Catherine sighed to herself and glanced back at James, the gorgeous double bass player. He sat isolated with his large stringed instrument, sitting on a wooden stole. His bow with tucked under his arm, and he was laughing with the low brass about some lame joke.

He was perfect, to say the least, and the small piccolo player was completely infatuated with him. Suddenly, he looked up at her. There eyes met, his dark brown ones colliding with her sea green ones. Slowly, he smiled at her.

"Catherine! Did you hear me?"

The piccolo player was shocked out of the moment by her director's voice.

"Uh, no. Sorry."

"I said, please play me the sixteenth note run you have in measures fifteen and sixteen. And please face forward."

As she lifted her piccolo to her lips, she heard James's quiet, deep laughter.