His Past, Present, and Future…

Chapter One

*Basic storyline: The monks are assigned to find out everything about a villain. They are not told who their villain is. Kimiko uses the Sands of Time because Master Fung tells her that will bring her to where her villain started… And Kimiko meets a baby…*

Kimiko sat outside, padding lightly at a bruise on her arm with a wet cloth; she had bent her leg the wrong way in training today, and ended up falling into the stairs as a result. The cut had healed within the first week, but the bruise had been there for a good month now, and Kimiko was beginning to feel disconcerted by it.

Master Fung called the monks into the Tea Room, Kimiko faintly heard his soft raspy voice and her immediate response, as it always was, was to get to her feet and follow his instructions. It had become ingrained in her body's natural functions to listen to Master Fung. After all, she had been at the Xiaolin Temple for nearly five years now…

Stepping into the Tea Room, Kimiko found the others already there. Once she was among the group, Fung smiled and began.

"It has come to the decision of the Monk council that you young Dragons need to learn more about your enemies…" he paused to observe their faces. Omi, listening intently as always. Raimundo, gazing off into nothing or at Kimiko, as usual. Clay, half-heartedly listening, just like he always did. And Kimiko, listening and trying to process, but hiding behind her looks, as she always did; she still kept her ingenious mind hidden from the others, only letting her smarts show when it really mattered. After seeing that they were all like themselves, Master Fung continued, "And in order to do that… You must see their beginnings… See the present from their eyes… And see their ends…" Everyone was listening now, as he was alluding to one of their favorite Shen Gong Wu, the Sands of Time. Master Fung smiled and said, "Each of you will go on a quest, using the Sands of Time, to discover everything there is to know about a single villain you are currently facing… In a sense you will become experts on certain villains and you will use your knowledge against them…"

Immediately after he finished, Omi squeaked, "I volunteer to see Chase Young's life! I already know him better than any of you here…!"

He may have grown, but Omi was still the arrogant narcissist he had always been. But Fung shook his head slowly and said calmly, "Now Omi, I never said you'd be able to choose your villains…"

Everyone looked at him and Raimundo asked, spreading his hands for emphasis, "But if we don't get to pick, who does?"

Fung smiled knowingly and replied, "The Sands of Time…" everyone's jaw dropped to the floor, but he continued, "It will see your compatibility, or lack of knowledge, on and with a certain villain, and it will take you to their beginning, as it pertains in importance to you…"

Everyone started protesting, Omi was loudest, and Fung had to silence them by holding up one hand. Everyone shut up and looked at him.

"Kimiko, you shall go first…" he said with a soft smile, "I think it best if you had a change of clothes, seeing as how most of your enemies come from very different time periods…your current choice of clothing may…shock some people…"

Kimiko scowled, but agreed. She went to her cubicle and pulled out a shoulder bag. She shoved some extra clothes into it and then changed into a Kimono-esque dress and stepped out to where Master Fung was waiting.

He led her to the water fountain, and handed her the Sands. Kimiko looked at him; he smiled, and walked away. Kimiko sighed and said quietly, "Okay… Take me to whenever you want…"

And instantaneously she was warped away to somewhere else. It felt like her head was being squeezed through a glass tube, then it felt like someone was pulling hard on her legs, and then it all stopped.

Opening her eyes, Kimiko saw a half completed fountain in front of her. Blinking at the grey bricks, which were currently a much darker grey, Kimiko wondered when it was.

She turned her head and saw the Temple, in all its unfinished glory; the walls were hardly even started, let alone finished. It looked like there was progress, as the vault and Tea Room were completely constructed, but that appeared to be all; other than the Monks' quarters, which Fung had never let them in.

Smiling, she slowly approached the old building; obviously this was a long ways back…

"Hello there," a sudden voice startled her. Kimiko spun around and found a man with a very large yellow head, but it was long, not fat like Omi's, and it was a creamier yellow. He had a gentle face, and incredibly kind black eyes. His grey Chinese shirt with white trimmings vaguely resembled that of Wuya's garb, but vaguely.

Kimiko squeaked out a soft, "Hello…"

The man smiled warmly at her and asked calmly, "Are you not from here?" Kimiko shook her head no. He nodded his head. Kimiko noticed a bundle in his hands, and she wondered if he was a father.

The man sighed and said calmly, "I am Dashi… Pleasure to meet you… Miss…?" The ending was an obvious question.

Kimiko thought fast and she squeaked out, "Miko… My name is Miko…" She was trying to imitate his dialect as best as she could; any contractions would give her away.

Dashi nodded and said he was pleased to meet her. Then suddenly the bundle in his arms made a soft cooing noise, and his attention was pulled to the child within it.

He smiled sweetly down at the baby and Kimiko quickly asked, "Is it your… Is that your child…?" she caught herself, she had been about to ask if it was his kid. Kid meant baby goat.

Dashi looked up at her, then shook his head no. "No…" he said, moving towards her, "He was left here last night… We monks have decided to raise him… We are as yet unsure of what to call him…"

Dashi unwrapped the baby enough so that its hands were able to move around. He handed the child to Kimiko and she looked down into the tiny face.

A pair of big brown eyes stared up at her, and the baby smiled a big wide, toothless smile at her. He giggled a little and his hand groped at her. Kimiko gave him her finger and the baby pulled it back to his mouth and he gently sucked on it. Smiling down at him, Kimiko observed the soft cream color of the child's skin. His chocolate brown eyes felt so familiar… She gently brushed his black hair out of his face; a single lock had been obscuring his face ever so slightly. But the lock slipped back into place there upon his forehead and Kimiko's eyes widened with realization.

"…Chase…" she breathed, gazing down at the bundled baby in her arms.

"I beg your pardon…?" Dashi asked, looking at her funny.

Kimiko quickly lifted her head up to look at him. She had to think fast! She could stay and raise Chase to be good; that seemed like a good option… Wait, no, that would change the future so that neither of them would exist. Dangit! Why assign her to Chase if she couldn't do anything or it would change the future for the worse?

She quickly stuttered out, "His name… Call him Chase Young…"

Dashi looked amazed that she had come up with a name, but looking down at little Chase, he smiled and whispered, "It suits him…"

Kimiko smiled tenderly at baby Chase and breathed, "Yes…" She placed a soft kiss upon the infant's forehead, just beside the lock of hair in his face, and she returned him to Dashi. She told him she had to leave, but to take care of Chase and raise him to be a wonderful boy.

"He'll grow to be the greatest warrior who ever lived," Kimiko said, not hiding the contraction this time. Dashi raised his head to look at her and ask how she knew, but when he did, Kimiko was gone; the Sands of Time had decided her time here was up…

*And that was the first chapter of an idea I came up with imagining Chase as a baby…*