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His Past, Present, and Future

Chapter 14. FINALE!

It took several years before Chase finally found the courage and the mental stability to have a baby with Kimiko. And boy was he happy about it!

Their baby boy had big wide eyes, a bright happy smile, and he was everything Chase could have wanted in life and more.

Kimiko had been obsessively reading American history books during her pregnancy; Chase's library actually had them, which was odd… But she had read every single one he owned a thousand times over until the spines actually snapped on each one. And when the baby was born, she was adamant about naming their son Abraham.

Chase kept asking why, but she was absolutely rigid and refused to even tell him why. She just wanted to name him Abraham. So they did…

As soon as Chase agreed, Kimiko had squealed, "Yay! I've always wanted to call someone Abe!" And then Chase literally face-palmed.

Currently, Kimiko was walking through the palace, heading to the front door area to see if the cats had brought in a dead deer again. (That was their latest addiction)

She slowly let herself glide across the marble flooring, and then her eyes fell upon a young girl's back.

Her black hair up in pigtails, her red robes, her deep blue sash, her off-white pants. A smile spread across her face and she called out to her…


And everything fell into place. Just. Like. That.

The End

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