The noise of construction started every morning and dawn and didn't finish until dusk. Every waking hour was filled with the noise of hammers clanking against nails. Sure they had plenty of spare rooms, but for the new baby there would have to be a whole new wing of the house. And preparations for the baby had to be rushed, seeing as it would be here in a matter of weeks.

Scarlett's room was the only place that escaped the insanity. He'd gone to extreme measure to make sure of that. Dr. Meade insisted that she was still fragile and to be careful around her. Rhett was relived to have somewhere to escape from the noise to.

"I think it'll be a girl." Scarlett said, looking up from her book.

"And why is that?" Rhett asked curiously. A girl would be ideal. Someone he could spoil as much as, well, Bonnie. A girl would love him forever whereas a boy would loose his respect for his father.

"I don't know. I just can tell. It was different with Wade. But this time it feels like it did with Ella and Bonnie."

"Speaking of the children, do you think we might have them back now? I'm sure they've overstayed their welcome with Sue Ellen by quite a bit."

"I suppose it would be alright now. I just didn't want them to see me.." She trailed off, but Rhett knew where she was heading.

"Well then lets waste no time, I'll have Pork go fetch them and I'll tell Mammy to Prepare their rooms.

Scarlett smiled at the idea of having her children home again. Granted she had not been very nice to them in the past and they had probably loved being with Sue Ellen. Still, there were her children and she would step up to the challenge of being a good mother.

When Rhett returned she consulted him about several decisions regarding the nursery. "What color should it be? I'm thinking yellow or beige."

"Whatever you want." He answered. Decorating really wasn't his area.

She smiled and went back to her book.

It had only been a few days since they had sent for the children when Scarlett saw the carriage pull up in front of the house. Sue Ellen must have been overjoyed to be rid of them. Not even waiting for Pork to open the door Ella Swung it open and jumped out. Landing in a big pile of mud and promptly ruining her nice, white shoes. Wade, following Ella, did the same.

She watched her children run up towards the house. Cringing as she realized the terrible stains their muddy feet would leave on the carpet. But she still felt and overpowering sense of love. They were both so grown up now. Having sprouted several inches since she had last seen them. She hadn't realized quite how much she'd missed them until now.

She impatiently waited for them to reach her room, flipped the pages of her book back and forth. It was a boring book. All about accounting, something she was beginning to loose interest in. Lost in her thoughts, she was startled when her bedroom door swung open, revealing two smiling children.

They hesitated but Scarlett motioned for them to join her on the bed. They both ran and jumped onto the bed. The force of both of them jumping on at the same time sent her flying a few inches into the air. When she landed they all started laughing. It was nice having the children around after all.