AN: Hello everyone! This is 117Jorn with a whole new fic for ya! I had the idea of this fic in my head for a while now, but after re-watching the episodes of Robotech: Macross Saga I decided to go ahead and give this fic a shot. Note that this will be another FEM-Kira fic like Miracle Remade, so if you don't like it, then don't read it.

Also, in case you were wondering, yes Rick Hunter and other Characters from Robotech will also be in the fic. I also put up a Poll Reguarding who Rick should be paired with (Lisa or Minmei) So please start voting!

Anyways, please enjoy the Timeline!

Cosmic Era (C.E) Timeline

C.E 60- Tensions between the Coordinator's of the PLANT Colonies and the Naturals of Earth Continue to increase, especially after the assassination of George Glen just a few years Prior. Blue Cosmos Continues their belief that Coordinators are 'threats to Humanity' and must be destroyed, while many Coordinators are believing they are the next state of Human Evolution. Many people believe war may be on the horizon between the Earth, and PLANT's.

C.E 61- A Gigantic alien Spaceship tore through the very fabric of Hyperspace, on a collision course with the Earth. The Massive ship almost hit one of the PLANT Colonies, but by shear luck missed. During its uncontrolled fall through the sky, the massive space fortress produced shockwaves of incredible force. The ship Crash-landed on Macross Island, in the south Pacific.

The Craft measured to be three quarters of a mile in length, and there was no sign of the alien crew, assumed to have been killed in the crash. The iron hull had taken the bulk of the damage, leaving much of the sophisticated techno systems in tact. What was left of the ship gave evidence of a civilization light years ahead of some of Earth's most advance thinking, even for Coordinators.

The nation's around the world and Earth Sphere come together, attempting to form an Earth Sphere wide Government. Blue Cosmos, is of course, outraged by the idea of being with Coordinators, and attempts to hog the ship for themselves, believing that the U.N will follow. However they were sadly mistaken, and the U.N and Plant's reacted with violent force, all but utterly destroying the racial organization, sending what remained of them into unorganized shambles.

In the following months, the United Earth Sphere Federation (UESF) was born, unifying all of the governments and people's around the Earth Sphere, regardless of their race, genetics, religion, or otherwise. For the first time in human history, world peace has been achieved.

The Federation brought forth the Earth Sphere's most brilliant minds, and formed a research team, to study and restore the alien space fortress, code-named the Super Dimensional Fortress one, or SDF-1, using the decoded documents onboard, they labored to unravel the secrets of an advance technology known as Robotech.

C.E 63- As the research continues, a city begins to take shape around the space fortress, Macross City.

The first of the Armor-class Carrier's are commissioned into active service.

C.E 64- Though the world is now unified, terrorist cells from the 'Anti-Federation Forces' begin to rise, mostly former Blue Cosmos members.

C.E 65- The PLANT's develop their first Mobile Suit Prototype, using the tech behind Robotechnology. Soon, similar projects begin in other countries in the world.

C.E 67- The ZGMF-1017 GiNN is commissioned by the PLANT's. In following months other mobile suit projects such as the GAT-01 Strike Dagger, and MBF-M1 Astray are also created, among other projects. In addition to Mobile Suits, the Federation begins research into something called the Valkyrie Project, and the G-Project.

C.E 68- The last remnant of the Anti-Federation forces are wiped out, making Blue Cosmos a thing of the past.

C.E 69- The Federation Scientists believe that they may have finished the repairs to the massive space ship.

The Valkyrie Project and G-Project enter their final Phase of development

C.E 71- In honor of it's completion, and prepared for it's maiden voyage, a celebration erupts around Macross Island. The SDF-1 is scheduled to exit earth's atmosphere and link up with the PLANT/Orb/Earth Fleet in orbit, which will form the 1st Sol Defense Fleet, with the SDF-1 as the Flagship.