'Ello, guys! No, I'm not from Britan, I live in America! This is my mythology FF, which will hopefully continue past this :)


Shock poured through my veins. Me? A goddess? Impossible. '' You are a reincarnation of Menhit, goddess of war,'' the man in black said.

'' Someone should stop snorting,'' I snapped, slamming the door in his face. Crazy people these days! I ran a hand over my arm, trying to think clearly. You are violent, my inner-voice said, and I shook my head, black hair cascading in my face. I would not belive that wacko. I mean, the gods and goddess's, real? I looked in the mirrior, and sighed. My black hung in waves, my coffee skin the only thing I like about myself, honey eyes framed by medium lashes, and my midnight blue tank-top standing out on my skin. I looked away, and wandered into the library, my eyes catching the section for my heritage, the Ancient Egyptians. My bare feet padded over there, and my hand grabbed the one about the Egyptian deties. I walked over to a plush black white couch, and plopped in it, flipping the cover open.

Menhit is a goddess of war, and it was once foretold that her reincarnation would have the name Akila Harp.

I screamed, and dropped the book. My name is Akila Harp.