helmet on his head the lab disappeared from his vision. He found himself in a bright room with various chairs and control panels. What stood out the most however was a large window in front of him, displaying stars gleaming and comets rushing through vast blackness.

"Whoa, I'm on a space ship! This is so cool!"

Suddenly sirens went off and red lights flashed. Several crew members wearing red suits and helmets rushed into the room. They sat down and started pressing buttons at the control panels. Joey sat down in the main chair and looked around.

"Captain, the leader of the enemy wishes to communicate," one of the crew members spoke. "Should I put them on screen?"


In a flash the view of outer space was replaced with someone wearing a blue suit and helmet.

"Enjoying the game so far?" they asked. From the voice it was clear that it was Ms. Johnson. Joey nodded. "Good, because you're going to be stuck here a long time, Mr. Kaiba!"

A horrified gasp escaped Joey's lips. The woman was setting him up!

"B-But I'm not Kaiba!" he protested. "See?"

He attempted to take off his helmet, but it was doing no good. Ms. Johnson laughed.

"Who knew that the famous Seto Kaiba could be so pathetic? No matter, you'll soon pay for what you've done to me."

"And what would dat be?"

"You still don't remember me? Go figure; that's why you're in this mess to begin with. I used to be madly in love with you, but no matter how much or how hard I tried to gain your attention I could never get you to notice me. Well, you're going to notice me now!"

"Uh…oh, is dat all? Well, let me go and I'll take you out. We'll have some wine, watch some movies—"

"It's too late for that now! Enjoy your new home, Mr. Kaiba!"

Ms. Johnson cackled before logging off. The screen went back to displaying outer space.

"No!" Joey cried. "Put her back on the screen!"

His teammates stood up and began surrounding him.

"Sorry sir, but we have new orders," one of them stated.

Joey tried to make a break for it but was restrained by one of the crew members. The others joined in and dragged him off. No matter how much he kicked and struggled he just couldn't break free. He was all alone, and his only hope was Kaiba.

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