A/N: okay soo since this is slightly AU, Dave may seem "out of character" and whatever. He's in character in this fic. So... Yes.

Enjoy! :D


Your name is Dave Strider. You currently live in Austin, Texas. As a kid, you used to live in a shitty apartment with Bro. Now, you are 22 years old, and you live in a shitty apartment on your own. After high school, you stopped talking to the friends you made along the way. You made a facebook to keep in touch with them, though you don't care to start up the conversations anyway. Today, you deleted your profile. You don't see the point in having it if you don't use it. That's just stupid, and Dave strider is not stupid. You sit lazily in front of your computer and open pesterchum. It's like, 1 am, and you see that your best pal is still signed on. You click his name and the window opens.

- turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] -

TG: hey john

EB: Dave!

TG: sup

TG: isnt it late

EB: huh? No, silly! It's only 11 PM here. :B

TG: oh yeah

TG: fuckin timezones thing

EB: yeah...

EB: Hey, Dave... ?

TG: what

EB: I was just thinking...

EB: Since we are, uh.

TG: come on egbert spit it out

EB: Sorry! Since we are basically...

EB: boyfriends, don't you think we should...

EB: you know

EB: visit eachother?

TG: oh

TG: oh

TG: yeah john that sounds

Even 9 years later, you're still trying to hide your blush behind your cool shades. Your "cool guy" facade still exists, even now (not much anymore, but it's still there).

TG: cool

EB: oh, Dave! I thought you'd say no!

TG: why the hell would i do that

EB: I... Don't know.

TG: calm down john

TG: i love you man

EB: i know..

TG: i could use a change in scenery anyway

TG: im gonna check flights and shit from my phone

EB: Okay! Oh, Dave I'm so excited.

EB: … But, uh, how have you been?

EB: You hadn't been on pesterchum yesterday. Or Wednesday.

EB: So... I was just wondering.

You look up from your iPhone for a split second. He can wait a moment.

The earliest flight is Saturday morning at 5 am. Next, 10 am.

Ok, that's flights. Prices now? Prices really don't matter to you right now. You have plenty of money in the bank. You still have no clue where it all came from. So, 1 ticket is about 400 bucks. No big deal. You click it. You make plans to get a seat on the 10 AM departure flight. You would make the 5 AM if you left now. But that's bullshit. You put in the ticket order.

TG: sorry i was buying myself a ticket

TG: where doin it man

TG: 10 am today

EB: …..

EB: …...

TG: damn dont sound so excited

EB: oh my god

TG: haha

TG: anyway things have been real chill i guess

TG: im gonna start packing my shit

TG: you should get some shut eye my dearest egderp

EB: Oh goodness, I'm so excited though, Dave!

TG: relax

TG: go to sleep

TG: shhhh

TG: nighty night john

EB: Gosh! Fine! Hehe. Goodnight, Dave.

TG: night

TG: sleep tight

- ectoBiologist [EB] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG] -

You smile. You're actually going to see your best mate. But he's not only your best friend. He's your boyfriend. Long distance, but that's not for much longer. In approximately 9 hours, you'll be taking off in an airplane to see your sweetheart. Thinking about that sends butterflies to your stomach and a smile creeping to your face. You keep the pokerface though.

You have tried to stop being "ironic" because that's gotten old. You're still trying to break that cold exterior but you haven't gotten that far as of yet.

Now, you decide, it's time to pack, and get some shut eye. You stuff all the clothes you own into a bag. You also make a mental note to go shopping A.S.A.P.

You curl up in bed, plugging in your phone to the charger in the wall. Today is gonna be a big day, for both you and John.

Of course though, you both know what each other look and sound like. Webcamming and late night phone calls were your sources of other communication. You always commented on how adorable John was. He would always blush (a lot you may add) and hide his face. You even smirked sometimes. And when John had a nightmare, he called you. No matter the time, because he knew you cared about him and wouldn't mind him calling. Which was true. You stayed up, listening to him. His voice was soothing and it made you admit that it makes you smile. Sometimes he fell asleep on the phone which made you chuckle. You would hang up and send him a goodnight text.

You fell asleep that night thinking of John's voice talking to you.