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Unofficial File: How Life Carried On.

It was a nice day, a busy Tuesday but a nice day nonetheless. The sun shone brightly and the birds chirped happily.

…There were so many people, Kaito pulled his hat lower to cover more of his face- the one that Aoko had presented to him, and his hand tightened around Shinichi's as the brothers pushed past the crowd to get to some quieter place.

Shinichi had decided to bring Kaito out more often to help him get back to the normal life and while Kaito appreciated about that, he was scared.

Seriously, when he was still in that Hell, he was always alone and the people he came into contact with were always scared and lifeless children or the people that would hurt him.

But then, there were too many people, Kaito tensed whenever someone bumped against him. Shinichi had reminded him repeatedly that the people would not harm him or hurt him and he trusted his brother, of course, and yet, his instinct still told him to run.

Shinichi asked him if he was okay every now and then and he could only answer with a shaky grin and his grip tightened.

He was afraid of going crazy, he knew, if he and Shinichi were to be separated, he wouldn't be able to control himself. Then he would be locked up again and Shinichi would be upset and so, Kaito tried his best to contain himself even though it was hard.

And it was so odd too, to see people with so many expressions, angry, happy, sad, eager and all, unlike the scared and stupid children he had seen. It was odd and he had a strong urge to do something, anything that would make them have the familiar scared expression.

But Shinichi's hand tightened around his snapped him out of his desire. He gave Shinichi another sheepish grin and they continued on their way.

Finally, they got the park and Shinichi released a sigh as they sat down on the bench. Kaito looked around in wonderment at everything, from the trees to the children playing there, especially the children, they were all smiling and laughing… it was wrong… Kaito felt his hands twitch.

"Do you want something to eat?" Shinichi asked, placing his hand on Kaito's shoulder, making the once patient look at him with a startle. He still wasn't used to having people touch him suddenly.

"…yes," he grinned and nodded vigorously, making Shinichi smiled slightly.

"…then follow me," Shinichi said, standing up- no he, wasn't going to leave Kaito alone, who knew what he would do.

"…uhm, Kaito wants to stay here, Shin-chan go buy food," Kaito shook his head. He didn't want to deal with crowd anymore, they made him feel anxious for no reason.

"Kaito," Shinichi warned, "I can't leave you alone."

"…Kaito will behave!" Kaito wrinkled his nose up, promising heatedly, "Kaito promises!"

The younger twin was hesitant for a moment before nodding, "Okay, I trust you. Behave, okay? I'll be back shortly." And when Kaito nodded rapidly again, Shinichi sighed, turning to walk off, yet he still looked back now and then to see how Kaito was doing.

As for Kaito, he was doing a nice job of staying still even though he really wanted to do something, he had promised Shinichi to behave and so, he would. His brother was everything to him and so he would not upset his precious person.

A strong gust of wind blew his hat away and Kaito stood up, running after it to get it back, it was Aoko's gift, he wasn't going to lose it! And Kaito sighed as the hat landed a few feet away from him, his running slowed down until he was walking toward the fallen hat.

…and then, he froze, as a small child picked the light blue hat up, a girl, around eight year old with brown haired that was pulled into two small pigtails and she was dressed in a nice dress. She looked up at him with wide clear brown eyes and Kaito found himself immobilized. Her eyes…they were full of light and they were so clear, innocent.

She smiled brightly and ran up to him while all Kaito could do was stare.

"Is this your, mister?" she asked sweetly, and Kaito remembered a girl with brown haired too…but the girl he knew never smiled, laughed, all she did was staring at nothingness.

"T-thanks," he said quietly, warily taking the hat back as if she might bite him. The girl blinked at his obvious caution but she was too small to understand why.

"I'm Hana! But mom calls me Nana-chan and you can call me so too!" she introduced happily, sticking her hand out and Kaito stared at the offered hand, "Shake hands with me!" the girl cheered, "I see dad do it with new people he meets!"

Kaito's hands gripped the hat tightly, they trembled slightly and he didn't even know why, something in him was screaming at him to make the girl before him looked like how he remembered.

The girl was still looking up at him expectedly, and her wide brown eyes scared Kaito.

He took a step back and the girl blinked, stepping up, "Are you okay, mister?"

Kaito backed away again, "D-don't come here…"

The girl obviously didn't understand as she followed him, "You look really pale, mister. Are you okay? Should I call the doctors?"

His grips on the hat loosened and Kaito lost himself, his hands shot out, dropping the hat and he was ready to attac-

Hands suddenly gripped his tightly and Kaito looked up with wide and unfocused eyes to see Shinichi was looking at him worriedly, blue eyes held so much pain and sadness in them and Kaito found his desire to hurt someone disappeared.

"…Breathe Kaito," Shinichi said, his fingers slowly entwined with Kaito's, gripping them tightly. The once patient still looked at his brother with wide eyes but his breathing had calmed down, he didn't even know when it had sped up.

"…It's okay. There's no need to hurt anyone," Shinichi continued, his voice was soft yet commanding at the same time then he turned toward the girl, who was looking at him in confusion.

"…Is he okay, mister?" she asked timidly, her hands linked behind her back nervously, "Is it because of me?"

"Ah…" Shinichi blinked then a small smile tugged at his lips, "…He'll be okay. It's not your fault."

"Okay…" she still sounded uncertain and Shinichi sighed.

"…Your mother might be looking for you," he smiled, "You should return to her."

And the girl nodded, her eyes were downcast for a second before she ran to Kaito, standing on her toes to touch the brothers' linked hands with her small ones. The two brothers looked at her in confusion and the girl smiled brightly at them.

"I just cast a spell! It'll help this mister be fine quicker!" she said before running off, "Take care!" she yelled back before disappearing at the corner of the street, leaving the brothers looking after her, one in confusion and one with amusement.

Their hands parted and Kaito held his up to examine them carefully, "…Kaito can't see anything strange…did she really cast a spell? Is she really a fairy?"

Shinichi sighed bemusedly to himself then took Kaito's hands in his again to place them on Kaito's left chest.

"Do you feel anything?" the doctor asked softly and Kaito blinked before nodding. Then happily, he yanked his hands out of Shinichi's grips to use them to pull the other into a hug, and Kaito pressed his ear against Shinichi's left chest.

"Like Shin-chan's~!" he said, closing his eyes, "This is a better lullaby than when Shin-chan sings Kaito a lullaby."

Shinichi felt his left eye twitch but all he could do was smiling gently as he patted Kaito's back, "She's not a fairy. Her spell comes from her heart…her sincere wish for you to get better…"

"…Oh…" Kaito pulled back to blink at him and Shinichi grinned, "Want some ice cream?" he asked, "And this time you'll go with me."

Kaito pouted but nodded nonetheless. Shinichi smiled and bent down to pick the forgotten hat up to put in on Kaito's head again, the once patient adjusted the hat before latching onto Shinichi's arm and pulling him ahead merrily.

And peacefully, the two brothers walked away from the park.

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Aoko stared and stared some more before dropping her patients' folders to point at a grinning Kaito and an amused Shinichi. The nurses and other doctors also looked at them, sweat formed on their foreheads.

"Y-you!" Aoko stuttered, "Why are you here? We just had a heartbreaking parting yesterday!" she cried and Kaito blinked while Shinichi sighed, snickering into his fist.

"Well…" Shinichi began, "…I work here, don't I? And I'm not leaving Kaito alone and so, we're here. And instead of staying here full time like before, I get to go home at six pm."

"It seems," Kaito continued cheerfully, "Aoko-chan and Kaito meet again sooner than expected~. Aren't you happy~?"

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