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Just so you know, request was "England/America/Japan - Happy polyamorous relationship"

Japan loves America. He knows that he's unbearably quiet in his affection, but he does have very strong feelings for him. Seventy years ago he wanted to see him dead. But now, as he watches him try to catch a goldfish in a paper net at the summer festival, he can't imagine life without him. America is life. He is happiness. Even though he's making faces since this is his fifth try, he still radiates an energy that doesn't make Japan feel so old and alone anymore.

Yet, in spite of all that force, he can be so gentle when he wants to be, like when he's rubbing the radiation scars (Japan knows that he feels terrible about them, but all has been forgiven. He was mad. He needed to be stopped, or he would have killed them all. Not that it was truly America's fault in the first place. He himself was as shocked as everyone else when it happened), or when they're in bed together.

America is also one of the few people that Japan is willing to sleep with in the metaphorical sense. He's had several partners throughout history, but America was the one to take his virginity. Even when he started his relationship with England they only kissed softly (well, kissed and flogged each other, but that was a story for a different day). America had been the one to convince him to try, after months and months of sharing a bed.

Japan does like it, but he knows that it's not the same way that America and England enjoy it. He doesn't have that burning need. His stomach doesn't tighten and he doesn't become aroused easily. However, he loves to treat his lovers. It makes him satisfied to know that he's pleased those that mean the most to him. Whenever America is writhing beneath him or clutching him tightly and moaning his name it makes him feel happier than anything. He comes most of the time, but that's not as important as holding an exhausted but exuberant America, so spent and beautiful.

There are still many nights when he knows he won't be able to perform or simply doesn't wish to. America used to look a bit disappointed before accepting it, but now he doesn't even do that. He simply smiles and says, "That's fine. How about some hot coca and a movie?" (Japan thinks that it's directly tied to how often he gets to see him. It's easier to fly, and he's well aware that America has started to accumulate stacks of pictures taken on the rare nights that Japan was willing and America decided he wanted something to remember it by. As though he could ever forget.)

He can never deny giving America something each night, whether it's sex or sitting in their pajamas and watching some terrible horror movie that still terrifies America. It's the way that Japan can show his love when his stoicism tries to break them apart.